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Has anyone ever thought of fighting back

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posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 10:51 AM

from everything I've read or heard about on this
it seems the brain eventually transforms

or blocks out the ability to see
it could also be do to chemicals in our foods

or flouride in the water. lots of possibilities.

you want them to go away ,
out of fear of the unknown

but perhaps when you are older
and are more confident, you may

want to investigate this further
but your abilities to "see" them will

probably be gone by then

have you tried to pray for understanding ?
that just may be the ticket you need

worth a try , eh ?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 11:12 AM
hell yeah.. I fight any entity that bothers me. Yelling at them helps to show who's the boss.. and you are, as a human.. So use that right.

It drives my roommates crazy sometimes, since they don't know what I am yelling at... or maybe it's them astrally visiting me.. well they shouldn't.. suckers.. I cast out anything that bothers me, and if it's to strong for me, I call my big friend Jesus..

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 11:26 AM
As with all things i believe confidence and will power alone can conquer quite a bit. Even without know how. What you might want to try is not trying to supress the fear, but living with it and using for what it was mean to be, a tool. Use the fear to turn your situation around.

For instance, when someone gets angry they have many options to feel some sort of relative resolution to the cause. When this anger is used in lashing out at people it usually results in more problems than it was worth. However if the same person were to use the anger to say write a poem which communicated the problem to the person responsible (including the writer) than the issue has a better chance of being solved.

Back on to fear, fear manifests energy (negative or positive) which can be used to fight, befriend or maybe even just defend against the threat. Some people go into "comabt mode" which is generally impulsive and great if forethough has been put into the impulsive reaction before (practice). However if you can trian yourself to observe, asses, and initiate just as fast you will generally get better results.

using your example here are a few examples to try to help ward off shadow people:

1) imagine emmiting light from your innerself. intensity should be at least bright enough to eliminate all shodows in the room or even too bright for you to see though.

2) in the case where you get up, dizziness can affect judgement based on vision, instead use muscle memory and memories of your rooms lay out to reach the switch. this is also good for when you get headrushes and other uncondoned activities at yoru age.

3) imagine a protective barrier around you. See if you can eliminate the energy that is causing the paralysis from entering it.

Another factor to note while battling any type of mental, or physical infection is sometimes it takes longer to fix than it does heal. (for instance a cold usually incubates for a few days before you start to feel symptoms)

On the notes of chemicals blocking view of these creatures, it could be these same chemicals that protect us from them as well.

these are just theories so you are welcome to debunk or solidify as you wish.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 03:28 PM
Thank you for your understanding and advice. I'll try visualising myself emitting that light next time (hopefully there won't be a next time, but assuming that it couldn't happen again would be insanely foolish) and from now on I'm going to pray about it. God'll know how to help.

Should I get a few more crucifixes? The one that I have was there the night that it happened, so I think it might not quite be doing the trick, but the fact that I was able to get up probably means that it helped.

And how bright should the light I visualize be? The first intensity in my mind is somewhere between the brightness of the sun and burning magnesium.

I just got an idea. Should I try to use my fear to enhance the visualization somehow? A little adrenaline couldn't hurt, eh?

My final questions, if it does not work, and the next time they come back (for whatever their purpose was, though I imagine it was malevolent), they come in force, in greater numbers, is there any sort of last option contingency plan? And what do you think is their purpose? Could it possibly be (though I highly doubt it) beneficial, and that I simply misunderstood an amiable gesture as a threat?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 04:22 PM
I learnt how to deal with shadow people when i was like 15.You just have to know they're around before they try anything funny.It just takes the fun out of it for them.You just have to be in the alpha state most of the time.Look at them maybe smile or snicker and just ignore them.But you just have to remember they're extremely proud creatures.My baby brother laughed hysterically at one and got a nasty smack for it.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 05:05 PM
one thing I noticed that helps (if your able to) is to keep your emotions flat... fear will only feed them... and your natural response to fear is to run, if you don't have fighting experience.

But if you ask God the Father to enter your life in Jesus Christs name, then these things will be of the past, since He'll be watching over you. Unless you go astray again.. then those things actually have a right to terrorize you.

[edit on 26-3-2006 by phiniks]

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 06:52 PM
A RIGHT!! No these things do not have a right to terrorize him simply because he does not hold the same beliefs as you. I hate it when people quote it but....deny ignorance, good lord.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 07:13 PM
In the year 2000 I was attacked by a shadow creature 5 nights in a row.

