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Great Canadian Freemasons !!!

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posted on Oct, 22 2002 @ 02:28 PM
John A MacDonald
John Diefenbaker
Tim Horton
R.R. Bennett
Robert Borden
John Abbott
Mackenzie Bowell
Chief Joseph Brant

Sir Arthur Currie, Commander Canadian Forces W.W.I
Major James S. Matthews, City of Vancouver Archivist
Bishop A.W. Sillitoe, first Bishop of New Westminster
Ernie Winch, politician, labour activist
Gerald G. McGeer, senator, mayor of Vancouver
Fred "Cyclone" Taylor, Hockey Hall of Fame
Arthur Delamont, Vancouver Boys Band founder
Thomas G. Norris, Supreme Court judge
Victor Dryer, Supreme Court Judge

Alexander Dunn
Sir Richard Turner
Cyrus W. Peck
Robert Shankland
Robert MacBeath
Robert Hanna
Robert Butchart, owner of Butchart Gardens, Victoria
Robert Cromie, founder Vancouver Sun newspaper
Hewitt Bostock, founder Vancouver Province newspaper
Gordon Gibson Sr., lumberman
J.H. Bloedell, partner in British Columbia forestry giant Mac-Blo
Alfred Wallace, founder Burrard shipyards
Charles Woodward, founder of Woodward stores
Austin C. Taylor, sportsman, businessman

Were Canadians & Freemasons....

More info can be gathered the Grand Lodge of British Columbia, Canadad


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