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What can be done?

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posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 12:54 AM
If you want to know your first steps in preparing: (look it up on google) (google it too)

Create a list of freeze dried foods, water filtration systems, any darn thing that might keep you alive one year longer than the rest of the population. I already made a list and it comes out to over $800.00 thats equipment alone, not rations. Stock up on books of survival and start reading, because if the waste matter dont hit the fan soon it will sooner or later and it WILL be withing your lifetime at this rate.

Knowing when to act is key, right now its a put up and shut up untill we are given the chance to take them down. That is unless you want to be on a list of people needing rounding up during martial law. My advice is this: WHEN not if martial law gets declared gather yourselves up and head for the hills like you have banshees after you because I will be doing the same.

This problem spans more than just the USA, it affects Canada and Britain as well as most of central and south america. When it comes to the war part, the whole world is affected one way or another in the end. And to win we must see past our borders and unite as one massive nation to fight them, they can take us down one nation at a time or two at a time but they cannot take down 4-8 nations at one time. In the event they declare martial law in the USA and start rounding up people I hope the Canadians will not just side with the US govt. but help the people fight back. Whats so sad and pathetic is that in the event of martial law which means concentration camps for most of us here (americans at least) we have no choice but to fight backed in armed revolt unless we become like that of George Orwell 1984. This (1984) I will not allow, I at least will fight them on whatever level I have to in order to stop them as the time necessitates, how about you? Think about it.

The question is now what we will do, because we have to have something happen in order to do something, but how far will we go to stop them? We must not become like them, murdering lunatics and terrorists, so what shall we do, how far will we go? I will state we MUST do something before the "next generation" takes over or else we are screwed because I am watching one batch of them in my area and they are 99% gungho war and love the thought of killing hence I will be moving shortly at the years end if I can. The good news is the nations affected in North America are not 99% gunhoers but only 30% or so, but thats enough for them to do what they want. If they can make the children think that they are "good guys" and people like us are "bad guys" then we have lost.

So its tricky, avoid 1984, WW3 (not very possible in the end) and not getting killed in the process.

Frankly I would like to say this now and not later when its too late:

When the waste matter hits the fan and they start executing us and rounding us up, we need to find each other and fast. People like us will live longer as a group than splinter colonies running around hiding from the gestapo.

Awhile back I made a rather mild "speech" on the "political conspiracies" forum, I was the last to comment and I want you to read it: A lesson in Dissent

All our nations are being used, but how will we respond? They prove they care nothing for peace and have proven time and time again their ability to duck the law or change it. So what will YOU do about it? What will WE do about it? Time to stop saying Canadian, American, or British. Its time to use the word: Human. To those who have not read it read it: George Orwell 1984.

We are in the begining of a very long book, but part of it can be rewriten if we so choose, but we cannot rewrite it one nation at a time unless we want to repeat history, we must do it as one nation. Boarders have no meaning now, nationality, race, religion, location, etc all have no meaning now. Its time to put aside what has divided us for so long and work as one people, as people of the human race in order to save it from the enemy whatever you prefer to call them: Elities, bush-ites, and corporations.

Time waits for no one, the hourglass has turned and time is running out.

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posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 07:20 AM
I dont think anyone can put it any better....

This should open a few eyes mate nice article.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 12:44 PM
Hiding from the problem certainly won't fix it. The system is corrupt only if we allow it to be, because they, whoever they is, don't hold all the power. There are approaching 300 million of us in this country, does that tell you who really holds the power?

Instead of crying about it, get involved at some level, be noisy. That goes for you Brits as well. Last I heard, Britain holds elections too.

