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Attain true clairvoyance to assist ones self in life

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posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 03:20 PM
Its not about whats within...its about what you focus on within.

We all contain love and gratituted as well as hate and ungreatfullness.

It is your choice what you choose to focus on within and what you focus on within becomes you and your way of being.....then you will project that way of being outwards into what is our physical reality, you know if someone is happy or mad.

When one is feeling and experincing love and gratitude, every event that occurs is experinced as a "positive" one which you will feel "blessed" (for lack of a better term, i chose to use a "church" term...but i do not go to church or follow any specific religion).

When one is feeling hate and ingratitude, every event that occurs is experinced as a negavite one, feeling victimized or unblessed.

10 people can whitness the same car accident, yet each individual will interpret and see the accident different and when asked to write down what happend, each story will be different even though everyone saw the SAME THING... Every great prophet in our worlds history has had the ability to controll and manipulate their focus from within, their access to the divine way of life (that we all have within, its what gives us morals and tells us its not right to kill and steal... treat people the way you want to be treated) was through focusing on their experinces and the events that occured in their lives as a blessing and love from "god" or a "higherpower" or "gia" or the "universe" or "jesus" or ect.....

Thats why all the prophets said "god is all loving"...When they were in the state of all loving they had the most clear clairvoyance and "connection" to the higher power they referd to as "GOD". Through much education from/on/within psychology, belifes, ways of life, personal experinces, spirtual retreats, meditations, culthures, drugs, conversations, documentaries, books, movies, the voice within ect...

I have come to this conclusion. Now that we look at the prophets being clairvoyant by being in the energy we call love...we must look at the counterpart which is people that are in a lower vibrational energy which is lack of love or what we may call "negative" or "hate". So this would be some one that is basically the oposite of a prophet:
Prophet -

1. A person who speaks by divine inspiration or as the interpreter through whom the will of a god is expressed
2. A person gifted with profound moral insight and exceptional powers of _expression.

I choose to look at the pycho wards for my example of people that could be considerd the oposite of a prophet. Pysch wards are for people that are considerd "pyschotic" and unable to function in society, a prophet is one that not only can function in society, but EXCELLS in society.

Most all people in psych wards have a negative view on life or themselfs..they almost all claim to have voices (which we all have...its that voice that just said "what voice" or "i don't hear any voices".... prophets also claimed to hear voices, but their voices were teaching and guideing them to be fully satisfied with themselfs and life in general, while the people in psych wards may not claim to have a negative voice, the voice they hear dose continue to destroy any chance at being fully satisfied in life. Most all psychotic people feel stuck and feel lack of controll within...

its as if something else is driving them, I don't belive in the devil or hell or anything of that nature....but these psychotic people sure do continue to think/be/act in self destructive ways and patterns. Some see this voice as THEMSELFS, so they belive whatever the voice says comes from them...and when this voice comes from hate/victimization and other feelings that we lable as negative and self destructive. These people think thats what they are and they are stuck within this "reality" they have created within their mind. While others belive they hear voices and can't make them stop and go crazy from hearing constant negative thoughts.

Notice that the people that are in total love seem hear a voice or think in a way that they apear to be "gifted" and understand life in a way that is fullfilling to them, while the people coming from a negative way of thinking have the same voice, but the voice is of self destruction and has life be unfullfilling to them. From my experinces in life, when I'm focusing on the love from within, life seems to go exactly the way I want and leaves me fully satisfied no matter what is occuring in the moment....actually im fully satisfied even if i'm just sitting and doing nothing.

Yet on the otherhand...when I'm pissed off and want to fight people, nothing seems to be how I want it to be, I can't seem to be fully satisfied within and I don't see life for what it 'truely' thoughts become self destructive. This is the first time I've taken all this information and looked at it the way I have...maybe I'm in a state of consciouness that alows me to be able to hyper-contextualize the things I know about this topic and bring it together full circle as to be able to look at the bigger picture of it all and depict each piece of the "pie".

I did not have anyone or any situation in mind when i wrote this....I do not know all of why I wrote this, but I do know that everything happens for multiple reasons and everything is always in divine order....even chaos is organized. I have personaly learned a lot from writing this since this is the first time i ever looked at "it" like this.

I would however enjoy any replies about this, rather it be in agreement, disagreement, questions, CONFUSION
...I find I am able to learn and put things together in my head 10 fold when i talk about them and conversate with others, I gain further insight. Also...I think almost all, if not ALL, psychologist agree that the more one interacts with thoughts/concepts/ideas the more information/knowledge/power/understanding one has of those thoughts/concepts/ideas. Everyone's opinion makes sense and is RIGHT within their own way of thinking, which is why i take in everything i hear and decide for myself if it feels "right", I take bits and pieces from religions and people's belifes ....

thats why i can not follow any given religion, all religions are boxed in belifes from ages ago that have been conformed and taught through ones OWN interpretation of what "prophets" have said so long ago...everyone knows change is always, religions will fail if they do not change themselfs and catch up to todays way of the world.....

don't be shy. STIMULATE THE MIND....whats your way of thinking?
Enlighten me as well as yourself.


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posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 05:36 PM
reply to post by higherself

I would not normally do this. But I completely agree with your writings. I have been called a Pagen for years because of my beliefs. I do not believe in just one religion. We all here things some good some bad. But, that does not mean we are psychopaths.

Thank you for your article I found It enlightening. To honestly see that I am not alone in my thinking.

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