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The War in Iraq - 3 Years On

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posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 08:18 PM
Check out the first 2 paragraphs of journalist and Middle East commentator Robert Fisk's article (March 20, 2006) of this name in the online Independent newspaper:

You can read the entire article either by becoming a paid online subscriber to The Independent, OR by getting a free library card from any public library system whose online databases include The Independent newspaper. If you go the library card route, just ask first if there is a database "embargo" which excludes the last few weeks/months of that newspaper. (An embargo is thus a temporary blackout on publishing the latest issue(s) of a specific periodical publication.) Also, make sure that that newspaper is included within that library's online database collection.

Fisk's most recent book on the Middle East (The Great War for Civilization - the Conquest of the Middle East) contains a searing quote from Winston Churchill, who many years ago described Iraq (following its occupation by Britain) as "an ungrateful volcano." The Bush Administration would do well to be cognizant of this and other lessons revealed in this latest book by Robert Fisk. BTW, this book also includes 3 in-person interviews with Bin Laden; the last interview was conducted in 2000.

A transcript of a recent interview with Robert Fisk conducted by the journalist Amy Goodman is available for free (via the Archives Search button) at the Democracy Now! website:

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