Hiding out with your waterpurifiers isn't the answer. Useful during the aftermath of a hurricane or earthquake, but not much use fomenting social or political change.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 08:33 PM
Hiding with your water purifier is VERY wise when the gestapo is rounding people up, because if you dont hide they WILL kill you, yes kill, there is no point in keeping you alive at that point. Last time I checked the USA had around 290 million people in it, but that number is kind of cut in half due to bush supporters and then again by the ones who refuse to do anything. Frankly I will not sit around my home when they start the roundup saying I am going to go to a protest the next day, I am going to hightail it so I can LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY. Shoot, also if your protesting worked, and if it worked in great numbers, then how come as I have said before... how come you have not stopped one bomb from falling? You have not brought one person to justice (not the scapegoats, they dont count), how many children have not starved to death since you started protesting, and so many more questions that should be asked but I cannot name all of them.
The answer: 0
You say things will take time, but you have not even gotten your foot in the door, public awareness is much higher than ever, but you still cannot change anything. As I have said: Voting does not work, look at the last 2 elections.
As for the next "elections" if there are any:
Will you wind up voting for "the lesser of two evils" but turns out they are one in the same? Probably, next if they do "back off" then that meens they are going to do it again.
How do you boil a frog? You dont throw it into a pot of boiling water or it will jump out, you put it in a pot of warm water and slowly raise the temperature and you boil it to death because it doesnt notice the slight changes.
That is how they are going to take total control if people push really hard "legally" or "democratically" they will just pick at you bit by bit for the next 100-200 years and get it done. Do not assume that any party is infalible or else you will get more than your share of adolf hitlers. You must always pay attention to your own ranks or else they will undermine you. As for protesting: ahahahha, I refuse to go out and protest. Why? Because I am smarter than that, I am not going to take a smoke grenade to the side of the head and get nothing accomplished, if I do something it WILL have results because otherwise its a waste of my time and yours. If what you do brings only pain and suffering about then change and fast. As I have said: they do NOT care how many of you there is, they do NOT care how much you protest them, they do NOT care how much you hate them and despise them. Why? because they own you, they own me, we drive trucks or cars and that aids them by giving them money to fund their wars and power takeovers, we buy at wal-mart or buy corporate food which helps to drive out more small farmers and thus allow them to gain more control over us and solidfy themselves in power.
This whole charade is nothing less than a chess game, and we are loosing. You need to realize most of what they do in public eyes is just a front, something to divert you away from what they are planning. What are they planning? A world much like that of George Orwell's 1984, you can buy what you want, go where you want, live where you want, say what you want, but be warned! You might get jailed for it! Even now most of that has been accomplished, soon the real "game" will begin and you wont like it nor will I. None the less we must live, and if that means buying up on MRE's, equipment with which to survive nuclear war then so be it at least be ready to run when they come for you. I am not going to stand outside and shout "shame, shame shame!" at cops who DO NOT CARE AT ALL while they beat the unholy bejezus out of you and haul you off. I am going to fight back, try and get away so that I wont be on the "missing" list. No one knows how many get arrested and how many are realesed because they dont have to nor would they want to tell you. Its a battle of attrition and they have the upper hand. When they come for you they DO NOT go for the whole they go for those who will cause the most trouble for them: anyone who leads people against them, union leaders who do not comply, rally leaders, protest organizers and leaders, etc.
Frankly I hope no one here is stupid and foolish enough not to hightail it for the mountains when the gestapo comes to your door. Looking back on history specifically the Gulag Archipelago, the only ones who survived the roundup were the ones who ran away and didnt stand around to protest, the rest were killed or came out barely alive. Dont make the same mistake as others have in history: Waiting in your home while the gestapo is rounding people up.

posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 04:19 PM
Haven't noticed the "Gestapo" around here too much. I live in a fairly liberal area of Washington State, or at least a fairly noisey minority live here anyway. No ones been arrested yet. Hmm...elections scheduled for later this fall, midterms I will admit, but elections nevertheless. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Protest does work, bye the by, it got us out of vietnam in the '70's, it's helped foster the civil rights movement, etc... I am sure that you could come up with many instances where protest did indeed work to foment change.

You would, however, be hard pressed to come up with one instance where cuddling up with a water purifier has fomented change

posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 05:18 PM
Protests worked in the '60's and '70's because the govt actually cared about how they were perceived. The present administration has thumbed its nose at the Constitution and the good people of the USA and cares not one whit about the people they are supposed to be serving.

This is a new time, now, a different time. Protests have accomplished exactly zero since Bush has been in office. I don't expect them to be effective any more. A new strategy is needed. While I'm curled up with my water purifier, I will be writing my memories of how all this has happened, how we got to the place where we are now. My voice will not be extinguished (hopefully) and future generations can read about what happened (hopefully), if democracy is ever restored to the US.

My husband and I have already moved to the mountains, across the country from California. While we are not Christian, the locals are all about 99% Baptist. Consequently, they believe that the end times are here. Whatever you call it, and however you perceive it, something major is about to happen, the present systems are not working.
We are a close-knit town, looking out for everyone else. We all help each other out. I can't think of a better place to be than nestled away in the rugged mountains where we live. We are prepared to take on 1 or 2 refugee families if need be. I will not let the govt take away my compassion, dignity or my ability to help others less fortunate than I.
I am not Mormon, but I like their thinking about survival. They are all prepared at a moment's notice for any kind of disaster. They are told to have enough food, etc. for their family and 1 or 2 others. This is a way that we can help each other out, and help the refugees that will inevitably be created. Together maybe we can eventually win, but the key is to stick together, don't try to go it alone, you'll fail.


posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 07:37 PM
Forestlady I like your attitude, so long as you hold on to it you will surive longer than most, but be warned, people like you and I are on the top of the lists.
I will GLADY huddle up with my water purifyer and probably an assult rifle that way when they bust down the door to kill me I will go down fighting, kicking and spitting at them becuase I WILL NOT LIVE if I just surrender to them.
Now also times have changed as others have said, the point is:
Protesting DID NOT WORK AT ALL in vietnam, why? Because they ran out of BODIES and also now vietnam is highly dependent on US corporations for food and other supplies so what looked like a defeat was in fact a brutally crushing victory. Also as others and I have said: How can protesting work when they dont care at all?
Also if you payed attention to my "how to boil a frog" you would notice that they are not at the point yet where its going to be vividly noticed, this is something that takes time but they ARE patient, and very much so at that. Also if your community is rather anti-whats going on now type people be warned they have no quams about wiping you out to the last man woman and child as they did in Waco or other places around the world that completely rebelled against them. Yes what I say may sound like insanity but just look at history and how people take power, only problem is they never had the uniqe ability of the ones we have now:
FAR better communication
Better weapons
Easier control over populations
The ability to transport some 10,000 soldiers to one place in a short time
The ability to wipe out whole cities in less than 10 min. if they so desire by missile bombardment or bombing
Etc etc etc.
We are fighting an enemy this world has never seen before, we are now in such a place that they can take control very quickly and easily. They havent yet due to that it would be rather suicidal to do it right now, instead they will take their time and peck you to death.