I have had thousands of astral projections so I know what I am talking about.

The first night I was scared out of my mind.
The second night I was scared out of my mind.
The third night I was scared out of my mind.
The fourth night I screamed at the demon and invoked the name of Jesus to leave me alone. (I am not religious)
On the fifth night I open up my spirit eyes and stared directly at this creature and said "I am studying you. I am not afraid of you and I want to see you more clearly."

The next day on my 30th birthday I had a priest bless me and my house.

The next day my stepfather was killed in a horrible semi accident.

The day before he recieved a jacket for 5 years of accident free driving.

He t-boned a cattle trailer with his rig doing 85 on a clear blue day. There were no skid marks and no one knows what happened.

I never talked to another priest again until 6 years later.

About two months ago I talked to a priest and we prayed together. The next day my brother hit a tree on his snowmobile and allmost died.

From or human view, we are only able to percieve a trillionth of one percent of the universe. Fight Back? With what?

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 02:40 AM

Originally posted by phiniks
one thing I noticed that helps (if your able to) is to keep your emotions flat... fear will only feed them... and your natural response to fear is to run, if you don't have fighting experience.

But if you ask God the Father to enter your life in Jesus Christs name, then these things will be of the past, since He'll be watching over you. Unless you go astray again.. then those things actually have a right to terrorize you.

[edit on 26-3-2006 by phiniks]

Hou alsjeblieft je mond zeg. Ga op in tru bij andere fantasie figuren zitten praten :O Neem de onzin van je tweede paragraaf maar meteen mee.
Niemand heeft het recht wie dan ook te terroriseren.

Fighting back...hmm well let's see where do I start. People only fight that which they fear or don't understand. With lack of understanding you usually fear it as well. In the past I've fought a lot as well, but when you gain more experience you'll find it is useless. Not because you can't win, but the reason why you're battling entities is useless. It's dumb and actually makes you look weak and inexperienced. same as battling people on the street and in daily life. Why do they get upset or want to fight? Usually because they see something within someone else which unconciously reminds them of aspects within themselves which they hate. So you're fighting yourself more then the other individual/being.

First I felt fearfull of the unknown. A ghost, shadow etc walking in my room and it just caused me to experience fear. Then I asked what I was fearing to which the answer was that I didn't meet these kind of entities often enough to consider it normal just yet. Still I didn't battle them, because they weren't hostile to me.

As I grew more experienced I went to someone. There was something in her house a very heavy energy. When I looked at it with my third eye it was interpetated in a way that showed me a big black chest with some black ooze dropping out of it. I know it sounds fantasy like, but everything is energy and each individual interpertates it differently with symbolism. Anyway I was eager to battle what was probably inside of it so I went to open the box. Seeing I was there with 3 others they told me not to because it could be hazardous. So my first battle was intervened with. All battles require you to leave your body as well so you can fight on equal terms with them...on the Astral.

Later on I had several "battles". Just visualize the weapon of your choice and fight. I prefer swords and cut through anything. People speak of demons, but they are just biblical creatures, manmade creatures and they are not evil since they don't even excist. Daemons are neutal enities which are not good nor evil and there are many more entities. But instead of visualising swords and fight I rather visualize a serene surrounding and relax in there.

Most demons and shadow people that people fight are nothing more then projected images of their own ego that they can't confront themselves with. Why is it that the first reaction is to run away? Because most people can't confront themselves. So in this regard...taking the fight to them actually is confronting yourself. However fighting is still a form of resistance where it would be better to just accept they are there and don't cast judgement upon it. Then you can alter that which you fear and battle into something you can embrace as part of yourself.

There is no psychic police or such on the astral, however it wouldn't suprise me if there are such people who have taken it upon themselves to be just that in this world. Let them be, as long as they don't bother me I don't care.

Shouting and yelling at entities just shows a lack of respect. Do you walk on the street and blatantly start shouting at people you come across? I don't think so. If you don't agree with what other people do you'd just ask em. Ghost in your house and most entities will simply respect your request if you ask nicely like you'd normally do. Shouting and physically making moves will most likely get you end up in a room with white walls and a nice tight jacket. You don't have to SHOUT you can do it in your mind as well and get same response.

All stories about entities causing you harm or take you over...riigghht. These cases are very low in occurance and usually occur only to people with a feeble mind and lack of will power and discipline who are also gullible and naive. Easy targets for regular charlatans as well.

