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Examine This

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posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 03:16 AM
This never fails to bring me soo much humor.

Matrix Energetics

I don't know how he expects to be taken seriously. It's like a horribly orchestrated infomercial (With a bad haircut).

Observe, the ones on those videos that have a sound to them that would most surely convince "The Public" (Well the idiot public anyone), That they are extremly intelligent and they know what their doing. Take note of the "Professor" that makes a statement. If I were a moron, yet had the ability to understand what they are saying, I would beleive them. These "followers" of these men and their practice honestly beleive in what they are teaching SOO much, that the things that they are suppose to be able to do, they actually think they are doing it.

This is imagaination run-a-muck! I mean honestly, what the hell?! Certainly you must not rule out the existance of what they are talking about, it IS afterall worth investiagting. it just takes a deep strong will to do such a task. (I almost lost my kidneys to laughter) It only took me a day to Conclude my investigation. What they talk about involves alot of Theoreticle science and Quantum Physics, Etc... But THEY have not enough knowledge in the matter to actually make sense.

My oppinion, this is just another foolish way to make money. And if they really DO beleive what they are saying..... I feel sorry for them. Soo very very sorry.... Well I hope you had a good laugh looking into the matter first hand.

This matter has been further, and MIGHT continue to be investigated (mostly because of the laugh I get from these men), and it appears that they charge quote:

"Early bird price Level 1 Pay before January 31 cost is $275 - regular price is $495. We have extended the pre-registration discount will be $295 until March 19. After March 19th regular price is $325"

Who?! I mean WHO would pay that much to gather and play make-believe we are "Reality Benders"?!?!?! I knew they made some type of income, (Aside from the Necklaces they also sell, which are around $150 for the large one) but wow. That is all I have to say about that.

To those who pay to try and learn this...... If you spend your money on things like this, if you win the lottery, it will truely be the end of all mankind.


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