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Nashville Shut Down by....Wheelchairs!!

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posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 09:59 AM
These people rock!! I love it!!
O.K, so I live in Nashville so I can give you a first hand perspective on what happened yesterday. Here's a link for little background....

Picture order to protest being shipped off to state-run, understaffed, unclean nursing homes, over 100 handicapped ladies and gentlemen totally blocked major intersections in strategic locations in downtown Nashville!! The city was held hostage by paraplegics and quads all afternoon and 5:00 RUSH-HOUR!! Genius!!

So, being the nosy person I am...I head down there to get right in the middle. These people knew exactly what they were doing.......the police couldn't arrest all of them even if they wanted to......they didn't have the transportation requirements necessary to ship off 100 people in wheelchairs!! Plus all of the local news cameras were all up their faces so it's not like were going to drag them out of their chairs for all of Nashville to witness!

These dear people used the only weapon they had in their disposal to promote their cause...and it WORKED!!

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