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(MUOC) The Silence

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posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 12:17 PM
Great Big Sea - Clearest Indication

Early one morning, the young boy was off in a quiet dream. Suddenly the silence was shattered, he awoke in a panic. Mother was screaming, he ignored. She began to plead, he ignored. Finally the boy who could not ignore no more, decides to go to mother to show her the silence she misses. Silence will never be found again, there on the floor the boy understands why his silence was broken. Never again, not even a goodbye.

You left in the morning
You left without a word

As time passed, the young boy and the mother were on their own. Times grew hard, times grew cold. You would think they grew close. But close, they were not. The child was strong, but not strong for two. Their relationship crumbled and the boy thought it was time to go.

The void in the boys life could not be filled, times grew colder and the walls became closer. With nowhere to go, and noone to save him, the boy cried.....

Did you get what you came for
Is this what I deserve

The young boy could never forget the silence of that night. His quiet peaceful dream that kept him safe for so long could not be heard. He had wished so many times to go back, to try it all over again. This was not to be. The boy decided to say goodbye one last time, he took a pen and left his goodbye for the man who did not say goodbye to him.

Oh I know the silence was the loudest thing I ever heard

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