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Serpo Identities Uncovered?

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posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 11:40 PM
The following article is about the disclosure of classified information pertaining to Project Serpo; a top secret exchange program betweens human beings and extraterrestrials which is believed to have occurred circa 1965. According to the story, 12 volunteers from the military boarded an alien spacecraft along with extraterrestrial entities known as "Ebens". The twelve brave explorers traveled to the Ebens' home Planet called "Serpo", which orbits the double-star Zeta Reticuli over 30 light years from Earth. Beginning last November, someone who wishes to be known only as "Anonymous" began relating this secret information to a UFO researcher. Since that time, Anonymous' information has been posted widely on the internet, and has fueled a great deal of speculation among the public.

I, like Anonymous, wish to withhold my true identity and be known only by my username "Flatwoods". That being said, I would like to contribute my own theory to this discussion; a theory which pertains to the identities of the infamous "Serpo Twelve".

In his cryptic e-mails, Anonymous has provided us with the identification numbers of the twelve individuals who were supposedly sent to the Ebens' home planet of Serpo. He has not, as of yet, divulged their names. This leaves us free to speculate openly with regard to the true identities of the these brave human explorers. To that purpose, I would like to offer my own personal insights into who I think may be behind the elusive numbers.

Part One: The Serpo Team Commander

Listed as the team commander is #102. Considering the importance of Earth's first interplanetary exchange with an alien civilization, it stands to reason that whoever was chosen as the team commander would need to have been a true representative of human leadership potential. Who would have been chosen for such a position? Because we are free to speculate on the matter, it seems reasonable to assume that the person chosen to be team commander could, quite possibly, have been the single most powerful leader on Earth: the President of the United States of America.

Consider this: If John Fitzgerald Kennedy had decided to command the exchange team, he would have no doubt been required to undergo months - possibly years - of intense training and physical preparation. To do so, he would have to relinquish command of the executive office and train with the other Serpo team members in relative anonymity. The only practical way to do this would be to fake his own death in order to ensure complete secrecy. It seems plausible that, if his assassination was hoaxed in November of 1963, this would have left him plenty of time to complete the training by the exchange date of 1965.

Having established the identity of the team commander, it now becomes possible to address the issue of the supposed "female" personnel. Since we have not been told their names, I will suggest the obvious; that the Hollywood actress (and personal confidant of JFK) known then as Marilyn Monroe was among the original 12. It is highly probable that, as team leader, #102(JFK) would have had some say insofar as who was chosen for the mission. Again, I have no direct proof of this, but I find this idea highly probable - especially when one considers the rather murky details surrounding the mystery of Monroe's demise. Having supposedly perished in 1962, the faking of her untimely death would have put her in roughly the same time period as JFK's demise, and well within the time constraints required for mission training. As for her placement on the list, Anonymous has not revealed this to us yet, so we are left to guess which number was assigned to her. I will now suggest that she should be regarded as #203, the Assistant Team Commander. If only we had a picture of her in her flight uniform!

Therefore, I believe team member #102 was JFK, and #203 was Monroe. At this time, I have no proof or indisputable evidence to prove this. But if my theory is correct, the correct identification of the Serpo team members will - eventually - lead us to that proof. I will continue:

Part Two: The British Connection

Another interesting possibility concerns the so-called "linguists" who were part of the Serpo team. It is believed that the Ebens form of communication consisted largely of tonal rythm sounds. What kind of linguist would be most suited to interpret such a language? I ask you to consider the possibility that one of the chosen linguists may have in fact been musicians. And not just any musicians; Earth would want to send only those who could be regarded as the finest representatives of our musical culture at that time in history.

To this end, I have found a uniquely illuminating coincidence. Within only a few years of the same time period that the Serpo team supposedly left Earth, there was a particularly bizzare rumor going around the country concerning a member of the British Rock band "The Beatles". According to the rumor, Paul McCartney had been killed in an auto accident, and had secretly been replaced by a look-alike. Furthermore, the rumor stated that the body double who replaced him was a talented musician named William Shears Campbell. These rumors persist to this day, and some claim that tantalizing bits of evidence regarding his death surfaced in "coded messages" which were included on the album covers and song lyrics released by the Beatles during that era. One such example of an encoded message concerns the cover of the Beatles 1969 album release titled "Abbey Road", which can be seen here Abbey Road Cover. On the cover, one can clearly see the four band members crossing a street. One member in particular; Paul McCartney, is missing a shoe. Beatles fans have speculated that this secretly meant Mcartney was actually dead, and therefore did not need that shoe. But what if Paul didn't die? What it the meaning behind the picture was intended to relay the message that McCartney was in fact very much alive, and on another planet? As for me, I find the relative time correlation between the McCartney death rumors and the supposed alien exchange date of 1965 to be more than just an astonishing coincidence.

