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Can anyone tell me if they believe him?

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posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 07:53 AM
I think it is more time for proof to back up what he has said. I think it is time for him to challenge them and get some solid proof information to give faith to those who have taken an open approach to his ideas. It is one thing to write and another to prove. Unless proven I would strongly view his writing with skeptism.

posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 02:15 PM
I don't think his work can be prooven because there is no reptillian conspiracy. Just like Dan Brown stole his idea for The Da Vinci Code.

Again people talked about illuminati families before him yet he claims to have uncovered that. Reptillian humanoids people thought of that before him to however he can say Reptillian new world order because no one else has.

His work is the combiunation of many science fiction properties, ufo stories, conspiracy theory, ancient history and so fourth.

He gives the illusion of waking people up by claiming his word is real and people worship this like they do Jesus Christ.

Having the media laugh at you is a good marketing strategy. If you went on tv and you had a book and they seen you ridiculed they might say i should read that maybe there is something to it. That my freinds is how his work sells it's simple advertizing and marketing strategy. That's the beauty of this marketing strategy is to appear generally confident in what you say. Show some conviction and make it look like you beleive what you are saying and even with ridicule people will say "maybe i should look into this there could be something to it."

It is how he sells his product and puts food on the table and really kind of an ingenius plan makes me wish i would have done it first. I envy Icke as a marketer the man could pass anything as real and people would beleive it.

posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 02:35 PM

Worth a look, an interview with Icke by this very own site which I just found

answers a few questions raised here too

Ive gotta say that my personal preference is single think, not double think

posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 08:43 PM
Icke's answers to some of those questions especially the ones regarding his own credablity are less then satisfying to say the least. my above post sticks i truly beleive it is a marketing strategy and nothing more. People will listen to Alex Jones rant first because he at least makes sense and doesn't make claims he has no proof of in regards to criminal activities, supression, NWO, Bohemian Grove which he infiltrated and risked his life for he is a real journalist who reports the news etc. Icke is a writer never works on research with others please. That because all of this came from his imagination and other work and properties.

If Icke wants to be taken seriously he should at least provide some evidence.

posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 11:16 PM

Originally posted by John White
Proof of what?

The existance of the Illuminati?

the existance of an orchestrated manipulation towards a global fascist micro-chipped state?

The existance of inter-dimensionals?

The truth of reality as a series of quantum waveforms decoded by the brain?

i do know this:

none of the truth of these things depends on the existance of "David Icke", wether one believes he exists or no!

You forgot the reptillian agenda.
I want proof for at least some of it, perferably 1,2, and 4.

Do you realize everything you mentioned would make great science fiction? In fact alot of it has already been used. Im going to point out a few things so you see where Im coming from.

The existance of an orchestrated manipulation towards a global fascist micro-chipped state sounds a little too paranoid to be taken serious imo, but Ill roll with it anyways.
Its clear to me this is aimed at the religious, mainly christians which are a majority. This peice of fiction is attempting to break down the religious barrier so that Ickes other works are not attacking the christians belief system and can be accepted easier by him or her when they read those. It uses a prophesy in the book of Revelations to gain a larger audience(not limited to religious people only). The popular view of the mark of the beast is that it is a microchip, so if Im christian and I believe that is what the mark of the beast is, then Im gonna be intrested in knowing more about it. By then saying it is connected to everything else he writes about, he has just sold another book. Could it be for real and all connected? Yes, it could. Or it could be a brilliant way or marketing your product.

The truth of reality as a series of quantum waveforms decoded by the brain sounds alot like a hit movie to me. In fact this movie was so popular some people believed it to be real. Now if I were gonna write science fiction and make it come off as real, I would want to use popular ideas that have already been considered to be real. So what happens when David Icke meets The Matrix? That would be The biggest secret. Could it be for real and Icke is just letting us know? Yeah, its possible, or it could be that Icke is using an already proven to be popular idea to sell his work.

The existance of inter-dimensionals is a good one. I actually do believe in ghosts though Im not gonna share why here. Who doesnt believe in ghosts? From my experience without an offical poll I would say 4 of 5 people I know believe in them. Its a popular belief. If Icke were to say reptillians exist but ghosts dont, wouldnt that be a little odd?

Does anyone notice a trend in David Ickes work besides me? He is using popular ideas and connecting the dots so that his work comes off as believable to everyone. Could Icke be the real deal? Yes its possible. Could Icke be trying to make science fiction come off as real as it can? Yes, and I have just shown you why(I think).

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 12:00 AM
Well I could happily swap science fiction stories with you all day High Ryder as Ive read more than my fair share too

Inter-dimensionals includes reptillians btw, consider them a sub-grouping of the same

Micro-chipping is certainly not science fiction, in fact is global and very large

Id definately say go and look on that one, in particular Veri-chip and Alien technologies (no B/s, its a real company!)

You will even find that their are companies in the US now insiting that there staff must be microchipped for security reasons in order to work for them, and South american governments are also pushing chipping of their police forces

Wether anyone believes the wilder aspects of claims about what microchips actually DO...would you prefer a society with paper currency, or without it?

Here in the UK a major supermarket chain even tried to get away with making purchases electronic only to avoid the hassle and security risk of handling all the fat profits they've made as cash! (its a hard life)...for now they have backed away, and insisted a front page news story was "an un-authorised press release"...meanwhile the far east is far less reluctant with this particular social change...

Do you accept secret societies exist? If you do, what purpose could they have if not to advance their interests outside of the scrutiny of the public arena?

Which also makes them commercial operations companies get "bought up" in mergers and amalgamated into "groups" of companies, seemingly different of the high street but actually part of one connected same? the expression of the same pattern if secret societies exist (on any other level than local buisness men doing charity fundraising), so then must the illuminati (boxes within boxes)

And if secret societies arnt important, why then has almost every Presidnet of the United States been a member of (at least) one?

check out George Washingtons memorial:

"Freemason AND first president"

A strange order of priority, no?

And as for the quantum waveform buisness...well, go have a look at what science is saying outside of the curriculum of the college and high school level

As an aside, Atoms of course may be a fast occilation of really nothing very much at all, but they sure can go BANG!

Does anyone notice a trend in David Ickes work besides me? He is using popular ideas and connecting the dots so that his work comes off as believable to everyone

could be...or he could be looking with clarity at the world as it is, not how we collectively believe it to be...or off his face...or anything...and the quoted section also very much depends on the individuals concept of "everyone"

I suppose that depends on what we choose or need to see

Ickes no fan of Christianity its true...he seems to take umbrage to forces that kill millions of people and impose on the lives and minds of billions over the course of their history

Me I dont mind Christians so much, or Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddists, Jews or anyone else with a religion worth a mention

Its not my problem if any of the same mind me

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