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Christianity validates Icke

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posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 11:27 AM
All right, granted I cannot speak for Christianity as a whole, but who can? The pope of the Catholic church or the prophet of the Mormon one? Of course, no one can. However, I offer my Christian perspective on the theory of conspiracies involving the illuminate and shape-shifting hybrids, etc.

I am well informed by fellow Christians that they often see me as blasphemous at best, and a complete heretic at worst. Likewise, I am equally ridiculed by atheists, agnostics, and other unbelievers who claim no religion, or religions other than Christianity, for my spiritual perspective. I care not. I offer my Christian perspective validating the possible of Icke's theories and others here, not saying I believe them myself but how I can see it being a possibility and one even validated by religion. You all and Icke himself can point out my errors if you care to.

First, I believe in Almighty God/Jesus Christ, but I believe they definitely had beginnings. I believe we are created in His image physically and spiritually. I believe we lived spiritually prior to becoming mortally human here and he knew us before he formed us in the womb so to speak.

I do not believe we are his only creations-physically- or spiritually either. I also believe in balance, and evil, and thus I believe in Satan, as well as 1/3rd of the hosts falling from the grace of God being subject to Satan as his spiritual minions now.

I believe Almighty God has parents and siblings just as He has children. I believe I was His child in the spirit before coming here. I believe in a spirit and a consciousness and realms and planes of existence. As a child I had many OOBE-which were verifiable to me in ways such as witnessing my sister doing specific things while I was OOB, which I later learned were true she had been doing. Likewise she confided-without knowing I'd been OOB near her- that she had felt a distinct presence at the times I had been OOB near her.

I believe God gave us bodies-created our race of humanity in his image-body and soul. I believe he gave dominion of a sort to Satan on Earth and what makes him so strong and powerful is that Satan uses his knowledge and power of all the alternate universes, and realms which he and other beings can move between.

Now that all being explained, it seems to me that because of this, we know we are certainly not alone in the world, or this universe etc, though limited in our personal knowledge of dimensions, and realms, and life-forces etc. We are then limited in our understanding of all this may encompass and imply about other life forms. Be they shape-shifting hybrids or reptilians or not.

It seems not just logical and possible, but quite probable to me that because Satan and his minions were denied physical form in the likeness of the Father, they still would have a spiritual likeness to Him, and thus a more omnipotent intelligence particular to them for which we are denied while we are tried and tested in mortality -in human form.

So, besides being intelligent spiritual beings, they have knowledge that exceeds ours- of our nature, the worlds, the truths, etc...and form in which they are not limited in- or by- as we are in our mortal form. Of course this is to their advantage, and their goal as we know from a religious perspective is to control us.

It is an accepted belief in Christianity to know there was a war in Heaven. This war was over us. Satan wanted to rule us, control us completely from the very beginning. He wanted to be as our God. Jesus said we should not be controlled, but allowed to experience choice and free will. Satan was cast from Heaven for wanting to be like God-but given power and authority on Earth, even unto the tempting of, and attempting to control, mankind.

So the idea that there are sinister forces who want to control us is nothing new. The idea of a good mind screw is also nothing new. It can be done psychologically, or spiritually, or both. Affecting our physical minds and thoughts and feelings as well as our spiritual sensitivities. Deception is rampant in all realms, as is confusion and disagreement even where full knowledge is available-else there would have been no war in heaven, and 1/3 of the hosts would not have fallen with Satan. They were led away by his logic, his passion, his deceptiveness. What easier prey are we know when we do not even have full knowledge anymore as mere mortals?

These beings would sometimes want to obtain physical bodies I'm sure-either through possession of those here, or possession of some others elsewhere.

So while shape-shifting would seem to defy our known laws of physics, it may not defy the laws of physics of other worlds that are not bound by our universal physical laws.

What I am getting at, is while some will be quick to say "No human can shape-shift" they are missing the point that a reptilian-like being, formed of matter not bound by all matter we know of which is bound by our known laws, could come here and shape-shift to look human. Yes, even though it would seem to have to conform to our physical laws being here, it simply isn't the case if made of organic material not from here to begin with.

Of course there is also the theory that it is all a mind screw illusion as well, and no actual shape-shifting is happening and really, its just a human image being projected to our eyes/mind, right? Well, I'd have to think many beings would be adept at the mind screw technique, so it's a distinct possibility.