[edit on 27-3-2006 by Enyalius]

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 07:47 PM
When I fight I also like to make a sword. Swords are the best. Also though I will make a handgun, machine gun, or rocket launcher. I once made a machine gun with a blue laser scope- it was sweet.

But when I am weary, I will just launch myself up into and over the city and dare the creature to follow.

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 07:35 PM
euh.. wat geeft JOUW het recht, enyalius? bemoei je niet met mij. kom je hier nu ook al het baasje uithangen. Geef dan in het engels een beargumentatie waarom ik niet zou mogen zeggen wat ik zeg hier, zodat iedereen mee kan genieten. Als ik denk iemand te kunnen waarschuwen, doe ik dat. Als je het niet eens bent met mijn perspectieven, ga ik daar graag met je over in discussie.. tot die tijd vormen ze gewoon de basis van mijn uitingen.. Ik heb die materie ook moeten leren, net als jij waarschijnlijk. Echt, kom me niet weer met van die grappen aanzetten. Je bent echt niet de eerste die zich op zijn teentjes getrapt voelt door fundamentalistische ideeen. Leer er mee omgaan, of val dan niet mij aan, maar mijn iedeen.

This is just a return on Enyalius' talking to me in my own language.. He asks me to take my bull# to some fool-flooded thread in my homecountry. Well, I basically explained him I don't appreciate his interference.

Let's get back on topic again.

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 07:50 PM
Enyaliu, could you please explain how you have battles with non-existing, non-evil biblical creatures who were made up by man, as you say...

Don't talk like you know anything about me and never ever visit me astrally, because I'll cast you out like any other demon.

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 08:37 PM
Maybe you have heard that your brain tries to convert things you dont understand into images that make more sense. Knowing this, you cant really be sure what a creature or entity is until you see how it behaves.

So you fall asleep and find yourself in a room that resembles your own and you may or may not know that you are actually sleeping. You notice something moving in your room or in your bed. Now, logically if you were awake in real time, you would immediatly grab your bat or gun and be ready to defend yourself. But even though you are not exactly sure what is going on, you don't act as logical as you think you would or should. From here you will have to decide how you are going to act, but it will probably take dozens of attempts before you can remain coherent enough to put together an action plan. This is a very important step, always now exactly how you are going to handle yourself and memorize it. In the process of trying to make heads or tails of all this you will encounter several obstacles or skills that you must master if you are to have any chance at changing your circumstance. Here they are in order: fear, freedome, confusion, lust, anger, hatred, revenge, self control. The how to is of course, with experience.
So what to do. Do defend yourself, Do not commit acts you will feel remorse for. If something tries to take advantage of you, stop it. If you have the oppurtunity to take advantage of someone or something else, don't.
What are you dealing with. The best thing to do is ask whatever it is, what it is, and you might also ask what you are. The response will be your indicator on how to deal with it. If you get into a conversation refer to your action plan on what questions to ask. Don't forget to add some trick questions to see if you are being lied to. A good example for those that are religous. (Question to entity): Do you believe in God? (entity answer): well of course I do. (trick question to entity): which God?(entity answer) The Lord of Chaos. In this example this is definitly an unfriendly, unless you are a satanist.
How to fight: You are in the astral. Nothing is solid. Fighting is like jello fighting jello. The old fist fight or kung fu just doesn't work. You will find that the only way to defeat an entity is to cause massive damage. Your tools are any and every basic knife, sword, bat, axe you can think of. Do not try complicated objects like guns. Guns do work, but they take a lot of energy and thought to control. You can move the knives with your mind so you can keep your distance while fighting. As I said, massive damage, you are dealing most likely with a creature that is at home in the astral and you are just visiting. Best advice is to use diplomacy to try and get the thing to leave, but if all else fails, clobber it. You might try drawing a picture of how you want to look in the astral. Know exactly where all of your weapons are. EX. broad blade is at your right side, axe is at your left. If you have to stop and think you'll get side swiped.
Super secrets - shoot spidy webs like spiderman, to stop you from falling or to swing from tree to tree or building to building. Really!!
- if dealing with a shape shifter, use ice.
- a wooden boomerang works nicley as a warning
- a strong steel mesh, like a fishing net is like glass to acid.
- drop through the floor to escape momentarily.

