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War Games: North Korea

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posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 05:03 PM
I saw this "War games" thing on Below top secret, it was void of much material.

But this made me realize; we indeed have at our disposal almost all the information we need to conduct a war games.

The conduction of such matters would be mostly capability in space and time.

For instance; a known North Korean military location ... what time does it have to work with what goals? And with that time; what times does...say the US have to work with what goals.

And when a strike is capable; estimating strength can be found as a victor can be decided.

So a very realistic wargames can be conducted if well researched; even by the how about we give it a real shot?

First agenda; to conceive a scenario...should North Korea make an initial attack for control of the Peninsula or should the US lead a coalition against them for disarmament or regime change etc?

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