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I need math/odds calculation expert

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posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 07:37 PM
I apologize if my post is inappropriate for this forum.

I have had astral projections and out of body experiences for 18 years.

In the year 2000 I was attacked by a shadow person 5 nights in a row.

I called a catholic PRIEST and had him come to my house and bless it. Then we prayed together and he blessed me.

At the same time the PRIEST was blessing my house, my step father was recieving a jacket for 5 years of accident free driving.

The next day my stepfather was killed in a horrible semi truck accident. He was the semi truck driver. He t-boned a cattle trailer at 80 mph on a clear sunny day. There were no skid marks and to this day no one know why.

Since that happend, I have stayed far away from church and PRIESTS.

I have not been attacked by a shadow person again.

But 2 months ago, I was feeling really depressed about alot of things, so I went to a counslor, WHO turned out to be FATHER so and so at the christian counseling center. He was a PRIEST.
We prayed together and he blessed me.

The very next day my brother hit a tree on his snowmobile and fractured his back. If he had hit the tree any faster or different he would have been paralysed and died in the woods alone. But he didnt.

My question is this.

I go see a priest - the next day a member of my family is killed.
I do not see a priest for 5.5 years
When I finally do go see a priest, another member of my family is almost killed.

What are the mathematical odds of this happening.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also I hope not to draw the ire and flames of those offended. If I offend you please accept my apology.

I am a very intuitive person and highly active in the spirit planes, I will relate the story of how a dead dear saved my fathers life at a later time.


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