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A backHistory for a story I'm writing, Opinion's please.

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posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 05:47 PM
Well I was bored earlier, and I got a sudden creativity burst, and I came up with a bit of storyline type stuff, and I want to know people's opinions on it, is it interesting, is it plausable, that kind of stuff.

What this basicaly is, is a map of the world at the time, and information about each of the global powers of the time.

And a timeline that explains what happened to the world.

So, without further ado, here we go.

In 2034, in a joint effort of the American, British and French militaries, a test of a new type of weapon toted as a WMD that has no after effects on people or the environment was done.
The weapon, called a "Geological Shockwave Generator", which was basically an earthquake machine, malfunctioned, creating a much more powerful and deep quake than meant, there was a domino effect in the Earth, however since the militaries and governments were not aware of the effect that was happening deep down in the Earth, the world went on normally.

Four months later the great "Pacific Upheavel" occured, a magnitude 15 EarthQuake on the richter scale, centered in Hawaii occured.
The quake was felt as far away as Japan and Utah.
The Pacific Upheavel was only the first event.
Huge amounts of damage were done to countries that had coasts on the Pacific ocean.

In 2035, once rebuilding of the American west coast was half finished, a megathrust event in the Cascadia subduction zone occured, the cities of Seattle, Portland and Vancouver B.C. were nearly wiped from existance.

A week later small quakes were detected around the faultlines on the west coast, the quakes increased in frequency but only reached magnitude 3.

2035, the "Big One" finally hit California, a magnitude 10 earthquake struck California.
Los Angeles and San Francisco were damaged significantly.

2037, the "Atlantic Event" occured, dozens of quakes ranging between magnitude 5 and 9 struck areas throughout the Atlantic area, London and Boston were the epicenter of two of the strongest quakes.

The world, now having to deal with global disaster, changed, not only had much of it received earthquake damage, but the areas were also struck my massive tsunamis generated by the quakes.

GeoPolitcal map of the Earth in 2130.

The Republic of America:
After the great disaster America was one of the few old countries to actually survive.
Over time as new governments in the western hemisphere formed and crumbled, America formed treaties and after several decades became a stable economically powerul country once again, however, GeoPolitically it had changed a significant amount.

The United Commonwealth:
The United Commonwealth, or U.C. was formed after the Pacific upheavel by the Pacific countries, origonally meant to be a replacement for the failing U.N., it was dedicated to the Pacific rebuilding effort.

Over time people all over the Pacific area started to band together, and help one another survive, as the governments of the affected countries were either non-existant or taxed to their limit.
Over time the U.C. became the governing body for many countries, and affected area.

In 2065 the U.C. became a sovereign entity, comprised of most west Canada, South-East Asia and the West coast of America.

In the decades to follow more and more parts of the world joined the U.C.

The commonwealth is one of the world powers to host a "world farming area", it is the largest of the three.

The E.U.:
The European Union, which at the time of the Pacific Upheavel was comprised of all European and Euro/mediteranean countries, is one of the old powers to survive.

After the Atlantic Event, the E.U. became an entity similiar to the U.C.
And like with the U.C., many countries eventually joined it.

In the last decade of the twenty-first century the E.U. aquired a large section of Africa, which than was added to the E.U.'s over all land area, and rebuilding programs were started there.

The African Reserve:
During the first decade of the twenty-second century, much of Africa had broke out into large scale war's, and starvation was worse than it had been in history.

The powers of the world, seeing this, decided to take action, not only for humanitarian reasons, but also for environmental ones.

Using the powerful, but non-lethal weapons, the global powers were able to stop the wars in Africa, by the middle of the second decade of the twenty-second century, restoration of the African savannah and forests had started, thus the African reserve was created.
It was meant to be not only the world's largest environmentally protected area, but also a place that the African people could call home and live.

The African Reserve became one of the three "world farming area's".

The Middle-Eastern Alliance:
Through sheer geological luck, the middle-east received very little damage from the catastrophic events happening around the world.

Over time, the countries of the area became economically powerful, eventually in the 2070's the countries of the area joined together to form one large economic power, similiar in basis to both the E.U AND U.C., but with the member states still holding political power within themselves.

Russia, one of the 6 world powers to survive into the golden age of the twenty-second century, changed very little over the decades and eventual century.

After several treaties with the E.U and China, it lost some sections of land and gained others.

