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Can we predict the time when the Imaam Mahdi arrives?

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posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 01:14 PM
To my Muslim friends, I hope that you do not find my post offensive. I have only recently begun to study the Islam faith simply to expand my knowledge. I am especially interested in Islamic Prophecy and this is the basis of my question.

In reading about Islam and Islamic prophecy, I have learned that Muslims are awaiting the coming of Imaam Mahdi. I should note that this personage is not Jesus Christ, the messiah. But it is interesting to note the similarity in that both religions eagerly await a personage to enter the "end times". It is interesting to note that Muslims acknowledge that Jesus will return within the lifetime of this Imaam Mahdi. So to learn the time and date of of Imaam Mahdi's return would be of great interest Naturally, no one knows the time and date of of Imaam Mahdi's return -- a common theme in religion, no doubt. However, Islamic prophecy does give us an interesting clue as to Imaam Mahdi's return.

A total elcipse of the Sun and the Moon during the month of Ramadan will precede the esteemed Imaam Mahdi's return.

To me, it would seem that it would be possible to determine the future dates of all future Ramadans as they are based, it would seem (correct me if I am wrong) on particular moon phases. If it is possible to do this, then it would appear that it would not be that difficult to also determine those future months of Ramadan in which total eclipses of the Sun and the Moon take place. I would imagine that this sort of information, derived from prophecy, would be of interest to Muslim and Christian alike as we are all awaiting the return of particular people who will usher in the "end times".

I am basing some of my information upon this link for which I have fellow ATS member, Worldwatcher to thank.

Worldwatcher's liink to Islamic Prophecy

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