Whether reptilians are real or not, I cannot say of course-who can. But I do believe there are many realms with many life forces and I believe they have visited us easily and consistently in various ways and forms since the beginning of time on Earth. Some spiritual some physical and spiritual. Some perhaps evil, some Satanic even, and many others who are not.

After all, even Christians, nay I'd say especially Christians should realize there must be other realms. If you are going to die, be reunited with your body which is made in the image of God, thus being more fully made in His image being made immortal then, if that is the plan...where do you suppose "Heaven" is?

It can't just be a state of mind...a state of spiritual being...where does your immortal physical perfected body you are promised live in the presence of the Almighty God in the hereafter? WHERE? Where is Heaven? Where is God now? There must be a difference of being in the presence of the omnipresent spirit of God as we are on Earth, and being in his physical presence, as well as those who are cast out from his presence...where are they?

Do not give me vague answers of He is "everywhere" that is nonsense to me, while accurate that His presence and His Holy Spirit coexists with us and thus He is omnipresent in spirit, He still exists physically somewhere. As does Jesus. Where is Christ?

Jesus Christ died on the cross, was resurrected, and ascended to Heaven-PHYSICALLY. He disappeared-physically. After he proved in the flesh he was alive-he then, in the flesh, an immortal being, departed ascended unto our Father in Heaven. He did not appear as a spirit, or a winged angel, nor did he depart as one.

So, where did the immortal and physical Jesus go?

Where is God, Jesus, and Heaven? Satan, demons, and hell?

We can say Hell is a spiritual realm, and Satan and his minions, those demons, are spiritual beings in an invisible spiritual realm on Earth, but explain that too then.

If Satan is in Hell, if Satan comes to earth and tempts us, if demons are real...where are they? OK, "Hell" but where is Hell? It is a spiritual has a door if they can get to us, influence us, tempt there they another world, another realm, yet in contact with is that? Hmmmm...ever wonder?

Other dimensions, other realms, other planes, or existence, other beings. Seems logical to me, and supported by religion even!

Where is Heaven and where is Hell? it isn't in your head or is a place...God/Jesus is physically in His place...and Satan spiritually in many other places are there? How many other beings? Physical, spiritual, those that can move between the two...and between all sorts of realms and planes. OOBE anyone?

And what is so wrong with the picture of Heaven as a place like a planet? Like the perfected Earth could be envisioned. If so envisioned...if God came to us, or angels, from there would we consider them "aliens"...what of our brother and sister races? Be they, and their planets and places of habitation be physical or spiritual, of this world or out of it, of other dimensions etc...are they aliens?

Or would aliens be more like the beings created by another creator entirely?

Yes, we have but one God, The almighty God, the author and finisher of OUR faith, and the alpha and omega of OUR existence and HIS world...this world...but what of before he had the full potential of God of us?

Or what of others who likewise are the author and finisher of THEIR faiths and their children/creations' faith, the alpha and omega of the world they create.

There are other beings, other worlds, other dimensions, and because there is good and evil their are conspiracies and competition to control the creations of God, and Christians of all people should know that, knowing Satan and the lure of evil and the mind screw of deception. Christians should ask themselves where evil originated. What or who, whispered in Satan's ear to lead him astray? Other forces, other dimensions, other existence's, other beings, other worlds created by other creators.

How is that blasphemy if I do not worship those gods, nor acknowledge them as gods, not for this or any world created by God, but view Him as he has commanded- as our father, creator, one and only God, alpha and omega, and author and finisher of our faith, etc.

Oh what a slothful, boring, lazy God is the one you suppose could only conceive of creating one race, one Earth, one realm, for one purpose, and who looks forward to bringing you into immortal eternity only for your potential and intelligence to come to a screeching halt, so you can then submissively sing praises to him ceaselessly for eternity in a "Heaven" you cannot even explain or imagine, but believe in.

But who am I kidding, probably not a lot of Christians reading along, huh?

OK, that's MHO in a nutshell of how Christianity, and my religious and spiritual views seem to logically validate Icke and others ideas- if it made any sense to anyone other than me! I imagine since I've heard Icke is such a mocker of a religion, he himself wont acknowledge the Christian perspective I give...but then again, he could be part of the evil fear-spreading conspiracy.

(****edited to correct spelling/typos...hope I got them all...otherwise I'm sure Spittin Cobra will let me know!
No, seriously, thanks man, it was sloppy of me****)

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posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 11:35 AM
nice Christianity validates Icke...he will not validate Christianity.

(as his books will clearly tell you)

but it is intersting to see things from various perspectives, and to see how different theories fit together.

