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After 15 years a monk's body is found to be intact.

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posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 05:25 AM
I do believe in God and the higher power. However it is tough for me to believe something of this sort. Adding to the misery is the size of the article. Has anyone heard anything about this?

What do you guys think, is this possible?

Are there any instance?


posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 11:19 AM
Incorruptability of a deceased body has often been viewed by the Church as a sign of God's blessing and preservation. However, there are many examples in the Church, and elsewhere, that a body might be preserved from "corruption". In fact, Pope John XXIII's body was exhumed and found to be in a very good state of preservation. More on this, and other examples can be found here

Keep in mind that there are a lot of factors that go into the natural preservation of bodies; moisture (or lack thereof), heat, pre burial preparation of the body and the actual burial place. An an example of this -- outside of the realm of the Church -- are bodies that have been found to be well preserved by being in, for example, peat bogs. There is nothing supernatural in these instances as the biochemical aspects of the peat bog is known to be preservative bog bodies (please note, the pictures in this site can be disturbing to some, particularly the young).

posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 04:07 PM

Originally posted by knowledge23
What do you guys think, is this possible?

It certainly seems to be so. How? Beats the heck out of me. God's doing? I cannot believe that it is. Without going into my entire view of spiritual and material reality--I think that if it were God doing this, it would be equivalent to 'taking one step forward, two steps back.' With the first step being the spiritual resurrection of mankind 2000 years ago, and the second steps being the preservation of material life--compounded by the common practice of mild evisceration of the dead saint's remains.

By that, I mean: sometimes a saint's incorruptible body will be stored beneath the altar of one church, while their heart/brain/misc. parts are stored elsewhere! There are even cases of some merchandising of bits and pieces. Although this is called 'simony' (Acts chapter 8) by the church and considered a big no-no, still has happened, usually with some sort of justification given for the infraction.

Are there any instance?

Probably the most popular/famous:
St Bernadette Soubrious

A page with many examples.

BT is right--many factors can and might contribute to such an instance. Bog bodies, extremely interesting in their own right, are more like mummifed, though--as opposed to 'incorruptible.'

But in some cases with these saints, one can't help but suspect Madame Toussand-type trickery. Then, there are some that seem to defy known explanation, such as the case of the very first one found--I think it was around 300 AD! And the body remains preserved to this day.

Here is a good article about Popes, in this regard. The recently deceased Pope John Paul the (?) was not embalmed, and was interred in a marble tomb/crypt iindoors, somewhere--I assume the Vatican, but don't recall reading anything specific in the article I read concerning his interrment.

Probably easy to google if you want to know more.

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 03:31 AM
Thankyou guys for the information.

I agree it could be God's work, maybe? then why only on this corspe and not another? Maybe cuz he was a monk? God's way i guess are tough to understand....But it doesnt answer the question if it was God's will why him?

Thankyou for the link, however why do people do such things?

Is it for self gain? What personal gain would one have from that?

Is it to scare those who dnt believe in God?

Is it just a havoc? Motives ?

I can surely rule out self gain. Those who would have done it, would be forgotten by now....

I guess to scare those who dnt believe in God could be a likely cause. Miracles are tough to find in this present state of the world and something like this, could serve to purpose. One to re instate the belief of those who believe that there is a higher power and obviously stated above to sacer those who dnt.

Havoc, tough to say, i guess cuz the body has been found in the same state. Maybe to establish that God dwells in that region, maybe to attract tourists...

At the end i think it all states that God is being used as a tool for things human could have achieved. Thoughts?


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