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The US never trusted Iran. More Iranian Conspiracy?

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posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 11:01 PM
In 1979, Iran was our "good ally", and they had a problem. The Soviets were flying MIGs, a formidable aircraft at the time, at 50,000 ft above their country. They needed help.

What they got was 80+ F-14's from the US. Then, crisis struck in Iran, when the Shah was overthrown and the Ayatollah Khoemeni took over after a revolution. The US now has a problem, or so the public thinks. The Iranians tried to use the F-14's, only to find out that they could not fire missiles.

I have three theories to express here.

First off, the Shah was not overthrown in a massive rebel assault on the capitol, but he backed off, and we're still not sure why today. Was he forced out by one of the Illumnatai organizations? This leads me to my second theory.

What if the US knew about the Revolution before it happened; better yet, what if it was planned? I mean, the US did seem to know what was going on before hand, as you will see in my next theory.

My last theory on the subject is that the US, or the organizations manipulating the US, knew that the Revolution was going to happen and the Soviets intervened. Maybe word leaked out about the knowledge, and the Soviets got curious, and decided to fly planes over Iran, which was a factor not thought of by the US.

What led me to believe all of this? Why it's simple. The sabotaged F-14's were the last missing piece of the puzzle I needed to solve to back up my theories about the Iranian Conspiracies in the '70's.

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