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Speed Seduction

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posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 02:52 AM
Well folks I feel good about finally being able to come up with something completely original, and I hope the Website-Related forum is appropriate for this. I have always wanted to give back some substance to the wonderful people on this site, since I take so much away from their work, so this is a little bit of a way to pay my respects.

The urge to write this was inspired by a mention of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) in the Paranormal forum.

Nothing that follows should be regarded as hard fact, I am presenting this entirely as my own observations and opinions.

There is a subculture of sorts known as Speed Seduction. Simply put, the object is to charm someone into wanting to have sex with as little effort as possible. More than a hobby, and certainly (frighteningly) approaching being deservingly labeled as a lifestyle for some. I used to be heavily into it, and in a way it is its own culture, has its own vocabulary, etc etc etc. The unofficial "HQ" of the entire movement is or was on Usenet, at, or just ASF as those "in the know" say. Likewise, Speed Seduction is also known as just plain SS.

The typical speed seductionist is a middle-class male, late teens to mid-20s, socially outgoing but frequently using SS to make up for lack of intimacy skills. Many of the seductionists, who fancy themselves "pickup artists", are not capable of holding a long-term relationship for one reason or another, and thus seek short-term gratification with expendable sex partners; the "one night stand" as they say.

There are seemingly-reputable publications, even seminars about SS. Those wanting to learn the skills either spend hours reading the ASF newsgroup to weed out facts, or find someone who is in that little world who can make introductions. It's like an organized crime family in a can't just walk in as a newbie, and once in, it is very tough to get out...I know because I've been there.

SS can involve spoken or tactile techniques, and the more confident enthusiasts will not allow anything to get between them and their targets, be it a relationship, a bunch of friends, or the target being at work. Thus techniques with names like "The Boyfriend Destroyer" and "Working it at Work."

Let me caution anyone interested, that I regret ever getting involved, and my past in the SS underworld is full of events that could come back to bite me in the ass, lots of things I regret. Be careful, it's like getting heavy into the world of motorcycle clubs, all kinds of evil people are out there among the good, you just have to learn who is who. I strongly recommend never to meet the hardcore SS in-crowd face to face, as it is very difficult to dissociate with them once you know them. At least in this area, where most practitioners are college-aged and most mentors are older, it is hard to disappear.

Yes in my opinion it is a cult, don't say I did not warn you.

Yes they will suck your money out of your wallet for the books when all of the methods and techniques are available online or by searching Usenet on ASF. I have been out of it for about 5 years now, but back when I was into it, there were only 2 or 3 books considered worthwhile. The name Ross Jeffries comes to mind; that is one of the names mentioned in the NLP thread that jogged my memory

What can I say? I don't want to sound like a corny old emotional drama queen, but here it goes...YES I did learn SS because it was a time in my life (college) when my self image had a problem, back when I lifted weights only to make myself look good for the women and didn't care about much else. YES I did it because I wanted quick and easy, no-strings-attached sex. YES it lead me to do stupid things and ruin some friendships. Thank God though I never did anything illegal, but you would not believe how many of men seem to use SS to justify rape! I was fiercely competitive so I lost some of my guy friends, and girls who used to be "good pivots" (to use some slang I remember) dropped me as a friend as well because they began to see what was going on.

Read all you want, buy a book or something, but if you want to participate be warned to not get in over your head. Once you admit where you live or what school you are at, these people will be onto you like flies on feces.


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