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posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 07:07 PM
General Rules for Participation In Games/Promotions Where Prizes Are Offered

Rules and regulations are subject to change without notice during the course of games, promotions, sweepstakes or other events. Please refer to this page often to be aware of current participation rules and guidelines. In the event changes are made, this page will be "bumped" to the top of the recent posts page.

-1- The games and events featuring prize giveaways are open to all participants of all ages. Void where prohibited by region or age limitations.

-2- Participants must be 13-years old or older as of the awarding of a prize in any online promotion or event sponsored by Winners under 18-years of age must first provide parental approval before submitting personal information for delivery of prizes.

-3- Participants are not eligible for prize awards from more than once in a 12-month (calendar year) period, unless otherwise stated in the game's specific rules. If an individual is awarded a second prize through normal game-play activity within a 12-month period, the prize will be circulated back into the game or event, unless otherwise stated in the game's specific rules.

-4- Staff members and the family of staff members (moderators, super moderators, administrators, and any other user of the staff-only forum) are prohibited from participating.

-5- No purchase or membership registration necessary. Valid email address must be supplied to confirm prize rewards.

-6- Internet connection is required.

-7- assumes no liability or responsibility for the guarantee of server uptime, Internet connection, natural disasters, code errors, graphic errors, calculation errors, or other events or accidental errors that may disrupt the timely and regular access to the website(s) or game components hosted on the website(s) for participation in the collection of The event clues, hints, rules, and other related and important information.

-8- Actual value of prizes are estimated in U.S. Dollar currency and may not reflect actual retail value.

-9- Any member discovered mimicking actual game clues, game personalities, or any other aspect of any game, promotion, sweepstakes or other prize-offering event who are not authorized to do so will face immediate ejection from all access to the domains and forfeit any and all game prizes that have been awared but not yet shipped.

-10- If any improprieties are discovered associated with the claiming for any prize, which may include but is not limited to unauthorized server access, IP spoofing, banned member access, or other events deemed by the event judges to be inappropriate actions by places, the event judges may return a ring prize to game play that was awarded under suspect conditions.

-11- Any member deemed by staff to be involved in, or condoning the act of "hacking" to obtain clues or other advantage in the game will be banned from ATS. No clues or information will be offered which require hacking activity, or hacking-simulations of any type.

-12- does not guarantee the availability of randomly discovered prizes nor will not be involved in any dispute between parties claiming first discovery.


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