One should now consider the possibility that either team member 420 or 475 was Paul McCartney. If we are to further build on this theory, it should be noted that the Beatles manager Brian Epstein was also believed to have been replaced by a double, although there is much less evidence to support this hypothesis. For the time being, it serves our purpose to add his name to the list, so I will place Brian Epstein as #475. This placement now positively identifies Beatle Paul McCartney as team member #420.

Part Three: The Horrifying Collaboration

Of course, the possibility that JFK, Marilyn Monroe, and Paul Mcartney may have been among the original Serpo team members evokes even more tantalizing questions. Did any of them return? Unfortunately, the deeper we delve into this mystery, the stranger it gets. Anonymous has stated unequivocally that at least eight team members returned to earth in 1978.

Personally, I doubt that either JFK or Marilyn Monroe returned to Earth. McCartney, however, appears to have come back with seven other team members to reclaim his former life as a musician. It's a well-known fact that by 1980 his band Wings had broken up and, in that year, he was arrested in Japan for marijuana possession. At least, that's the official story. Could the arrest have actually been the result of Japanese authorities discovering the true nature of his identity? If they had discovered McCartney's double, I'm sure that the news would have made it around the world in a matter of hours. It's possible, however, that they had uncovered a far more disturbing reality. Anonymous revealed in the diary transcript that team member 308 had perished on the way to Serpo, and his body had been replaced with a clone. We have absolutely no proof whatsoever that this did not happen to more than one team member. This cloning procedure may, in fact, have been done to all eight of the returning members. If that was the case, then the authorities in Japan would have been subjected to intense political pressure by the United Nations not to divulge their discovery. It seems as if the Paul McCartney clone is alive and well, and still successfully selling records. I don't know what the end purpose of this charade is, but I feel that great concern is warranted.

To date, none of McCartney's fellow Beatles have gone on public record with regard to the McCartney hybrid-clone. Having worked closely with McCartney, both George Harrison and Ringo Starr would have instantly known if McCartney had been replaced by something less-than-human. This leaves only one possibility: that George Harrison and Ringo Starr are complicit in this cover-up. As evidence of this conspiracy, I point to the fact that one of the founding members of the Traveling Wilbury's - Roy Orbison - died shortly after forming the band with Harrison. Obviously, Orbison was alarmed by the knowledge that Harrison was engaging in underhanded, extraterrestrial subversion - and, as a concerned citizen, wanted to alert the public to this potential threat. With Orbison out the picture, Harrison could continue to perform with the rest of the Wilburys, as seen here: Traveling Wilburys ImageAfter all, they knew nothing about McCartney's secret, and the Serpo mystery would remain hidden forever... least that's what Harrison believed.

Watching a music video on MTV last December, I suddenly realized that at least one other member of the Travelling Wilburys may have known that Harrison was involved in the cover-up. It is this person whom I believe is the key to unraveling the mystery behind the Serpo conspiracy: the pop music vocalist known as Tom Petty. I can't explain it adequately in words; all I can say is that while watching his video for "Free-fallin' ", I was struck by the sudden realization that Tom Petty must have known about the conspiracy all along. His video is loaded with cryptic messages that are about Project Serpo. Watch it yourself - you'll see what I mean.

Here is a link to a picture of Tom Petty: Tom Petty Image

Could the elusive "Anonymous" be none other than Mr. Petty, himself?

Last month I began a meticulous search for any sign that Mr. Petty had attempted to communicate his inside knowledge to the public. My research consisted of playing each one of his vinyl LP's backwards in an exhaustive search for hidden lyrics which may have been placed on them through a technique known in the music industry as "backmasking". Though I played each record backwards many times over, after two weeks I decided this was a useless endeavor. My failure to identify Mr. Petty as the Serpo whistleblower left me perplexed and, eventually, I came to accept a hard and horrifying reality. With no alternative explanation, I must now concede that Tom Petty was collaborating with Harrison and Starr all along.

Part Four: The Darkness

After leaving my apartment to go to the corner store the other day, I was considering the possibility that I alone know the horrible truth behind Tom Petty. Suddenly, I found myself unable to move as I felt I felt a shiver of cold terror begin to creep up my spine. Overcome with an ominous sensation of being watched, I quickly ran back to my apartment, grabbed the telephone, and alerted the authorities to the scope of the conspiracy involving JFK, Marilyn Monroe, the Ebens, and Tom Petty. To my utter shock and disbelief, they refused to take any action on the matter. Not to be deterred, I took action on my own: going door to door in my neighborhood I personally warned everyone to stay on the look out for Tom Petty, and then printed up my own flyers with his picture on them; posting them on every tree, telephone pole, and fire hydrant.

