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About meditation. Heat, blur spots, ect. ANYONE?

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posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 03:26 PM
I have been doing alot of meditation these days(as in the past years). The frist time it all fell together with meditation for me was very "unreal". It seems that when i slip into the trance/relaxed state it is as if i fall asleep and then wake up with a numb feeling. There is No sound and I see the air around me moving( I meditate laying down, wierd i know but it puts me were i need to be). When i hit this stage it feels as if i am standing up and looking around, not laying there with my eyes open.
There has been times that I have found my self sitting with six others watching the sun. (There are more storys about things like that)
(edited: I know my mind replays things that i have seen, heard, been apart of.)
What I have to ask is:

If it is a dream, should it be black and white or with color?
Is the color apart of the OObe or my mind dreaming in color?

The last few times i have been in a deep state I have become over whelmed with heat, I start to get very warm ( somewhat and uneasy feeling) and i cant stay in that state and have to pull my self out of my state. Do any of you know why this is?

What about a blank/blur area in front of me and i cant see anything through or around this circle, square of blur.(its like reversed tunnel vision).

My dogs dont/didnt bother me when i meditate but this last time i found that they left the room as if they heard something outside( it was like they didnt know i was still home, they where waiting in the living room for me).
Then/when i heard them go outside, it was as if i woke and then the heat started up with me again.
what am i missing (and why do i get it and then i dont)? Is there an evilness around me? ( I do ask for protection from good sources around, I feel as if a bubble is/begins to formed around me at that point but the heat is still there...not as strong but its there)when i need to talk to my "watcher bees" it is like i need to go though this tunnel that leads to them.(sometimes there is heat and others there is not)
Im lost with all of this. If you have any ideas please let me know.

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