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The Almighty Latin Kings

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posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 11:37 AM
Nice OP Nygdan!

I think it is extremely important to not in regard to the ALK (Almighty Latin Kings) that the organization started in Chicago in the 1940s, and as the group's teachings spread through the prison systems, it stayed from the source of the original teachings. There seem to be certain rifts in the teachings, and some near jealously from the Chicago faction towards the amount of media exposure the East Coast factions brought to the organization, and the subtle changes made to the rules and teachings. The original gang in Chicago was predominately Puerto Rican and Mexican, but on the East Coast is much more diverse in its Latin American membership, but I do not know how or if that relates. It wasn't until the 1980s that the East Coast factions started.
Wikipedia for Almighty Latin Kings

To the members that have suggested giving 'Aztlan' (the American Southwest) to the Latin Kings to control, I have to commend you on your racial stereotypes and bigoted, jingoistic mind state. Instead of speaking intelligently about a topic, you decided to take the low road, and speak to the lowest common denominator. Nice work! Keep piling on the ignorance! If it is brown, flush it down, right?

Also, the 'Latin' in Latin Kings comes from the same place as in Latin America. So who ever posted that gem, blame it on some old dead white man for calling the offspring of Conquistadors and Native peoples of the new world, with some former slave mixed in later, Latin Americans. But the heat in your tone towards the 'Latin' in Latin Kings is as much misplaced as it is laughable. I bet you think the Sicilian Black Hand is literal as well... I would love to hear your angle on the name of the Bloods and Crips....

Most importantly, to anyone who is serious about denying ignorance, and isn't afraid to look in to the possibility that poor people might create a secret society in order to gain wealth, Chicago is a treasure trove of gang related/esoteric mysteries dating back to its beginning. I recommend the book The Gangs of Chicago: an Informal History of the Chicago Underworld by Herbert Asbury as it is known now, or Gem of the Prairie: an Informal History of the Chicago Underworld as it was known it its original printing.

From a more modern perspective, websites like have quite a lot of oral histories documented by lower level members of ALKs and other Gangs. The amount of esoteric symbolism used in gang graffiti is enormous, although I doubt many know the true meaning of the symbols they use, only the meanings their leaders tell them, and in many cases I doubt the 'leaders' know much.

I will be adding any information I come across for the ALKs, but I think a strong investigation into the melting pot of Chicago gangs and their role as modern secret societies is in need. If the Almighty Latin Kings were started in the 1940s, at least one member of this organization has to have been involved in the mainstream Politics of Chicago, right? For every member out there doing dirty deeds, there are leaders somewhere counting money. And where there is money....


posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 12:58 PM
reply to post by Nygdan

If you want to know the TRUTH about the ALKQN go to The Only Official And Authorized Website Of The Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation.

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 12:12 AM
I'm renaming you Herbert West.

The thread Reanimator.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 11:31 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

The Latin American peoples are definitely just as much "Latin" as any Italians, Italian-Americans , etc. Latin is an ancient common origin for the culture which we all share (at base -- for instance, our original ancestral languages based on Latin, our lifestyles, temperaments, etc, even our religion most of the time -- Roman Catholic). More Italian-descended peoples in North America today are beginning to reclaim the use of the proud word Latin (which in truth does not indicate any specific race, but is a linguistic and cultural designation at base). Though we Italians are not "racially" the same as many of the (so-called) "mestizo" / "mixed" peoples of central and some of south America, and the Caribbean, we still have the common foundation of all being people descended from Latin speakers and of Latin culture. Let's share that proudly. After all what were the Caesars besides Latin kings, and we even say in Italian the same way, "Amor de Re"!

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 12:49 PM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
Please, Get the Facts straIt. The LK started as a puerto rican movement, the netas is a puerto ricAn prison gang in puerto rico. and they are not secret sociaties. And i dont consider geting beaten to becoMe a member A secret initiation seraMony. Now on the Masons, do your resurch and dont belive thouse conspirAcy Sites, they dO not coNtrol the world or the U.S.. They are a comunity based sociaty that is there to help the comunity in what ever whay posible. I belive that people need to take risposability for the whay the world is today and stop blaming others. You know the saying people fear what they dont understand.
Second imigrants would not have needed to start thies groups such as the LK and other groups as this if the general populas were not so pompus, arogant and violent to imigrants so yes such groups in the 50s and 60s were needed to protect the latino comunity, and latin is short for Latinos wich incompus all of Sentral and South America and the Caribian islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Domenican Republic, Italia. The word Latin is used to discribe Every speacking people that theyre language derived from Latin. Sorry Italians but us spanish speaking latinos are just as latin as you Italians, look at it this whay the Latin comunity is such a colturaly rich one its greate. Back to the LK as stated before they started as a puerto rican movement and later incorporated other latin races, and whites and African Americans. As for the Masons, I cant realy say much but they do not control the world there is no secret plots.
I completely agree, and I actually stand to back up his claim with the fact that the thread starter was very intrigued at how intricate and secret their social system was.

As an ethical stereotype, that's a strong similarity with organized crime.

I've very familiar with the crown.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 12:54 PM
Sorry I didn't mean to be so disorganised with my thoughts... The ethical similarities I'm talking about is between hispanics and italians on organised crime.

