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The Unanswered Questions of the Red Lake Massacre

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posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 11:20 AM
The Unanswered Questions of the Red Lake Massacre

Today is the first anniversary of the massacre at Red Lake High School that occured in Red Lake, MN on 3-21-05. Officially it was the work of only one gunman--17-yr old Jeff Weise, who kiled himself in the school. Though unanswered questions remain:

Like what happened to this guy described in early media reports:

--AP 3-21-05
Tom Lyons, chief deputy for Beltrami County, .... said a suspect was in custody, but he had no other details. 3-21-05 at 6:03pm
-Lyons said the shooter was in custody. He did not identify the assailant or say how the suspect was caught. He also said authorities are investigating the possibility that there may have been more than one shooter.
03/21/2005 06:21:01 PM
"The shooter is in custody." (early on 3-21) - News - FBI: Some Killed In Minnesota School Shooting
"...Paul reported that the suspected shooter was in custody."
[story changed when updated]


What happened to all the videotape evidence? Is there something on it that the FBI doesn't want us to see??


If it was over in 5-10 minutes, why did some say the shooting went on far longer? Phrases like "bullet holes everywhere" and "the whole school covered in blood" have been used to describe the scene. That doesn't sound like the work of just one gunman.


And what about that weird episode Jeff Weise described in an online internet posting a year before:

"They pegged me as a possible school shooter earlier this year, or wait, that was last month. Apparently someone was supposed to shoot up the school on 4/20, and there was alot of buzz around me, and for good reasons I guess. ............ And no, I wasn't the one who did the threat. On "Game day" (4/20) the Feds were all around the place, watching, cop cars on nearly every corner around the school and a few large unmarked black vans* sitting around, I bet they were on standby. So they WERE prepared for something to happen."

And if police cleared Weise the day before(on 4-19-04), and the school was crawling with cops on 4-20-04, then logically they must have had other serious suspects in mind. Wouldn't they have been investigated for a shooting that was rumored to have been scheduled for 4-20-05--the sixth anniversary of the Columbine massacre?

*[Comment: Feds in unmarked black vans?? I think someone's got some serious 'splainen to do here.]


-What evidence is there that he first killed his grandfather and live-in companion, as police claimed?


-How about that leak that Weise got shot in the leg and hip while in the hallway? When were they planning on telling us that? Were the shots from the front or rear? How did the kid manage to crawl into a room unmolested by his cop shooter?


-Why did people in adjoining class rooms have to let themselves out folowing the end of the shooting? Were where the police in the immediate aftermath? Apparently not in hallways of the school!!


-Why were five fulltime FBI agents doing permanently stationed in/near Red Lake? How much of the investigation is the Fed's doing? Is there any evidence that the local law is anything more than front men for the gub'mint?


-What was the motive? What was the exact nature of the psychiatric treatment he received? Will this info be ignored, as it has in all the other school shooting that have occured in the last decade?


Why did the US Attorney decide not to publicly release the FBI report into the crime?

Yeah, that's what I want to know

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 02:22 PM
There's a lot of smuggling and drug running that goes on in native reservations like Redwood, so there might've been a number of people that they expected before the kid. Federal investigations into organized crime in the reservations (likesay, the Latin Kings, who have recently started marrying into reservation society), might also make it difficult for the government to release some information.

Also, I don't think that the school or anyone woudl be required to actually show any surveillance videos to the public and national tv, especially if they don't have the permission of the bystanders in the video.

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 02:29 PM
Wow, a year has passed already?
We at ATS followed the story closely. It was a hot topic for us.

What happened to Louis Jourdain after he was arrestred?

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posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 11:22 PM
Louis Jourdain was tried secretly in a federal court; his sentencing was secret also, though it is thought he will do about a year or so.

Red Lake was likely a covert op, not just another crime by a lone gunman. The signs are all there.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 11:16 AM
How do you explain Weises actions then?

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 02:33 PM
IMO, there was so little of it getting out because the reservations are so secret.
Even now, if the Feds wish to enter a reservation, they must have the approval of the PTB for the reservations, at least that is the way it is in Rosebud.They have more protection now than ever before.
As an afterthought, this is a thing which would/does bring great shame to a tribe.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 11:57 PM
How do I explain Weises actions then?

I am not sure that Weise is actually guilty of the crime. What exactly is the evidence against him? The whole investigation is secret. We know almost nothing except what the gub'mint has decided to release. If Weise was involved as an active shooter, I would say mind control was a likely motive:
"Lately I've been having some really strange dream's, they seem very realistic and filled with colour and sound's, they really are more realistic than dream's from like last month, but a few night's ago I had this dream where I saw this very evil, very creepy canine's face coming toward's me, and I heard someone say "shoot," either way everything went black and I could feel my whole body jerking and shaking, and while this was happening I could hear very loud and very distinct gunshot's, mostly machine gun fire... I found it very weird and woke up immediately after feeling a little disoriented..."

