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Who Will Win March Madness?

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posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 11:40 PM
Do you believe in miracles? I thought that the BRUINS were out for the count!

But they came back!!!! It looks like Gonzaga rested on *their laurels*.

U-C-L-A[color=goldenrod] Fight,Fight,Fight!!!!

(sorry, 'Zags, I love you too, but just not tonight!!! Believe me, I felt bad when Adam Morrison collasped on the floor in Oakland and cried.)

And congrats to LSU and the Horns. Those were gutty little wins. Big Baby did his job tonight!

(JJ's tears, however, didn't tear me to pieces like *Adam's*)

On to UDUB, Georgetown and Villanova (I do like BC too and that's going to be a hard game to watch as well).

P.S. I did see those last two shots. The first one from WVU. That floored me. And then that last 3 pointer from the Horns. That brought the house down.

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posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 03:12 AM
'Nova all the way baby!

I live about 10 minutes away from Villanova, and have a lot of friends that went there. Very good school, and the girls that go there...goood lordy!!!!

In any case, they have been missing their best player all year, but they still have that 4 guard system. Guards win games in the NCAA (unlike in the NBA), and Nova has the best set of guards in the nation. If they shoot the ball, they win.

BTW, is any one else glad JJ and Duke lost? I hate that dude.

posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 07:18 AM
Wow... never wouldve saw that comming. great game morrison. great game the whole team. ucla made a huge comback. like said before my heart just dropped when morrison was in tears. i wish they wouldve went all the way. anyways anyone know what was up with his leg. i saw him egtting it wrapped. But o boy o boy am i glad dukie lost. YES Ive never liked duke. JJ and Williams Are great kids but i have always picked the other team no matter who. that would have to suck for jj and adam leading the games thinking theres one more game to play only to lose it in the last few seconds. there last games. last game of there collegic (check spell) career. i believe morrison finished #1 scorer in the nation. JJ shined. but morrison was a better defender and all around player. morrison had a few questionable momments ( when he won i believe the first round. he took the basketball and kept slamming it on his head.) ZAGA ALL THE WAY

posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 08:42 PM
I'm sorry Dr. Love, for Texas and Memphis. I love the 'Horns, though.

I'm also sorry for BC, Georgetown and UDUB. They played admirably. Those were gutty little games last night.

But all I can say is that Memphis was shut down. It was the lowest scoring game for them. But LSU continues to shock me. And they will be formidable opponents against UCLA. I don't know how they're going to handle Glen "Big Baby" Davis. It will be a tough match.

I'm hoping for Villanova or UCONN as well.

But, I can only tell the truth. I can't barely contain my excitement. I nearly fell off my chair.



Miracles do happen!!!!! We're in the FINAL FOUR. On to Indianappolis!!!!!

P.S. About Adam Morrison, despite the joy I felt horrible for him. But I read in the paper yesterday that two Bruins (Afflalo and Hollins) picked him up off the floor and gave him a hug. Several other Bruins hugged him. And being ever the gentleman he was, Morrison thanked them during the conference for their sportsmanship and character. It showed that he displayed the same candor after losing.

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posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 09:04 PM
What a tourney so far!

Every game lately has been amazing! The finish to the LSU and Texas game was nail biting to say the least. LSU had too many chances passed up in regulation. Trying to hit the big three instead of feeding the big man down low.

Enjoy this while it lasts!

posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 09:07 PM
Yes, it has. And I will!!! I can't wait until tomorrow. I have nothing but love for the other teams because they are very tough competitors.

But ask me the same thing about the USC Trojans.

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posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 02:25 PM
Uconn and GM are about even at the half. Would I ever lose to see an upset here. Anybody watching?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 06:25 PM
If only Sumpter had been healthy, Nova would have breezed through this tournement....

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 08:37 PM
Yeah that was a frustrating game watching Nova go under. UCLA is looking strong, and getting stronger by the round.