Basically just the value they(we) put on loyalty.

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posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 04:51 PM

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 11:58 AM
reply to post by SantoJuJu


posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 02:06 PM

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 02:09 PM
Um.. it's possible that whitey didn't do his research but...

The Latin Kings are just another gang banging group trying to make a Dime in the states. Believe it or not the Nazi's are the largest and most feared gang in the US; especially true in the prison system.

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 02:29 PM
My run in with these low lifes are as such..

Most, if not all come from broken homes.. They where beaten, abused, and not loved at all from a very young age.
Which has made them like mean dogs to run the streets..

They pretty much start their little scum bag family, and go around and rob old women, and men. Rape women, sell drugs and everything else you can wrap your head around..

Prehaps Im a bit Jaded.. Becasue when they see you have something they want.. they will just come right in and take it. And if you call the police and try to get your stuff back, you will have more things taken, and property vandalised to the point you have to totaly move out of the area.

Latin kings may think they are a power source.. But they are merely a chain in the link.. Ruled by the elites. and powered, and created by the elites of this world..
You see near the top.. They are owned by the elites.. The elites are the ones who fashioned this soceity to create such bastards!
They are simply slaves..
Slaves to a system that has unleashed a monster upon society.

So that we call out for help, from a monster they helped create..

So I would just try to ignore them.. As they are extreamly ignorant.. To even feel they are some BIG powerful gang..
Whatever they are illuminati puppets.. And they dance on the strings created for them by those who pull the strings.. Which are many..

I laugh at them, while I have an ounce of pity for these Sobs.

I spent some time with a Folk.. And he was very smart. and I always got along with Folk. Never had a problem with those guys.. Not ever.
They even knew they where part of the plot, and where being used as puppets.. We talked about this often.
The Latin Kings however, never met one I liked, or could even talk to on a normal bases.. They where far to rasis, and brutal to even consider having a regular chat with anyone other than their own skin color.

I couldnt even do my laundry without being hassled by these little # heads.. And all I did, was being a white guy in a low income area..
Yeah its not just whitey who is the devil.. Most people of other skin are so freakin jaded.. That they will in turn become the very hate machines that torn them down.. but again, that was part of the plan to begin with..

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 11:04 PM
First off, The Latin Kings (ALKQN-Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation) was started in Chicago and not anywhere else in the country. It was formed in the Humbolt Park and Bucktown areas of the city. It was founded as a Puerto Rican "Club" as all others were and evolved into a street gang. Chicago was an ethnicly splintered city at this point in history and all groups had clicks some that were already street gangs and not clubs. As the racial environment worsened violence also increased and forced some of the clubs such as the OA's (Orchestra Albany Boys literaly an Orcherstra from Albany St.) to turn violent themselves.

This violence was brought on sadley by prexisting white gangs such as the Simon City Royals (from Simon City Park) and Gay Lords an acronym(Great American Youth Love Our Race Destroy Sp@*s) bringing violent acts upon Puert Rican families or the childeren thereof that had moved into the then white areas held by said gangs. As time passed the Latin Kings grew larger and increasingly violent themselves in response to the attacks. Until once and for all they and other hispanic gangs ran the white gangs out. Eventually they spread, taking in Mexicans from the south side of town and also whites and blacks even opening chapters around the country mainly in hispanic populations. That is why it is thought that it is a Mexican gang due to the fact that outside of Chicago, New York, and the State of Florida most of the hispanic population is predominantly mexican. But it was founded as a Puerto Rican "club" that evolved into a gang in Chicago and is by no means a secret society.

Try reading,
My Bloody Life The Making of a Latin King
Once a King Always a King: by Reymundo Sanchez

Lords of Lawndale:
Lords of Kilbourn: by Michael Scott (Author)

These books will give you a real feel for what I'm talking about.

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 09:48 PM

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 01:19 AM
The old masonic lodge in my town was recently bought out by a group called the Mexican Immigration Friendship Society... I live two blocks down (why I'm posting anon... they could trace me), so I've seen them through my windows...

All of the men I've seen since the purchase are latinos who wear long-sleeved shirts, even on the hottest days, and sometimes scarves as well, it makes me think that they're hiding gang tattoos. I think they're Latin Kings, as I read an old gang info pamphlet that says they're heavily tattooed.

Recently they've added bars to the basement windows, and according to the local paper says they've installed a "state-of-the-art security system'...

What are they protecting? What are they hiding? So I phoned them, and started asking tough questions (I used a phone booth on the other side of town)... the receptionist (MEXICAN ACCENT) pretended to be confused when I said there was something wrong going down.... they asked for my NAME... I of course told them that I'll not tell them, I'm not stupid, and I said I'd be watching, so don't try to do anything to our town, right?

So, a few nights ago, as I was making my usual observations (through my window) , I saw a man and a woman wearing dark clothing standing across the street... taking PICTURES of what appeared to be my apartment building... (it's a heritage building, so there are lots of people taking pictures, but THESE WERE DIFFERENT)...

I've been sleeping outside of town for two nights now, I think they might be following me... what can I do...? Please, is there anyone who's dealt with the Kings before, knows what their tactics are? Will they have bought out the police? What are my options?

Please help me.

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