Gods peace


posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 11:49 AM
The pope is the leader of the catholic church so he can speak for it.

posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 08:57 AM

Originally posted by dAlen
nice Christianity validates Icke...he will not validate Christianity.

(as his books will clearly tell you)

Yes, that is why I find it so ironic and why I wanted to give a Christian view.

I think people underestimate the vast understanding, and speculation true Christianity encompasses and can offer because both within and without the faith, there is such a belief that Christianity is cut and dry and only what we have been told in the Bible is absolute and nothing else should be pondered. Pity really.

posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 09:03 AM

Originally posted by jazz_psyker
The pope is the leader of the catholic church so he can speak for it.

Ok, besides the fact that isn't what this thread is about, an inaccurate one liner should be avoided even more than an acurrate one. Do you mean he can speak for the Catholic church? Well that was never an issue here...or do you mean in direct relation to my statrement that no one can speak for Christianity, and are saying the pope can?

The Pope can not and does not speak for Christianity, he speaks for Catholicsim. Whether he speak to the Catholic church, all Christians, or the entire world, he still does not speak FOR all Christians, or Christianity.

Likewise, the Mormon prophet/president speaks to Mormons, Christians, and often addresses the whole world, however he can only speak for Mormon's and the Mormon belief.

Both of those positions claim to have the authority of Christ to be the mouth piece for God to mankind, however they can only speak for their denomination whether or not they speak for God and to the world.

Hope that clarifies things for you.

[edit on 20-3-2006 by think2much]

posted on Apr, 2 2007 @ 07:55 PM
First, what is Christianity? What sorrow, horrors and misunderstandings it has upheld. By the grace of God and fear of the everlasting position that awaits all mankind in hell, can we, must we acknowledge true power and love. Nevermind about your burning flesh and what they say that hell is to the person who has led a life a ill-repute. Religion will not save your soul from the permanence of purgatory. lol. I'm being redundant.

For all men who wish to know what hell is, I say that it is forever. I say that the demons will hold your inclinations from left to right, rear to front. I say that it is neither hot nor cold but absent of love and your recognition of that void will register in totality.

It's nice to see what a following this site has attracted over the years. I don't know who this David Icke is but when I validate his person then you will have something to chat about.

I sensed an earnest inquisition in this post and so I have returned with the latest discoveries of Xtra-Sensory Plyometrics. Not so much I want to confess that hell is real but what power God has over your destinations. I am here to profess that the guru was oh so certain in his meditative journeys that God has a place for nonbelievers. I would love to tell you all more about it but I pleaded that this was not where I wished to be. Expediantly, I say that it may resemble Mars' vast, bland surface but with screaming beacons.

God doesn't ask you, "Let's make a deal?" He confirms that "...this is the deal." He reconstructs you with firm confidence and undimishing love. With your acceptance or denial he makes your being vibrate like a yogi and he puts you in your place. And honestly, peculiarly, he doesn't care that you have broken the laws of man. If you have broken his laws and confess to no other than he, he will set you free. He will show you love and power that is quite humbling. Do not share with the robed masters what you can admit to God alone.

I used to think that I cornered the market on ESP, people. lol. I was raised under the techniques of Roy Masters and his Foundation of Human Understanding. I was a seer well before I entered the Army and they labeled me when I predicted the ravages of the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussain. I have the talented stroke of an architect and the critical ambitions of an engineer. Dare I say remote viewing is beneath me.

I've been practicing clairvoyance in the Nevada desert for many, many years now... 12 years of Republican rule as I see it. Marked coincidentally by the Mayan calendar as 2012. Were I blind, I could see the mountains tremble with your eyes, brother. That is, until the rising tide peaks above your brow. I am relieved that my dreams of the submerged civilizations are coming to pass at long last.

After everything, all I have to say is that God has shown his love and wishes me to share his thoughts. Which is kinda like our God saying that he told us so even though they didn't get it right by rewriting it countless times and dividing our motivations by bordering the lands. There remains a great equalizer in the loom.

With hearty anticipation should we see the timelessness of the practicing non-scientist. The lack of experience in modern physics has damaged what promised to be a worthy art. Grant me this trespass. lol. Puns. I love 'em.

posted on Apr, 26 2007 @ 03:39 AM
God is a mystery we can NEVER understand. Our puny minds could never grasp it. The best thing to do is live a moral life, and try to help your fellow man.

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 02:44 AM
Fiction supporting fiction, damn nice. That was worth the effort.

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