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ATSers on a budget.

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posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 02:42 PM
I'm sure there is many ATSers on a budget meaning that we are poor, we are generally on foodstamps or about to, work at Wal-Mart, McDonalds or any similar business, have barely enough money to get by or not even that.

so, who is willing to admit they are poor? I admit I am, I started working at Wal-Mart, my wife is getting SSI and Foodstamps from the gov, we are getting help for other things as well.

So if you are poor like me, how do you get by and how do you cope?

Last night it was embarrasing that my ATM card wasn't taken in the grocery store due to insufficient funds...

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 05:57 PM
I like to think that I am not poor, per se, I am just inundated with bills, and my financial flow is not increasing as my bills are. I work in IT, my husband is disabled, so her receives SSD, and we have State Assistance for health insurance. I have insurance through work, but we get it because of my husband's disabilities nonetheless.

We own our home, but not after 11 years of paying an amost impossible mortgage and having three children in 4 years.

Now, although there is no mortage, there is car insurance, phone bills, internet, cable, taxes, homeowner's insurance, kid's this and that, Girl Scouts, gas and electric, rising gas prices...

I know, I'm not paying something that no one else is. But although my husband and I pull in about $3,000 a month, we barely make ends meet. I would love to fix up my run down row home, but we just can't afford that much money to put into it all at once. My husband needs $4,000 worth of dental work done, and unless it is all paid up front, they won't do it. My oldest dog needs a tumor removed, and that will cost us around $2,000. I try not to worry about it, although living day to day is tedious, and sparks many an argument between me and my husband.

But, hey, it's life. I don't complain, because somewhere out there, someone has it worse than I do.

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 09:29 PM
My wife is disabled as well, we are still waiting for a court case for her to get her disability...

I am just quite depressed of being poor, too bad people working at Wal-Mart don't make 20 bucks and hour huh?

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 09:56 PM
LOL. I wish! That would mean I would make waaaaay more than I do now. Heck, I work in IT for a HealthCare facility. I think that I make pretty decent money... if the taxes would lay off.

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 10:25 PM
Finally a thread that was made for me!!!

Although its hard for me to say I am poor, because I know there are many people much worse off than I, and I have been quite poor at times throughout my life. But I can say that I work EXTREMELY hard to manage "Just enough".

My wife cannot work due to an illness. Its not like what comes immediatly to mind, she's not bedriddon, but most of the time its not much better than that. Its more like she cannot work any kind of job or enough hours to justify sending my kid off to daycare. Why make $200-300 a week just to in turn around and spend $200-300 for day care?

What does this mean? It means I work three jobs. My career pays OK, but with no second income, "OK" is not so "OK" anymore, especially in an area like where I live. Condo's in this area are $300,000, houses a half million so one income doesnt cut it, not mine anyways.

My second job is retail, maybe 15 hours per week. My third job is really a business me and my wife started in the hopes of replaing her income. Its not there yet, but its slowly getting there. That someday will make the difference and I can cut back to just my regular career and the home business (its tee shirts, go to and see how a couple of rookies are doing!)

But to bottom line it, I manage just enough money to keep us fed, the mortgage paid and the lights turned on, but not a great deal more than that. We have applied for dissability for my wife to help relieve the pressure and god forbid allow us to save some money or buy something nice from time to time like a movie...

I bet my total annual household income is about $70,000 if you count everything. But its not that great when your absolute basic cost of living is about 98% of that. And thats bringing lunch to work, no sodas or cofee, no dinners out, movies or anything most people take for granted. I have cut nearly 100% of the fat out of my budget just to exist. So im poor, really. But you wouldnt know it unless you lived my life for a few weeks.


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