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Midwest storm claims 5 deaths

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posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 10:40 PM
So far 5 people have dies from the storms in the midwest. It's already spring and South Dakota and Nebraska received 18 inches of snow. It's spring and Colorado and Kansas got a foot of snow. It's spring and even Oklahoma received plenty. My aunt lives in Wichita Falls and her house flooded half a foot.

Snowstorm article

In Dallas, the body of a woman was recovered from a creek. Officials believe high water swept her car off a road Sunday night.

In Colorado, one person was killed Sunday in a traffic accident on a slush-covered road, the State Patrol said. And authorities said a woman reportedly suffering from Alzheimer's disease was found dead Monday after she wandered away from her home.

Two motorists died on an icy highway in southwest Nebraska on Sunday, authorities said.

The earth is changing and we are being witnesses of our own destruction.


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