Now, for my own safety, I have decided to remain indoors as long as it takes to get this story out. But I am careful to keep my doors locked at all times, and I dare not turn on a single light, as I am determined not to give away my presence. Only the dim, white light of the computer screen illuminates my terrified existence, and I tremble at the slightest noise from the outside world. The sound of a cat pawing it's way to my door, or a pinecone falling from a tree, or even a bug hitting the window fills my mind with a vision that evokes sheer terror: the nightmarish image of Tom Petty's long, bony, white fingers slowly reaching out from the darkness...

Pray for me.

[edit on 20-3-2006 by Flatwoods]

posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 11:54 PM
how did you firure all this out, this is very intresing, this new information might get smoe people to belive in the serpio story again.

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 12:29 AM
The war in Iraq has nothing to do with oil.

Here’s the real history:

During the 1970‘s, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi (the ruler of Iran) came under increasing pressure from the public to deal with the numerous sightings of UFO’s over Iranian airspace. These UFO’s often took the form of flying disks, odd triangular shaped craft, and mysterious lights seen at night which could maneuver in ways that would outperform almost any fighter aircraft used by the Iranian Airforce. Attempts to shoot them down with AAA and anti-aircraft missiles were unsuccessful. All this changed on March 18, 1978 when two Iranian pilots who were flying American made F-14A tomcats armed with Phoenix air-to-air succeeded in bringing down a UFO during the middle of the night. This occurred over the province of Golestan near the Caspian Sea. Recovery operations yielded a circular acorn-shaped object that was 8ft x 8ft at it’s base, tapering toward the top. The alien craft was taken into possession by General Amir Hossain Rabii, the commander of the Iranian Airforce.

From there the craft was taken to Tehran, where it was opened and two humanoid occupants were found inside. At the time, Iran was a signing member of the International Alien Spacecraft Exchange Coalition (IASEC), which obligated it to transfer possession of the craft to the U.N. after a period of not more than two years, during which they were allowed to research it’s origins and capabilities. Under the agreement, however, this buffer period did not extend to the occupants of the craft, which were immediately transferred to the United States Air Force and sent to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for decontamination, then transferred to the United Nations classified alien spacecraft research facility located in the South Pacific.

Things took a dangerous turn when, in 1979, the Muslim followers of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini took power in Iran. They made it clear at once that they would not honor the agreements set forth when Iran signed the IASEC treaty of 1959. The United States was especially worried; this was due to nature of the UFO in question, which utilized a rare extraterrestrial compound called element 115 in it’s propulsion systems. If refined further, this element could be used to create a space-time distortion field hundreds of kilometers across. This could result in a weapon of mass destruction many times more powerful than the largest nuclear bomb ever tested by the Soviet Union. Recovering it became an urgent priority, to say the least.

This end was achieved in 1982, when Iraqi commandos serving Saddam Hussein managed to land a modified C-130 Hercules inside the soccer stadium in Tehran. Once the stadium- and subsequently the UFO- was secured, this C-130 -which was equipped with the JATO (jet assist take-off) system- was used to transport the UFO to Bagdad. Once inside a secret bunker hidden underneath Bagdad, the craft was taken apart and analyzed by Iraqi scientists. It was at that point when Saddam Hussein(not a signer to the IASEC) decided not to turn over the craft to the United Nations.

Throughout the Iran-Iraq war from 1982-1988, the United States made a secret deal with the clerics of Iran. In exchange for secretly providing them weapons through channels provided by the Iran-Contra network, the Iranians would turn over all material relating to the UFO in the event of an Iranian victory. As history shows, this did not work out as the Iran-Iraq war ended in more or less of a stalemate.

During the 1991 Gulf War, the allied coalition used numerous air strikes which targeted storage areas that were suspected of hiding the UFO. Unfortunately, no evidence it’s destruction was substantiated. Attempts to recover the craft and the element 115 material continued under the guise of the U.N. weapons inspections, which in turn could not locate them. After the events of 9-11-01, the nations of the world became increasingly terrified of the possibility that either raw or refined element 115 material might fall into the hands of Al-Queda and Osama Bin Laden. Frustrated and under pressure from the United Nations, President George W. Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq in order to finally secure the material. The search for both element 115 and the elusive alien craft goes on to this day.

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