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A Big Question

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posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 04:08 AM
This being my first post here, although I've read on ATS for a long time now, I have one big question to start off. I just registered a few seconds ago and that's because after reading all of the debate and such over the possible beginning of WW3 and all of the H5N1 virus debate, it's that I pose this question to you all.

The details aren't coming to me to be honest with you, but I do remember a certain AussieBloke(excuse me if that name is reason to make such dedicated ATS members gasp) predicting the end of the world via meteorite this time last year. I went to my family about such meteorite and had the entire family stirred up over this big factual meteor that was supposed to hit and destroy everything in its path and after reading user Vis Mega(I do believe)'s post about the possible WW3 scenerio and the widespread panic among people about the H5N1 virus, I pose this question to you. Why should this be any different from AussieBlokes scare? Why should I send my family into a Code Red alert?

I do not mean to question the credibility of anyone reporting the H5N1 virus on this website at all and I'm not saying that the possibility of this all is absoloutely ludicrous. I am simply asking why should I take cover yet? Why should I tell everyone to be ready? True, the government is also telling people to stock up, but what is THAT different from the time they told us duct tape was going to be our life saver?

I can understand everyones P.O.V on the war on Iran and such but the H5N1 virus killing off a significant part of our country in the bat of an eye or even it spreading so wide that we must worry in the manner of a month is not fathomable. I sent my family into a state of major life questioning 2 years ago because AussieBloke was predicting the end of times with his meteorite story and frankly, I'm abit skeptical as what to do with this.

A reply would be very well appriciated and like I said before, I don't mean to question anyones credibility, but I'm just looking for a logical reason as to why I should warn the people closest to me and begin stocking up seriously on goods?

Best wishes,


posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 07:14 AM

Originally posted by Cowabunga
I sent my family into a state of major life questioning 2 years ago because AussieBloke was predicting the end of times with his meteorite story and frankly, I'm abit skeptical as what to do with this.

I think you're probably right to be a little skeptical about the H5N1 news reports, because there is definitely some media hype involved, but I wouldn't compare it to an internet "doomsday" hoax like Aussiebloke.

The virus is real and there's a very high chance it will gain the ability for sustained spread via human hosts. Everyone would be wise to learn about ways to avoid catching this flu, effective home treatments if you should catch it, and have some kind of plan to survive a few weeks or months without outside assistance because the chances are that government aid and medical facilities will be overwhelmed by any major disease outbreak.

You can do all that stuff without panicing yourself or your family though, and just having a plan will help prevent panic if it does happen.

posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 07:44 AM
i am more worried about being forcefully vaccinated with that anti-bird flu poison than the bird flu itself.

With bird flu, at least you have a chance, with the vaccine, you dont

posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 08:07 AM
Cowabunga - although the H5N1 poses a serious risk to the community, my personal opinion is that the people will be what causes the actual problem.
Just take a close look at some of the countries that have this virus present in their community. They are beginning to panic. Nobody wants to eat poultry or eggs despite the fact that if you cook the meat it will kill the virus. The poultry industry is beginning to fall apart.
If it ever were to hit the US for instance and was made known that we had infected poultry people would be running to the stores in a panic thinking we all are going to die.

I wouldn't send your family into code red but chance favors the prepared and in this case it's just a wise thing to do.
Treat it like any other flu circulating every year. take precautions like you would like washing your hands and not touching door handles etc...
then just add a little extra like water and canned food for your home "just in case"

posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 08:08 PM
I live in Bryan, Texas, about a hundred miles from Houston. Last year the weather forecasters said we could feel the effects of Hurricane Rita. For days we heard on the news "Rita is going to hit us, stock up on water, batteries, canned goods, flashlights, candles, Meds, etc."

The day before Rita was to make landfall I decided to check out Walmart, and get a few things. About 4:30am I drove to Walmart. The parking lot was full. It was unbelievable. I go inside the store, they had about 10 registers open, with at least 10 people in every line. Mind you this is at 4:30 in the morning. People were buying anything they could find in terms of food, flashlights, you know stuff like that. There was no canned goods left on the shelves, I mean nothing. Not a bottle of water. And batteries were gone. And not a loaf of bread to be found. It was the most unreal thing I had ever seen.

Rita made landfall east of where everyone said it would hit. We got no rain, only strong winds. Nothing bad, we were lucky. But heres my point (and yes i do have one) The thought of a crisis made a crisis. The stores shelves were still empty. No bread, water, nothing. But no Hurricane. If people panic there will be empty shelves.

When the bird flu reaches the USA people will panic. At least for a little while. So IMHO it is a good idea to stock up on at least the things that are essential to your well being, wherever you live. Maybe just the things you might need if the stores were closed, or ran out of stuff. Things like meds, or baby food or diapers, pet food, etc. I don't know if the bird flu is for real or just a lot of hype, but I do know people will panic. Neo4116

posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 08:16 PM
The panic the press will fuel will cause more immediate damage and loss than the bird flu. The socalled vaccine sounds a bit scarey too. So I will slowly stock my pantry shelves with food for a month or so, that along with the rest of my family in the area will see us through any forseeable epidemic, or social collapse brought on by panic. That and the family arsenal

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