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Two thirds of Amercans....

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posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 09:33 PM
Two thirds of Americans say they dislike Bush's handling of Iraq. I'd say Bush's motives of course are unjustified but other than that he's doing what Kerry or any other president in this mess would've done: Train the Iraqi forces and leave when ready.

Source: Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (AFP) - More than two thirds of Americans think President George W. Bush is mishandling events in Iraq and almost a third believe civil war in the country is imminent, according to a Harris poll.

More US adults are pessimistic about the situation in Iraq since the bombing of the Askariya shrine and the ensuing sectarian violence, a nationwide survey found.

Sixty-eight percent of those interviewed gave a negative rating of Bush's current handling of events in Iraq, and 30 percent were positive.

The president's ratings slipped from a previous survey in January, in which 61 percent were negative and 36 percent positive.

Asked about the possibility of a civil war in Iraq in the next six months, 30 percent of those polled said that such a war was very or extremely likely, with another 20 percent saying it was likely.

Sixty-one percent doubted that US policy in Iraq would be successful, up from 55 percent in January, while only 20 percent were confident, compared with 26 percent previously.

Any opinions of what you guys think? Do you think Bush is handling the situation right?

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