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Has anyone connected the dots to this?

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posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 10:12 PM
Over 40 Micro Biologists have been murdered or are missing since September 2001


#1-5: Five Unnamed Microbiologists. Died: October 4, 2001 Four of Five unnamed microbiologists on a plane that was brought down by a missile near the Black sea on the Russian border. Traveling from Israel to Russia; business not disclosed. Three scientists were experts in medical research or public health. The plane is believed [...]

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posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 07:43 AM
They all probably got too close to the truth and were inclined to speak out. I've had a feeling for the longest time that the governments of the world are going to use global pandemics to bring the free world to its knees and bring forth their NWO. All those who submit will get the vaccine, all those who don't, well you get the idea

posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 08:42 PM
Heh. I'm not suprised at all. I'm sure they had some keys that we could use right about now. Maybe someone should check their notes and papers?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 07:43 AM
Are you sure that they weren't burnt? Or at least filed away to God knows where? The government has a well known secrecy fettish and they do stuff like that.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 08:22 AM
You might also be interested in these older threads regarding the same issue:

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SCI/TECH: U.S. Still Silencing Scientists

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Lots of info there too.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 11:38 AM
I only have one question to this world? WHY?
Would everyone stop putting paper in to they're soul.
Why pain and conquering?
Howcome in some countries IF i were a christian i would get the death penatly. even if i were a great person but my beliefs in god were different.

and if i stole your gold bracelet i get my hand cut off. how about you get your head cutoff for wearing the bracelet because it is an earthly desire? Should the thief not be praised (according to religion) for making you realize you dont desire god and heaven enough, but rather you desire your gold bracelet or your Xbox 360, enough to cut off his hands or send him to jail?!?! Keep on reading in case you think im condoning stealing.

what people need to realize it the George Carlin is the scariest man alive. and i find that funny.
he told me human DNA hasn't evolved in millions of years. we are still the same barabaric Aztecs who used to sacrifice 80,000 people for fun. we rip people hearts out and hold them in they air in the name of "God." all of these different religions and all include pain and torture and sick barbaric rituals and extreme punishment for insignificant crimes.
Borders are proof of our idiocy. Buy a globe and look at it. different languages different ideas, 10s of thousands of miles of black lines.
So many "Gods."
we all believe in something more, and for some it is god. but so much evil is done in the name of. if god wanted to do something he wouldn't ask for you're help. if he wanted to kill America he wouldn't ask a cleric to tell Osama Bin Laden he has the authority to use nukes. he'd tell Osama his self.
if there is a god, who says- "Don't believe in other books, they are false." im pretty damn sure he's make those books dissappear. the common phrase in religious book is "Don't believe in other writings" is a futile human attempt at making you believe in that book only. that should be so simple to you and me. a human wrote, "dont believe in other books, wriiten on paper in ink." so earthly... paper and ink. "dont believe in other gods." borders. languages. god is supposed to be almighty, i don't think he's let whichever one of these several books is really his be underminded by lettin the others be written. to lets such a thing happen shows he don't care which one you read and his original book isn't so damn sacred as we thought.
petty humans are so petty and animalistic. they will always want others to be just like themselves, and if they are different- they will fall.
they only supreme law is one law, you cannot cause harm to others!
this encompasses every evil thing devised. killing, stealing, rape.
everything else is bull. i can hate and love who i want. if you get mad or sad that i hate you, that is not me causing pain. "emotional pain" is not included in this law. because one person might not be hurt that i don't like them, while another might be deathly hurt and cry. but thats a personality trait. and its my personality to not like you and swear at you and call you stupid. so that cancels it out. we can only be ourselves, we cannot hurt one another. that should have always been the law. But one man might not be hurt that you stole from him while another will. no, thats not a personality trait. because it was his own item, so in turn, it was a part of him if it was his. so again in turn, if a person like to be stolen from, or killed, or raped- you are not guilty. but if you hurt him and his PHYSICAL possessions, you are very guilty. feelings are not in the physical and since i cannot tell anyone how to be or what to say. Stealing from someone is taking, CALLING someone an idiot is SENDING. they must decide what to do with it. calling someone an idiot is not bad. they have to decide wheter to care or not.
my ears are my own, but, so are my feelings. basically, the most just law is a border around ones self, encompass me within a black line like cel shading if you will. say what you want, just dont touch me.
if this is too confusing, then you dont know what just is.
and if its not, then you do know what just is.
petty things shouldn't be punishable. thats all.

sex and drugs are not evil.
one who sells drugs is against this law. but one who does them is innocent.
sex is lovely.
a crazy action, yes. but bad, no.
everything is funny and everyone is still stupid.

evolve or die?
no, evolve or i make you.

Basically you can't take from me, but give what you want and see if i accept in the way you want. You can't take my life, take my body, or take my things. The first book should have been this simple, instead we have borders cuz were mortal and stupid. This post wasn't meant to change anything. We can only hope one day were immortal and/or smart finally because there is no writing that can change anything cuz were mortal and we must punish to keep the evil down.

Life can suck if you think about it too much, so just don't think and relax. Let what we've done to ourselves play itself out. Just take a step back and don't think about it, it's the only way to win- as a normal person who has no say so in world affairs. Let them play stupid and worry. Earth isn't StarCraft, but they play it like so and they involve us. And evil is all over, and what can stop it? What can stop some Jefferey Dahmer mofo? I dunno, not this writing.
I can only hope there is a God and what I've seen on TV over the past 23 years of my life is just to keep everything kinda different and real.

Lifes a bia and then u die
FTW lets all get high

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