The things you fight don't bleed blood, but each time you hit them it causes damage that uses energy to fix. This is why the steel mesh works. In order for them to escape the must go through all those tiny holes, and in doing so they will inflict massive damage to there own astral body. If you can make sense of the steel mesh, you will be light years more advanced in understanding the astral.

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 09:00 PM
Guys, if somethings attacking you, it obviously thinks your weak, that your easy meat. it thinks its BETTER than you. that its existance is more important than yours. these things are freekin arrogant, and no matter if youre being attacked by a human or a demon, then ya, fight it! i thought about this alot, but it all comes down to self preservation. do you consider your life worth fighting for? because if you wont fight these guys, then ya, you are easy meat.

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 11:18 PM

Originally posted by phiniks
Enyaliu, could you please explain how you have battles with non-existing, non-evil biblical creatures who were made up by man, as you say...

Don't talk like you know anything about me and never ever visit me astrally, because I'll cast you out like any other demon.

Why would I react to someone with the mindset of a child? If you read you'll find that the answers you seek have already been answered in my previous post.

Maybe you have heard that your brain tries to convert things you dont understand into images that make more sense. Knowing this, you cant really be sure what a creature or entity is until you see how it behaves.

This is also why there are no angels or demons and such. Beings are just that without any good or evil morality attributed to them. Good/Evil is man and entities are above that. Energies of the beings get interpetated by the individual and according to their own moral beliefs they will judge the being into an evil or good catagory and thus will percieve them either angelic or demonic. This is also one of the reasons why I know that angels are just as evil as demons can be good as good as angels (staying with shallow biblical phrases so that everyone can understand).

How to fight: You are in the astral. Nothing is solid. Fighting is like jello fighting jello. The old fist fight or kung fu just doesn't work. You will find that the only way to defeat an entity is to cause massive damage. Your tools are any and every basic knife, sword, bat, axe you can think of

Kung fu and other martial arts do work. Just depends how you use it. We're not here to kill by causing massive damage. Kill and you'll be killing a part of yourself. Chase it off is more what you'll be doing, make it known you have no interest in participating with that individual/being. Always trust your emotions.

What feels right is good for you what doesn't feel right don't associate yourself with it.

We're NOT playing dungeon and dragons here people.

Understanding the type of metal you make your temporariy weapons from is a good aid if you insist on fighting. Understand the metal alloys and their properties. Some conduct/store energie better. Like Gold wiring conducts electricity better then copper.

posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 03:18 AM
you can hardly extend experience beyond what's familiar and experienced already...unless you keep an open mind and have the true desire to prevail over what is called your human nature... people are born with the abillity to communicate with other beings... that's no lie, but every single moment spent in this reality is one point less in this area... external communication is not encouraged, nor is it believed most of the times...
and to interact with a spirit means a lot of strenght... humans are not trained for rough times, they only know how to survive. and in tihs case, the problem gets complicated.. survival is not physical, but it's spiritual.
because of the lack of understanding and knowledge required, there can appear many complications... there is the danger to lose control over your body and toturn the situation sideways in the wrong direction.
it's very dangerous, c'mno now... it's easy to want to fight, but you can't really expect to do it and win..
do it once, survive... and then just find out what the problem is... spirits don't disturb unless you are on the offensive...
I can't explain anything right now, I am not specialised in this matter, but it's a start..

posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 06:55 AM

Originally posted by Enyalius
Why would I react to someone with the mindset of a child?

... never mind.. I forgive you for saying that. I'm happy to be so childlike at times..

but maybe a grown up mind like you can help out a child like me

The battles you have are on the astral plains.. places I've never consciesly been.. so I am definateley a noob on those matters. Sounds quite impressive, to be hacking away with swords and axes..

But I was talking about the situation where a person would have to defend himself in this reality, without going out of body, since I have nothing to look for there. Again my apologies for my narrow biblical view. I can only talk about my own personal experiences, wich have just been trial and error to get rid of my demons.. and somehow I found "shouting", i.e. talking with a convincing strong voice, helped to show it the authority wich I believe to have as a human over my own little piece of this reality.

May I ask, Eyalius.. how can you be sure it's part of yourself you are facing? Please enlighten me (us) on your ideas about that, since my narrow biblical viewpoint has led me to believe that there exist actual external evil (and good) forces, who fight constantely over the ownership of our souls..

posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 07:17 AM
Fine I'll waste some time...

There are no external forces fighting over your soul. There is The All also referred to the Source by some and the Universal Conciousness by buddhists. This is all encompassing and is everything that is including us and everything around us. The biblical God and Satan are just minor aspects of this ALL and so are gods from other religions and mythologies.

