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How to Develop Real True Gymnastic Strength

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posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 09:37 PM
pay close attention to leg lift section..its great...

Dive-Bomber Pushups
These are the same as the Hindu pushup, except there is one difference. Both have the same inital movement, i.e. butt in the air, dive downward, and end up with face toward the sky and back very arched. With the Hindu pushup, you then KEEP YOUR ARMS STRAIGHT and return to the starting position. With the Dive-Bombers, you reverse the original movement, which forces you to bend your arms.

These require gymnastic rings, the ability to do 15 full pullups, and 15 full dips. Basically you have to pull up, then midway-through, shift your hands and push up. You're basically pullup up to a contracted dip position, then pushing from there. Then, in the starting dip position, you lower in a dip, then shift your hands and lower back down into the pullup's starting position. These build loads of strength. Check here for a description:

The Benefits of Gymnastic Rings
With rings, you can do full handstand pushups, with your hands pointing any which way, full pullups, full lever pullups, muscle ups, dips, iron crosses, can get a full upper-body workout that will rival anything weights can give you with rings. Now for the lower back and legs, you do need weights here and there as there are just some muscles calisthenics can't really target (such as the lower back).

here is the link were i got this:

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