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Water....the new $bill?

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posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 03:53 PM
Found this in the news this morning. Tried to find a recent thread I saw concerning water being a tradable commodity in the future....

Some things, start out sooner than we think:

"The Government is poised to create a market in tradable water rights to help regulate the growing demand for water from rivers and aquifers already under pressure.

Environment Minister David Benson-Pope and Agriculture and Forestry Minister Jim Anderton have prepared a Cabinet paper, which is expected to rule out privatisation but allow limited trading of water rights and establish an economic "price" for water. "

Full story here:

posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 04:01 PM
Okay, it's not the greatest movie, but there's a message in this movie about water worth watching that is almost prophetic....if you don't mind over-acting and gratuitous violence thrown in for charm.

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posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 04:20 PM
If that happens worldwide, Aruba will be extremely wealthy!!!

A dude can dream.

But seriously, it would only make sense in the conditions described in the article. Supply & demand as usual.

posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 05:07 PM
Interesting topic. There was a program on CSPAN yesterday talking about water scarcity and how water is in fact a valuable and tradable commodity around the world.

She gave both good and bad models for "water trading". I can't seem to find a link to it and cspans website isn't helping either.

But here are some interesting links regarding water/water scarcity and water as a business:


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