Everything is created in energetical likeness of the All...simply put. WE are all GODS in our own rights and so are all the trees, oceans, animals etc. The bible also states that man is made in God's likeness.

Then there is free will give to us. We create our own realities in which we live and we are responsible ourselves for what happens to us. "Demons" and "angels" can't take charge of you nor can they tell you what to do. What's the use of free will then? No they can only advice your or try to tempt you, but in the end it is still YOU who makes the decision and acts is YOU who is responsible and there is no reason to blame anyone else for what you end up doing except yourself.

How do you know which demons are real and which aren't? It's more simple then it seems. Many people say that they know themselves, but they don't. Almost everyone holds up a mask and fools themselves into thinking that they understand themselves perfectly. Hardly...go to a monastary for a 6 month retreat and meditate. You don't have to go to a monastary per se, but it'll show what the following means. Spend a lot of time using introspect and meditation techniques. You will come across very confrontational thoughts and issues which will cause you to TRULE see who and what you are. Once you went through this stage you will also learn to see what is a part of you and what isn't and this is how you'll figure out that most demons people battle are nothing but personality traits they cant confront themselves with or traits that are in conflict with their pure selves.

Your authority is no higher nor lower then that of another being whether they are human or not. You have no special rights to condemn others or justifiy an attack in whatever way. The only place you are the owner is within your own microcosmos.

Beings are without morals and they just are. They only become evil/good when put up against your own moral values which you use to judge objects and situations throughout your daily life without even realising you do. Beings don't attack or cause harm, they don't even posses a motive to do so. Just use the examples of recorded documents pertaining ghost hauntings. The reason people get physically hurt then is not because a ghost hits them or throws something against them...not it is because people fear what they don't understand and slowly back off. Not paying attention to what is behind them and then fall down a stairs or bump into something sharp. Beings can't harm you physically.

And my experiences come from several years of invoking/evoking Enochian and Goetia spirits not to mention the load of ghosts that visit the house.


posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 09:15 AM
As I mentioned in my last post at

my opinion of the way to deal with ignorance, superstition and the idea your dealing with God, the devil or dead peoples ghosts when your dealing with living peoples' negative incoming telepathic brainwaves in a frantic desire to involve you in their fear and anger is to IGNORE them and not get excited. I am beyond yelling them, tryed it, works temporarily but has no long term effect just like yelling at people has none. All they do is point out you should learn to control your anger. I point out it is already controlled or they would be dead. Jesus or God as a protector is a fallacy, neither one or the angels in heaven protect people from people, look at the war situations.
The dream was about frantic posters on the .........well I'll just post a part of it from the thread above

"In a dream around midnight tonight I woke up still engaged in a dream different from the one I had while sleeping. Actually I think this one started right before I woke up. It was people involved in telling each other to listen to the paranormal sounds that Metro heard it his/her thread named My battle with Evil."

I hope I don't dream about you debating how to fight evil
there are many ways, whatever works for you.

Some people ask "Why do bad things happen to good people?". I ask
why do good things happen to bad people?

love your enemies, even if you hate doing it because you have no idea who they are and are invisible. < profound wisdom for paranormal investigaters.

Honor Seed

posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 01:34 PM

Originally posted by pathoftruth

I was also curious if anyone hunted beings such as these.

There are many different kinds of hunters.While i would say I am a hunter of sorts.It is sometimes hard to understand what exactly you are trying to fight. In many cases of the paranormal and shadow beings it is like trying to fight with air,in most cases as far as physical beings go yes you can fight them but usually are people who think they are something evil,such as vampires or cultists,demonists and just plain crazy people.On the other hand many circles say that demons and evil entities such as the shadow people will use others to do their bidding.

In the good versus evil score,I have very rarely come across anything I can shake a stick at,most of these battles tend to take place in more of a meta physical sense,where as I tend to fight within my soul.

Only in my dreams do i fight the physical fights,against ghastly things of which i will not speak.There seems to be a barrier perhaps of physical form when it comes to most things,where as we may be able to enter a common ground but not anothers realm.

Now there are real battles in this realm with otherworldly things I tend though to not run into many truly threatening situations.While that is half true,letme just say yes there are those who fight for causes against entities and other scary things.

I don't know about now but there used to be many different factions of different churches who would have witch hunters and exorcists.

All for now

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