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Two critically ill after drug trial

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posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 12:39 PM
Six men are in a serious condition in the intensive care unit of the Northwick park hospital after taking part in an American led trial of the TGN 1412 drug, which is under development for a German company to treat chronic inflammatory conditions and leukaemia.
LONDON (Reuters) - Two men were critically ill in hospital on Wednesday and four others serious in intensive care after suffering violent reactions to a new drug they took as part of a clinical trial.
The American company running the trial said they had operated within industry guidelines but a girlfriend of one of the volunteers said they had been told to pray for a miracle.
"The (doctors) can’t give us a cure, they’re talking to experts. The doctors were on the phone to experts all night (asking) what they can do.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I understand that before medication can be sold over the counter these experimental drugs need to be rigorously tested and there are three stages to this testing as follows:

Development and reason - explains itself

Pre-clinical testing - To determine that the drug is not carcinogenic (cancer causing), mutagenic (causing changes in the genetic material), or teratogenic (causing fetal malformations). usually tested in animals (e.g.., mice, rats, dogs, monkeys).

Clinical Trials/Studies in Humans - obviously experimental but again this phase is self explanatory.

My question is one of speculation into how time and time again the first two phases of these experimental drug tests can pass unimpeded yet the outcome is one of horror for the humans involved.

Do we really understand what these drugs are for?
Who is willing to experiment with these drugs?

I understand that there will always be a need for new and improved medication, and the importance of human testing, but surely there should be more stringent testing prior to stage three.

Are we expendable?
Who decides if we are expendable?

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(NOTE) to editors.......I realise now that I have posted this article in the wrong section but I am unaware of the remedy for this, please feel free to move it on my behalf, and apologies for my error.

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