So many upsets though, :shk:

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 08:52 PM
George Mason....that's all I can say. Wow what an upset. When it went into OT I thought for sure they would blow it but they held strong. That had to be one of the biggest upsets ever. Florida is looking reallt strong, that 4 guard system that NOVA ran couldn't hang with the big guys inside. LSU and UCLA should be a barn burner. Can't wait to see the final 4, should be awesome!

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 04:01 AM
I was blown away by this weekend of games. I think I am excited about the Final Four this year because it featured teams that were totally unexpected. Even though a die-hard Bruin fan, my brackets had them coming out at the sweet sixteen!

My brackets are messed up. lol. I honestly thought that at least one or two of the #1 seeds would have been there.

But this year is great because of the parity between the conferences. And, every team that played in the big dance fought to the bitter end to get to the next level. And George Mason, an eleven seed!!! I thought UCONN would fight their way back by at least forcing another OT. But, the three pointers shot at the net failed to connect. But George Mason, I believe, had enought fight to last them until the final seconds of the clock. And, even though it wasn't UCONN, it is still wonderful to see new teams excel within the tourney.

I'm no big fan of Donovan, but Florida showed their stuff today as well. I had heard of Yannick Noah because some of my family members are big tennis fans. But I didn't know his son went to Florida and played basketball! Joachim Noah really put on a show today. He was amazing! However, I thought that Villanova would have been neck and neck with Florida all the way. But in the end, they were lagging behind.

As for LSU and UCLA, I know that it going to be dogfight to the end. I still don't know how they are going to shut down Glen Davis. I'll be on pins and needles the entire game!

But what I do know is that each of the teams fought extremely hard to get there. And it's going to be an exciting finish at the end. No matter who wins, it'll be great to see. Because it is the first time in a long time that no number one seeds finished at least at the Final Four. This time the victory will be given to a lower seed.

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posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 09:36 AM
George Mason... WOW!

What an amazing game! Deffinatelly have to be the favorite at heart. I was glad to see Uconn fall, and then Nova drops so no more #1 seeds.

Still probably the best to come.

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 12:49 PM
Well let's see here, I'm in West Virginia, home of the Mountaineers and had picked them to make the Final Four. But here comes last week and my bracket gets
to hell and back.

Ugh!!!!! I guess I'll go with a Florida/UCLA Finals with UCLA comin' out on top.

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 01:17 PM
Im going with LSU taking the win, and George Mason. What a final that would be. LSU in the wake of Katrina, George Mason the cinderella story.

If either of those two win it I'll be happy.

I normally find myself cheering for the underdog more often then not.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 08:15 AM
I listen to Mike & Mike In The Mornings on ESPN Radio and they said that over 280 brackets had George Mason winning it all. Somehow I don't think that will happen. It's gonna come down to UCLA against either Florida or LSU.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 06:14 PM
Tonight is the night!

UCLA vs. LSU and George Mason vs. Florida

I am pulling for the LSU and GM final, but no matter what the outcome this has to go down and a tremendous tournament. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for GM and Gonzaga used to be the annual underdog and has developed into a power house.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 06:27 PM
I don't like any of the teams in right now, so I don't really care who wins. I'd like to see GM win, just because they are the "Cinderella" team. But they are down 28-41 right now with 17 minutes left in the game.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 10:59 PM
I am still stunned by UCLA's win. They meant business when they went to the court. And they got it done. I still can't believe it, but they wore "Big Baby" down! I give my props to LSU, though. They are a good team. And they played very hard all through the tourney.

We're still alive!!!! I am still thrilled to pieces.

But now we have to prepare for Monday. Florida is a tough team. And they are better outside shooters too.

I can't mistake it, but I am a proud Bruin.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 11:02 PM
I've been a UNC kid since I can remember, so I don't really care about who wins. I was upset when we lost, but I became highly satisfied when Duke got knocked off.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 11:16 PM
I just have to give my props also to GM. It hurt to see them lose, but Florida pulled ahead.

As for Duke and UNC, I'll always go with UNC any time.

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