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Give me some new stuff

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posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 03:21 PM
All i can see is the new stealth bomber planes, and the toy looking guns from USA.
I havent seen any new weapones from the Russian side. Are they still using the old Ak47 and RPG's ?
Show your BIG GUNS RUSSIA!!!!
Could someone post the new versions of the RPG's and AK's.
And what about the HEAVY stuff, do they have any Stealth planes?
Im not agianst russian millitary, its just that i havent seen the Big guns, show me them.

I can remeber when i saw the Sovjet Army showing the massive parades.
And the sound of the tanks and the steps of the infantery. 2000 men with RPG's and 5000 with AK's... swiiiiiiiiiiiiiich it sounds when the MiG planes goes by. Ohhhhh oh ! and when they show the nuce's... ohh man, why couldnt USA show them infront of the people.
Its really god for the Moral.

Anyway im not a weapone freak, i just need to see the new stuff.
Could someone send some new pictures of the new weapones (Especially Russia)

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