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Patriot Act a Fraud

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posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 06:17 PM
What the hell is patriotic about the patriot act?

Bush is using the soft spot in the hearts of all proud American to confuse them about their love for their country and his plans and ambitions for a facist US.

Who is going to criticize the patriot act when they fear being lablled unpatriotic? This is a dogs act by the president and only a clown as himself could hold office and work as a puppet for the financial and oil tycoons that run the US government.

The same thing is happening here in Australia - little Johnny Howard is trying to imitate his buddy Bush by passing through anti-terror laws that in fact go even further than what the US has tried to do.

Did you know that here in Australia, once these laws go through, if you are involved in Industrial Strike action to fight for better wage from your employer, the government here can classify you as having under-taken a terrorist act and send in the army if they wanted to to break the strike and round up all members involved into detention..

Now is that any way to work a democracy, an institute of freedom for all, an institute for fairness and equality? I dont think so!

And whats going on with all these reports about the US building vast numbers of Concentration Camps all over the USA? Each supposedly able to hold a couple hundred thousand citizens?

Are they planning another form of "PATRIOTIC ACTION' as they did on 911? Are they going to manufacture another cyclone Katrina? Whatever they are planning, you do not build intern camps on such a large scale unless you are planning to round up last numbers of your own PATRIOTIC CITIZENS who might disagree with their governments policies and philosophies, under the guise of a RED-ALERT TERRORIST THREAT SITUATION AND INSTALL MARTIAL LAW!


posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 06:52 PM
Please add your comments to one of the existing threads on the Patriot Act. Or do a search and find others. Thank you.

Thread closed.

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