The People's Republic of China:
China, which was at the time of the Pacific Upheavel one of the most poweful countries in the world, went through significant change.
Apart from America, it was the only old power to experience significant change and still exist intact.

After the Pacific Upheavel civil unrest in the country hit it's bioling point, the people took control of the government, executing nearly every government official.

Eventually an uncorrupt government based on democracy was formed.

China, for three decades (2040-2070) became the world's most powerful country.

China changed very little GeoPolitically, the most major events to occur were the engulfment of the former countires of N. Korea, S. Korea and Taiwan.

China is one of the three world powers to host a "world farming area".

The Confederation of India:
At the time of the Pacific Upheavel India had become an economic world power.

Do to it's geological location, India received next to no damage from the Pacific event.

In the time period between 2040 and 2105 Inida formed an economic group of itself and the countries in the region, over time they formed into a group similiar to the Middle-Eastern Alliance, but with more political power going to the group rather than each member state.

Australia was the only old power to not change at all.
Although it did receive a fair amount of damage, roughly 40% of the damage possible was absorbed by the impact on New Guinea, and the other island nations near Australia.

Being one of the few places left to keep there economic, military and environmental powers, it had no need to change.

Australia is one of the few places in the Pacific region not to join the commonwealth.

So, what are your thoughts on it, it will end up being the backstory of a story I'm currently writing, or for a new story based around it.

I think I fixed all the spelling errors, but there are probably alot of grammatical errors left.

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posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 06:01 PM
Wow, iori...that's quite a scenario you've laid out. Lot's of material there for a story alright.

How do you intend the story to be an overview through media reports or through the experiences of a few high profile characters?

The story needs characters of some type so that the readers can identify with them.

This sounds like fun...we can use this post as a base to work from and do seperate 'scenes' as we help you develop the story.

spelling edit

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posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 06:07 PM

How do you intend the story to be an overview through media reports or through the experiences of a few high profile characters?

The story needs characters of some type so that the readers can identify with them.

Well it depends, if I add it to the story I'm writing now, it will end up being flashbacks, being told in the first person (Actually, I'm not sure, but told by one person.)

If it becomes it's own story, well I was thinking with a cast of characters, written in the all three "person" style of writing.

posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 06:18 PM
What if you had an 'immortal' character, like the Compte de St Germaine who somehow was behind all the events over the decades, pulling strings like some powerful Illuminati figure.

Or just the group itself...then you could use them as characters to tie the events together.

IMO this story needs to be told primarely in the 3rd person, but will there be 'good guys' and 'bad guys'?

Just throwing ideas out, iori...I'm sure others will join in as well.

posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 06:34 PM
Well I have developed a character, he's not imortal, but he has the collective memories of people who have lived at various times in different parts of the wolrd for the last 100 years (from 2130 back), so would that be similiar
Thank's by the way, I like to get creative feedback, so that I can make a good story.

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posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 06:47 PM
Good grief...I've messed up your post remarkably.

Sorry about that lol

I forgot we can't quote each other here and hit the edit instead.

Blame me for a newby mod.

I like the idea of collective memory...that could tie it all together quite well.

posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 04:02 PM
Ok, well I've been trying to decide on a name for the main character, and seeing how this is a sort of interactive thread, I thought I'd just put the names up to vote.

So, without further ado, here are the names to chose from.

-Jaden/Jayd'n [Jay-dehn]
-Helo [Hee-loh]
-Sek [Sehk]
-Cypher [Sy-fer]

Those are the four names I've been trying to decide from, so yeah just vote for which one you like the most.

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 08:21 AM

Originally posted by iori_komei

-Jaden/Jayd'n [Jay-dehn]
-Helo [Hee-loh]
-Sek [Sehk]
-Cypher [Sy-fer]

Jaden carries with it a close resemblance to jade and jaded, both of which detract from the name.
Helo is too close to hello or HALO
Sek is my's unique and new
Cypher seems a bit a vowel or a number

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 08:36 AM
I like Sek too.

looking forward to reading what you come up with, but this is a good starting point

perhaps you can write in a memory of the great upheaval for your main character, so your audience can feed our need for doom, gloom and excitement.

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 11:50 AM
Ok, the democracy has spoken, so Sek it is.

Thanks Masqua and Worldwatcher.

Also I do plan on adding in exerts from different time periods from before and after the upheavel.

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