"I feel a strong connection to the 1930s and Nazi Germany, I used to have small "clips" (I just call them that, because they were really short, but really detailed), in my head as a kid and still do have them now and then, a few of them were of parades and combat scenarios... My mom used to tell me I used to ask her "remember when I died?"

"You've got to be able to move quickly if you're running from Feds or special ops."
--Jeff Weise (poor Jeff, he couldn't run fast enough)

Interestingly, most of the surviving school shooters themselves can't explain their own actions:

Barry Loukaitus, 14, Moses Lake, WA, Frontier Jr H.S., 2-2-96, 3 dead, 1 wounded
Mom leaned on him for emotional support,
He was upset about the pending divorce of his parents,
Father says he didn't talk to him enough,
Family has history of manic depression(no drugs, though),
He was obsessed by violent pop culture
[in other words, they haven't a clue]
--"There are things in life we're never going to understand, and this case is one of those..."--His Attorney
[but there is always a motive, councilor]

Jillian Robbins, Penn State U, State College, PA, 9-17-96, 1 dead, 1 wounded
--when she was arrested, she answered repeatedly, "I don't know." when asked why she brought school violence back to PSU.

Luke Woodham, 16, and Grant Boyette, 19, Pearl, MS, Pearl H.S., 10-1-97
"...(I) fought with myself because I didn't want to do any of it." [Excuse me???]

Michael Carneal, Paducah, KY, Heath H.S., 12-1-97, 3 dead, 5 wounded
Carneal's home room teacher reported that Carneal did not seem to recognize what he had done. When ask why he did it, he said he didn't know.

Mitchel Johnson, 13, and Andrew Golden, 11, Jonesboro, AS, Westside Middle School, 3-24-98, 5 dead
--"Since that day, when the boys have been asked the same question(why did they shot), they appeared not to be able to give an answer." Johnson: "I really thought that no one would actually be hurt."

Andrew Wurst, 14, Edinborough, PA, 4-24-98 Parker Middle School(at off-campus school dance); 1 dead, 3 wounded
.....As the police got to know more about Andrew's friends, they began to wonder if one of them was a 'puppet master' who may have manipulated Andrew into using the gun or at least encouraged him."
--"Why did he do it? Andrew doesn't know, ...saying he had no reason of kill the teacher." " one...that evening could recall anything that might explain what happened. Andrew himself has no explanation."

Kip Kinkel, Springfield, OR, Thurston High School, 5-22-98, 1 dead, 7 seriously wounded
--In police interview he repeated "over and over" that "I had no choice." "I don't know what's wrong with me.... My head just doesn't work right."
Q: But you didn't have any intent yesterday... of hurting anybody. Is that correct?
A: Right "I couldn't, I couldn't. I had no other choice God."
Q: Why did you go to school and start shooting people?
A: I had to. I had no other choice. I couldn't do anything else.

Taber, Alberta 4-27-99 W.R. Myers HS 1 dead, 1 wounded
In a signed police statement, the boy later said: "I have no particular reason for shooting the boys that I did. I don't know who any of them were."

T.J. Solomon, 15, Conyers, GA, 5-20-99 Heritage High, 6 wounded
--Upon handing the gun over(a teacher had convinced T.J. not to kill himself--the barrel was in his mouth)he started crying hysterically and said repeatedly "I don't know why I did this."
--"I did this because, well, I'm not sure..... Ever since the shooting at Columbine in Colorado all I've been able to think about is doing this."
"One big question I leave behind for you to find is why," said the note, read by Nicholson during a juvenile court hearing for Solomon.

Seth Trickey, 13, Fort Gibson, OK, 12-6-99, 4 wounded
--"He said 'I don't know' when asked why he did it."

Charles 'Andy' Williams, Santana HS, March 2001, San Diego County (2 dead, 13 wounded)
Williams was interrogated by detectives for about an hour after his arrest, and while prosecutor Anton declined to detail what he said, she indicated the statements may not explain why he opened fire. "It seems like everyone assumes the motive can be explained through the statements made by this defendant," she said. Those looking for such an explanation "will not get that."
(SDUT 3-8-01)

"Typically--a young adult leads the group. The followers are mostly 14 to 18. We have to question the motivation of the adults. Is it just a game or something more it mind-control?"
-Det. Donald White, Phoenix PD

--"And so I'm thinking 'My God, where are they coming up with this?' " from Homicide Investigator Eklund(Pearl, MS)

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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 01:58 AM
I don't agree with the whole mind control bit. It's just not likely. Who would mind control random kids across the counrty to comit such acts? BigFoot? And I think the ones who commented as to why they did those things, were using tactics to get a better deal aside from prison. Or else they were just scarred for life after their actions.

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