Never surrender, never assume something is impossible, never think you are perfectly safe.
Welcome to the 20th century.

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posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 11:29 PM
Whilist I agree that we have to participate regardless of whether or not it will actually do anything, it is becoming increasingly more dangerous for those of us who have ideas that are diametrically opposed to the ideas of the World Ruling Elite(No its not just in the US). We are labeled as nuts, cranks, yanks, crazies, and the like....and if we make too much sense...we are arrested on a plethora of trumped up charges.... In the US of course they dont use words like sedition...those would dredge up too much old call them Mentally Unstable...or distrubing the peace...or being a meance to society...or my new faveorite....National Security Threat.

So yes....there are things we CAN do...we CAN long as its in the FREE SPEACH ZONE....we CAN disagree, as long as we dont disagree with the presidents War policy....what we CANT do is....Be LIBERAL(Its the new Nazi).....

For those of us who live here in the US....we are fast approaching a Time where we will have to Fight those IGNORANT fools or idiots as some of my previous compatriots have so lovingly called those who beleive what they see on Fox News. Are you willing to fight your brother/father/friend/loved one simply because they are unwilling or unable to pull the wool from over thier eyes. Because this was the plan from the begining.....even if thier are 100,000 ATSers who are willing to stand up and fight...there will be 2,000,000 others who are content to stay uneducated...and are completely willing to beleive that WE(those who disagree) are...EVIL or whatever adjective you would like to use.

That being said...all we...the enlightened, for lack of a better term,.....have to try and get our voices heard because when it comes down to it...the more people who are willing to believe, the fewer who will die in the coming confruntation.

I hope this doesnt come across as overly pessimistic...I want to beleive that I can make a difference and that we can turn this country around...its just that I beleive that it will not be easy...and unfortunetly there will more than likely be blood shed....and as Ghandi said....things borne out of violence cannot help but eventually fail...(that was paraphrased...if anyone knows the direct quote i would be appreciative)

El senor pom pom rides again

posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 12:32 AM
I agree with Vekar, when they come run away
That's personally my best defence. Too many people are ignorant and don't really want to know the truth for any real action to be taken against these illuminati. I sure wish there was something that could be done though...well I just hope these global elite are severely punished in the after-life

posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 05:34 PM
I dont think there is a punishment that could be used on people like them. If you believe in heaven (not sure how you spell it) or hell (I am not christian -side note-) neither would want them.
It is true about how they label us, if we say anything contrary to the popular belief they are told we are idiots, dumb arses, conspiracy nuts, or as others have said: Un-American, Un-Patriotic, etc.
When you get called those names by them you know your on the right track, it means you are slowly starting to find out or have come to the door they dont want opened.
As for Ghandi's statement:
All three ways of changing government are effective, yet not effective:
Both war and peace
The problem is people never finish the enemy off, they let them live to do it again. In India the government is a hopeless USA govt. supporter, Ghandi's death was for nothing in the long run, the same as so many others.
The Continental Army bled to death here in the US for our freedom but now we are slaves.
Both are examples of how peace, war have failed, as for using BOTH, Vietnam, people blew up some stuff, and protested, nothing happened in the long run.
In short no means is effective unless you finish them off, also if you look at some events, the enemy backed off only because they had a home to go to: The fighting was not anywhere near their homes so it did not matter.
Whereas now we fight an enemy whos home is our home too, once they are defeated here they have no place to go unless someone takes them in. This is allot of motivation to kill/destroy all those who would oppose them and seek to have them permanently removed.
The greatest question is:
When will it start?
We are in the beggining right now but it has not started yet, so how much longer? And what will we do AFTER it starts? We cant keep running forever, they will catch up to us so it comes down to making a stand or getting picked off one by one. The odds are against us, thats without question, but luckily terrain is to our advantage, they cant look everywhere, there is to much area to monitor all at once but they will be monitoring those close to you if they cant get you. One of those things: You run away, so they shoot your wife, mother, father, daughter, son, brother, sister, etc. deals. So when it comes down to it and you know they are gunning for you, you alone cannot leave, everyone in your family who thinks like you must get out less they be taken in exchange for you.
I want to say this now:
If there are ANY "terrorist" attacks on the USA anytime soon its done DIRECTLY BY the USA's government to propogate the start of this. So if they declare martial law after an "attack" then we all know who did it: the government.

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