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Engine I.D

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posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 05:28 AM
I never noticed it being removed by truck, i noticed it on the back of the trailer, then i noticed the trailer and the engine on the back of the trailer had been removed.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 10:05 AM
I have now scrutinized all hires DoD images from 03879 to 03926, and I have no clue what trailer you are talking about with an engine on it.
And you know by now, I really would like to see that.

This image, 03926, is taken probably by the same corporal Ingersoll, but so to see after he has been ordered far back first, during that first alarm for another incoming airplane (false alarm btw), then he has proceeded back to the collapse area while taking pictures. It becomes clear when you look at all the lowres JPG pictures quickly. The hires images take far too much time to see his picture history clearly.
That's why this image is from another angle, and here you see that piece of metal or whatever as quite a different kind of object, to the right of those 2 red colored metal struts sticking up, instead of behind them in your picture enlargement from the hires picture.

The hires picture :

The lowres picture :

This 03926.JPEG picture is however also a very interesting one, since you can see here the damaged corner area to the left of the collapse, and in there stands a rightbended collumn, then another bended collumn, and around the corner you see another very bended collumn, also bended the wrong direction.
Bended against the direction of the path of an impacting plane or wing.
Later on these particular 3 collumns were as the only ones, covered in plywood, instead of blocked up with just wooden struts and no plywood for all the others.
Was it you, the Links, who pointed to that anomaly somewhere lately?

I see more and more details in these hires pictures, which indicate one or more heavy highspeed detonations from inside the Pentagon.
And I don't mean a lowspeed detonation of jet engine fuel igniting at impact.

In this 03926.JPEG picture, notice all those intact groundfloor windows to the left of the collapse, but all the limestone cover inbetween the windows has been blown off, and especially the last one, where even the brickwork has been blown OUT from the space between the reddish steel metal frame which holds the window frame. There you can see how that steel frame held the windowframe, with a few side clamps.
All the brickwork has bursted out there.

Again, where is the left wing jet engine of a 757, which left wing clearly did not penetrate the wall area to the left of the famous pre-collapse entry hole.
And to keep going, where is the right wing engine and the impact pattern of that on the wall?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 10:49 AM

Originally posted by LaBTop
I have now scrutinized all hires DoD images from 03879 to 03926, and I have no clue what trailer you are talking about with an engine on it.
And you know by now, I really would like to see that.

The problem is people can't see the wood for the trees, i guess.
Maybe most people just see the firemen spraying water, i would also reckon each picture has been used in the past in one way or another, most likely debunked for one reason or another quickly moving onto the next hot lead, in doing so missing something important.

You scrutinized not very well Labtop, and i'm sorry i wish you had said earlier on you had never saw the trailer before in other images, i thought it was common knowledge.

Here is the link for an image of the trailer, no engine on the back of the trailer yet.

And a little time later we see the engine on the trailer.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 02:19 PM
I see no trailer in both pictures.

And, I just hit the wrong button, and lost a very long reply to you on this subject !
So I am so pissed off at myself at the moment, my bad, that's why I can bring myself only to this short reply above.

You should see the switch from a black shiny SUV to a white kind of bus in those pictures, that's magic.
And the sudden appearance of black clothed firemen, being interviewed by some nosy guy.
And the first pic is pre-collapse. the second one is post-collapse.
The debris you see probably as some vague engine can just as well be airhandling debris from inside the building blown out during collapse.

I appollogize, I am still so mad on myself, I can't post anymore now.
That was 2 hours typing work down the drain, just as I wanted to post it.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 04:58 PM

You can't see the trailer who's wheel is on fire, underneath the jet from the hose.
Not to worry if you still can't see it, can you identify the engine?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 06:20 PM
that you meant that exact spot.
Well, to keep a very long possible bickering between us as short as can be :
You see a trailer and a tire burning, you could be right, or not.
For me it is inconclusive. I think it is building debris on top of "something".

About the engine in your first post, if you look at other CPL Ingersoll pictures, it looks in there, more like building debris, fallen off or out after the collapse.
Certainly I could not conclusively say it is an engine, let ever what type eventually.
And I am quite sure you will find nobody daring to risk his reputation as a honest researcher, to identify your first posted picture as any kind of known jet engine.

As I can see from your other posts, f.ex. the one from the Pentagon roof with the blue tarp, you have the same "pitbull" research mentality as me and many others here.

So what do you say about the black SUV to -WHITE- bus/van magical switch in those 2 pictures ?
I thought first it was the same black SUV, badly burned and it's black colour burned off, leaving the white ground colour.
And you can see the SUV/bus/van whatever, burning from the ground up in 03904, but it is already WHITE.
But then the sedan to the right which was burning even worse should show the same white colour in the post-collapse picture, but it is still black.
And I know from badly burning cars I saw, that afterwards their colour is rosted, not white.

And why is the brownclothed fireman staring at that white van in 03905?

Or is he staring at that strange piece of metal, resembling the tail piece of a sidewinder rocket, with 2 tails visible, inbetween the 2 burned cars?
And so we can start to see any kind of strange things in those hires pictures, but let's try to keep all options open.

And you and me and a few more would certainly like to see the pictures being taken by that whiteclothed guy in the very bottom left in 03896.
He is exactly photographing what we are interested in to see.

And why is there suddenly a lot of crimescene yellow tape from right to left in the post-collapse 03904 picture, but not in 03905 ?

And why is the red Fire Engine (looks like a Foam truck) which was parked just beside the Heli tower, not used to do the first spraying? Because you can see that it's back pump-engine cover is blown to pieces in another Ingersoll picture.

And thus those magically in time 2 yellow fire Engine trucks (Within 3 minutes at the attack scene! They were assisting with a traffic accident near the Pentagon, the same convenient traffic accident which kept all those cars with all those eyewitnesses all working for the government in a traffic jam in front of the Pentagon) were doing all that water, not foam spraying, and obscured in nearly all Ingersoll pre-collapse pictures a clear view at the entry hole.
A jet fuel fire must be put out by foam, if water is used, the burning jetfuel will float on top of the water and keep burning.

Or perhaps a lot of clear entry hole Ingersoll pictures have been filtered out by the DoD website.
After 4 years of lying about nearly every aspect of 9/11 I believe any possibility, involving lying, smearing, cheating, obvuscating US and British government people.
Which does not mean that other countries governments are saints. By far not.
The main problem is: they see these goons get away with most of it, so they are starting to follow foot.

I could go on and on, however it's time to post this.

EDIT : this seems to answer a lot of your questions :
and this one :

[edit on 26/3/06 by LaBTop]

[edit on 26/3/06 by LaBTop]

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 12:31 PM

Originally posted by LaBTop
that you meant that exact spot.
Well, to keep a very long possible bickering between us as short as can be :
You see a trailer and a tire burning, you could be right, or not.
For me it is inconclusive. I think it is building debris on top of "something".

I see no bickering, so lets keep it short as you say.
It is a trailer with the cabin removed, all that is left is the chasis and single axel.
The image showing an engine does appear to be junk in other images, so when another image is produced showing it not as junk but as an engine i don't understand the argument "in other images it is junk". Some people would rather not see it, i understand that.

The rest of your text we could bicker about all day long, but you wanted to keep it short

Ask your other points in another thread Labtop, talking about unrelated points does nothing for me in this thread, it reminds me of a trait of my own which i use when i need to divert the conversation.

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