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Draconian Dream?

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posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 12:26 PM
Alright...well I have been keeping a dream journal lately, and last night. Go head laugh at me...but I asked God for a prophetic vision dream...ok.. bare with me.

I saw these two african americans on the street. You know, punk guys...the ones who constantly swear and all. Well, there were two of them. Then one of them said, "Ugh...Man are you sure you wanna do this....mann...." And the other one said, "Come on man." They went into this red building, I think they were going to rob it or something.
Well, then it switched to a little further down the street, and there was a telephone pole. This girl suddenly shapeshifted into this...thing..demonic lizard thing. And was kicking someone. then the man next to her walked away and he jumped up in the air, and his body started to shapeshift. The muscles were popping out, and there was this Growl.. and then he turned into this HUGE white! Beast! I drew him, he is all white, a tiny tiny bit of blue, pale. And his eyes..were ice blue I think.
I could see his face was like a human/dragon, and he had horns that curled. And rows of teeth that jutted out a bit. Then he flew into the building and rammed into the door...
the door opened, now my perspective was in the house or whatever, and as soon as one of the african americans saw that thing, I saw him scream, "# Mother! F***ker! And, the beast went after them. They ran away, and I think it killed them. But that's it... it was so wierd...

The wierdest part is, I went online this morning, and typed in Draconian on Google images.. I came across an image like this! And I was like, "WOAH! omg...that's it! Except it didn't have clothes on, and it was all white. The face was a bit different two. But wow...what a dream. here's the picture of what it looked like

has anyone had any dreams like this...I am a believer in aliens and such..but WIERD.

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