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(MUOC) My Last Request

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posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 06:06 PM
My Last Request
Don't Take the Girl

He went to visit the doctor about a month ago, he strolled in with abit of a jump and a swagger. It was a bright summer day, just after dropping his son off at school and he just found out his wife was expecting again. The doctor knew what I knew, and what he knew. It would not be long. He left the hospital dragging his feet and wiping his eye. He started the car and drove home slowly, not sure of what to say. I watched down on him and tried to assure him they would be ok. I told him he made the right decision

After two weeks of deterioration, he was ready to go. He had accepted that he was to join me so he prepared his goodbyes. What would he say he asked me, What can I tell my son? We chatted during the last day quite frequently to figure out how we would make the transition. After he agreed, he kissed his wife on the head and wiped her tear. He massaged her belly and gave it a slight peck, she then held him tight as he began to quiver. Finally his son entered the room, too innocent to understand what was about to happen. The pinnacle of his being was about to occur and his eye twinkled and teeth flashed just as if it was any other day.

He held the young boy alittle tighter, alittle longer then usual. "What's wrong daddy?" asked the young child. As the man quivered that last time
I reminded him things would be ok, he smiled and said, "Nothing son!, I just wanted to tell you I loved you and never forget your daddy" The child ran out of the room like nothing happened, the man broke. With this I came down and held the man and took him with me. He came willing, and after a few steps he found that swagger one more time.

As time passed, the wife resented me. She stopped believing and talked down to me in front of the children. I understood, but she did not. I thought I would show her the error of her way. One night as she slepped, I put the note in her pocket. The note he wrote to me when he found out the truth. She woke up that morning and I wiped a tear from her eye. She apoligized and I accepted. She dropped the note to the floor and you could see it said....

I'll gladly take her place if you'll let me,
make this my last request,
take me out of this world,
God please,
-don't take the girl

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