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Seeing if I can post some of my art yet

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posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 05:20 PM
I think you have the talent, you only need more practice.

It looks to me that if you could see your drawing/painting as a whole it would be make it even better. For example, the drawing you made while waiting on the phone looks to me like something a little artificial, as if you have made only half of it and then "mirrored" the drawing. Any of the halves of the drawing is quite good, but the all picture looks a little artificial.

But please do not take this as if I was trying to put you down, you have an ability that almost everyone lacks, but I am used to be a "critic" for my sister's works, she usually asks me my opinion of her works because I am a good observer and sometimes an opinion from another person while making a drawing or a painting helps the artist to see the subject in another way.

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 03:50 PM
Hi ArMap,

The one on the phone was a doodle basically just from imagination. I usually need to look at something, like a model or a photo when I want to do art to have it be realistic, and also to get the lighting right. I was just giving her a light and dark side because she is supposed to be a Gemini. But I suppose if I put a partial mask or something like that on one side of her that would have been cool too.

I don't know if you were saying if just the phone one is unrealistic, or all of them. But, it doesn't matter, because I am not going for exact realism in many cases, anyway. For instance in the last one I posted of "Mother Grief" I intentionally made her abstract, so it would be one of those types of pictures you couldn't see right away. My art teacher expressed it best (about why exact realism to the subject is not necessarily desirable) when he told me the story of how they happened to hire him for an art teaching position, at a University he taught at in California:

At the job interview, it came down to him and one other artist. He and the other artist had about the same experience, so it was decided for a tiebreaker they would have a drawing contest. The other artist could draw lightening fast, and he drew the subject in perfect detail as if the subject was snapped by a camera. This made my art teacher very nervous, because what he drew did not look exactly like the subject and he was slower at it. He thought he would not get the position. But the head of the art department said he preferred my teachers work, over the other artists work, because it had a personalized style to it, it looked like art and was interesting. He said the other man could draw exact, but if he wanted an exact picture he could just take out his camera and take a snapshot.

Honestly, I do need work but I can draw exact from photos and people, (if I want to), and I don't need practice in that department. Maybe, if I can get some of these off the slides..I can show you some work like that. However, working 'freestyle' with Indian Ink is different than drawing with a pencil and eracer. If you make a mistake it stays, so you have to get it right the first time because there is no going back and fixing it. What I really need practice in is doing backgrounds, and studying light, and working more with different colors and paints...other than pastels and watercolors, I haven't had a lot of practice or patience in doing that.

The stuff I put up here is my early art. Some of it has been copyrited by me signing and copyriting it, and/or by people who own it..knowing when I made it, taking pictures of them and myself with the art at the time. But I cloned out that information, and also some were signed on back. I have more art but I cant put it up here because it needs to be copyrited properly, and also I don't want my signature up here for now, because I don't want people to be know my name and identify me. (Although, maybe they can already, if they really wanted to do with some research). Maybe, when I am ready I will put the rest of my art, on an art link where you don't need to disclose your real name, and where your work is copyrited, and then put the link up in here.

No offense taken.

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posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 05:07 PM
I love your work, especially "Mother Grief". Very moving.

Sounds like you might have some writing ability, too?

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 05:35 PM
The ones I found unrealistic were the one you made while waiting on the phone and the one of the baby. I can not say what I found unrealistic in them, maybe because they are the ones with more colours/shades I may be looking for more lifelike resemblance.

I like the others, especially "Mother Grief".

I like realism but I also like abstract work.

One artist that was capable of anything was Salvador Dali, one of my favourites, but I also like the works of Picasso and others, I can not remember the names, my sister is the one with an arts degree.

[edit on 29/3/2006 by ArMaP]

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 05:41 PM
Thanks Benevolent!

I like what you said in your avatar...Soldier of Grace, Woman of Strength, because I am glad woman like you feel free to acknowledge your stength and stand up and be counted. I like your kitty too, is he yours?

Thank you again for the compliment about Mother Grief. I would like to see her as a sculpture carved from rock really, I think she would be best that way. As far as writing goes, yes I enjoy writing. I have many different styles, and often times I do not feel I am the one doing the writing. I think I do better if I use fewer words, and I take my time to remember details. As with art I think the emotions behind the actions are one of the most important factors. I type really fast and usually just type exactly what I am thinking when I am posting in here. So, its a little I re-edit a

If there is also a creative writing section at BTS...I can post some poetry or short stories later. Also, I like to cook and/or create or improve recipes, and I design and sell jewelry, and perfume bottles, and also do some landscaping. Sometimes I quilt or embroider, and I am getting into stained glass, and glass fusion next, because I'm a glassoholic. There are lots of great glass teachers where I live too in the Puget Sound.

What do you like to create?

Hope you are having nice weather where you live, here its a little gray today.

~ Deep

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 06:01 PM
Yes I know what you mean Armap,

The baby had a peanut shaped, very tall, oversized head, in real life. Also, I made him a little too brown, because I couldn't get the colors right with the few chalk pastels I had, and this was made before I knew how to make a good flesh-tone color (by mixing a little from each primary color, and a little more of the primary color that is predominant with white). And, I think because I had all his pictures from when he was a baby to the age of 13, I also put too many details into his face, which made him look older. And, I didnt work hard on the background. But his mother loved it, and she cried and thought it looked like him so since she was the main one I had to please..I felt it was ok, even though he does look like Eisenhower a I couldnt get a large picture to work but if you could only see the detail in his shirt and diapers that part rocked!

I like Dali too, he is intense! I like Van Gogh and his friend and rival Gaugan also, (some of my nude work is similar in style to Gaugan). Impressionism is also a nice art form I think. And, Michaelangelo because I am into sculpting also.

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 07:04 PM

Originally posted by DeeplyAwake
I like your kitty too, is he yours?

Yes, That is Graycee, my special little guy.

Thank you again for the compliment about Mother Grief. I would like to see her as a sculpture carved from rock really, I think she would be best that way.

I agree that would be magnificent!

What do you like to create?

My Creativity Expressed

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