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Members In England, I Want To Return Old Letters...

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posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 10:41 PM
I have 17 letters that I want to return to the author.
All these letters are dated from the late 1950's, and were sent airmail to Canada.
They are written on very thin paper, and some letters are like a diary that go on for days.
(many pages)

These came into my posession through a friend that bought a box of stuff at a rummage sale.
I feel that these belong to the person that wrote them, or to the person that they were sent to.
If any member can locate either of the following people I will forward the letters to them at no charge.

All the letters were written by:

Miss. I.M. Wilkinson
19 Burford Ave. Yarm Rd.
Stockton On Tees
Co. Durham

All the letters are to:

Mr. Owen Bradley

But the letters to Mr. Bradley are to multiple places in Canada, and many have been forwarded.

I've had no luck in tracing Owen Bradley in Canada, so I was hoping a member in England could look in a local directory to see if Miss. Wilkinson was still alive,
or if a family member was interested in getting these historic letters.
The letters are very personnel, (love letters), and I feel they belong with the family and not to me.

Any help from the members in the UK would be appreciated, and I can post more details if clarity is required.
However, I will not forward the letters to anyone without proof that they are the person involved or a rightfull heir.

Post in this thread, or send me a u2u if you can help out.
I'd like to see these letters returned to the rightful owner.

posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 10:51 PM
Wow what a nice thing to do man. You get a way above for the thought and effort, i don't use these often but i am for this thread.

I will have a look and see what i can dig up.

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 08:29 PM
Addressed To:
Mr. Owen Bradley
c/o 3702 - 32nd Street
Vernon, British Columbia

Forwarded To:
937 Howe Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

This letter is post marked Monday, May 5, 1958

My Dearest Owen,
Today started quietly, without trouble, but by
9 a.m. I was up to my neck in it. I was alone in
the office when the phone rang. It was a message to
say a 17 year old girl was being held at the Police
Station and an escort was being arranged for her
to go back to the Tyne, from where she had
absconded on Sunday. But, as there were no
charges against her, and as the Women Police could
not leave their office whilst the girl was there,
would I please keep her at the office until the
escort arrived. I was told she wasn't violent.
I said yes, if the Police could bring her along to
the Office. I couldn't go for her.
About five minutes later the Policewoman
Sgt. arrived, plus Marie, (a policewoman), and
the girl, named Kathleen. the Police left and
Kathleen and I were left together. She was
wearing bright red jeans - a ragged blue turtle
end of page one

necked sweater, and a white leather duffle jacket.
I talked with her. She was picked up by the police
at 11:30 on Sunday night. When asked were she was
going by the policeman, she said 'home'.
"Where's home" - "the way I'm going" - "where home
you come from" - "where I've been"
"What's your name" No reply. and they didn't
get a reply to that one until 2.15 this morning.
All she would say was "your the Cops -- Find out"
A real tough kid. She told me she had run
away before, and got as far as Liverpool
on a platform ticket. I couldn't get anywhere on
a platform ticket. All this escapade had been a
split second deasion on her part - - no arguments,
no fights, just a sudden whin for some
excitment. And all for kicks of some sort.
It makes you think doesnt it ?
It has been a wet, dark, miserable day too;
and that really made the day.
I had a shock on Friday to learn of the very
end of page two

sudden death of my old boss - Mr. Turner. He was
59 years old and died in hospital after a very
short illness. We are also having a little
trouble with Slan. One of her old friends died
suddenly last week, and Slan got a shock.
I'd better go before I become maudlin.
I'll be back tomorrow sweetheart.

Friday 9th May
Hello again,
Sorry I've been so long in writing
again, but on tuesday I suddenly developed
a sore throat, which by Wednesday had
grown to a pip of a cold. Today it seems at
it's peak. I've felt really awful, and have
dazed myself rather by all the tablets and
lot drinks I've taken, but they don't seem
to help at all, and the cold runs it's
course, regardless of what you take.
Are you O.K. honey ? I hope so.
Look after yourself won't you.
end of page three

This letter goes for 19 pages over many days.
It also includes a newspaper clipping about the daffodil splendour at Farndale.

Page 19 of the letter is signed:
All my love, always.
God Bless You,

I've tried to reproduce the exact spelling and structure of the original letter.
But some of the words are hard to read, there may be errors..............

Any help returning these to the rightful owner will be appreciated by me, and I'm sure the author or family would like to have this detailed historic record returned.

Thanks for the Way Above Picklewalsh, I hope you can find something out.
I take it you live in the U.K.

EDIT: Changed date from 1957 to 1958. Mistake reading post mark.......

[edit on 21/3/2006 by anxietydisorder]

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 09:40 PM
Yeh man i live in the UK, a bit far away from this person's city. I have a few people (who do family history) doing a bit of digging i will let you know what i find, It shouldnt take too long.

Ohh and your more then welcome about the WATS you earnd it.

[edit on 21-3-2006 by picklewalsh]

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 10:54 PM
I think this set of letters would be a real treasure to Irene or her family.
The letters span about 3 years and over 100 pages, and in many ways I feel that I'm a voyeur by reading her letters.

Many of the letters contain names and places that could help in a search, so if you want any particular details, let me know.
You can post it here, use my u2u, or my ATS identity e-mail:

Page 4, same letter...
Saturday, 10th May, 1958.

My Dearest Owen.
I'm afraid I haven't been much of a
correspondent this week, and I'm sorry, I hope
you will forgive me.
The truth is I haven't done very much at
all since this lousy cold broke on me. I've
carried on at the office, but have come home and
gone straight to bed in an effort to speed it up.
Glory I'm glad the weekend has come around -
out of doors today its rained solidly for hours -
but I've stayed in bed, and must admit that
I think I've passed the Kleenex stage.
All I have done this week is read and
read, plus some knitting, but I did feel sorry
for myself.
I've written to Ken and Ida, and also to
Jack, so letter writing points me on the way to
normal again.
It's quite some time since I saw a film

end of page four

EDIT: bb code correction

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