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Alwood ghost

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posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 12:57 PM
I rarely post my personal experiences but I am going to start now.

A few years ago I went to a rehab centre(mary jane problem)when I was younger(19).I went to Alwood youth centre near ottawa ont.

This is pretty spooky but,I guess it is an old place with a few new additions to the building,while the male dorms are new the girls dorms are old.

Some years ago a girl hung herself in her room,At first I didnt really pay it too much attention,but at night sometimes there would be activity.

While it did kind of freak me out(this was 5 years ago),the others would get really scared, We would hear her run across the top floor when no one was up there.Aswell as strange noises too. While I dont thibnk anyone saw her im not so sure.I think the girls could hear her talking sometimes in the halls or the room that she hung herself in.

I only stayed for a month of like a 9 month program or something like that.

Just one of my experiences.


posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 05:54 PM
Hi Tor,

That is an interesting account of the Alwood ghost. Have you ever went back there to investigate the ghost? Thats not the hanging ghost you were talking about in your Scarecrow Report #2 is it?

I was in a similar place, not for rehab, but it was because I ran away so much when I was younger like I already told you. Back then they could send kids up to a youth detention center just for running away (with a lot of older, hardened girls who were there because they committed more serious real crimes)...they can't lock kids up like that now just for running away. Anyway, this first place I went to was called Cascadia Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington.

Cascadia was rumoured to have been built on an old Native American tribal land, and was said to be haunted by a murdered Native American ghost. Who was also hung down in the basement part of the facility. I think I remember hearing that the Cascadia building original use was as some sort of government enforced housing for Native Americans, also.

There was a strip cell in the basement for kids who got in trouble and broke the rules. Some came back from basement lock-up very white, and scared saying they had seen the hanging ghost. Fortunately, I never had to go down there.

I am not sure what became of Cascadia. I think the very old spooky building is still there right by the Tacoma freeway. But, it is not a Detention Center anymore...not sure what they are using it for now...or if the hanging ghost is still there.

Anyway, if you do go back to Alwood to investigate the ghost, I hope you do another Scarecrow Report.

Thanks for telling us about this!! Great account!

~ Deep

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