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Are you drunk Bluie Raisin?

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posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 06:06 AM
That is what everyone in her family used to jokingly say to her after she had a little laugh and her face blushed up. She didn't really drink, only a tiny sip now and then. I guess there used to be a rumcake with raisins in the 1930's called Bluie Raisin rumcake, (not sure of spelling). And, the slogan for it was "Are You Drunk Bluie Raisin?" because of the rum in the cake. When we asked her that question it made her laugh even more.

When I met her she was in her 70's, the grandmother of my boyfriend, and she always had a wise twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face. She was the widow of a weathy engineer at the Boeings Airplane Company who was responsible for the invention of a very important engine at Boeing (I can't tell you what type the engine is, in case her family could still get in trouble). She was generous beyond fault, and stuffed our pockets with money (when we weren't looking) whenever we came to see her.

The thing about Bluie (that was the nickname everyone called her by), was she was quite the Remote Viewing Diva, among other things. In fact, the first time I ever knew people could even do Remote Viewing was because of Bluie. Only, no one ever called it that...

I was told by her family that Bluie was a sleepwalker, and in her sleep she used to get into her husband's graph paper, and drafting supplies, and would draw intricate blueprints of airplane parts, and of engines. (This was when he was working for Boeings). Then she would return back to her bed for the night.

The next morning when her husband went downstairs to get his coffee and breakfast, to his amazement, the whole kitchen table was covered with blueprints. Exact detailed blueprints of his projects that were in the top secret safe at Boeings. And, some of the designs were of projects he had never even seen before. He was horrified! How did they get on his kitchen table?

Later that morning when Bluie came downstairs to help with breakfast, her husband asked her about the blueprints, and she didn't know what to make of them either, because she didn't remember doing it in her sleep, so it remained a mystery for some time. On another night, a few months later, when Bluie was sleepwalking again, her husband quitely followed her downstairs and saw her go into his den and get the drafting materials, and head back into the kitchen. He was stunned as he watched her draw out the plans as if she was an experienced engineer, when she had never taken a single class in drafting. In her whole life her only job had been housewife and mother, and she had also helped Eleanor Roosevelt campaign for her husband, and had done some charity work. She had never even drawn much of anything.

He didn't wake Bluie thinking that would be dangerous to awake a sleepwalker. But, in the morning he told her what she had done. He also told his children about it. Because if anyone saw her drawing the plans again, the blueprints must be hidden immediately. What if the Boeing company were to ever hear about them being in his house? It would be a disaster, he would be called a thief, and perhaps a spy, and since some of the designs were for government projects, he would be sent to federal prison for having them at his home.

Once, when we were all talking about the Boeing plans, I asked her to draw what was in my apartment, and she did a 100% accurate job of it, including my collection of little houses I used to have. The drawing wasn't super professional like her blueprints must have been, but remember she did the plans while she was that must have been the difference. I believe she somehow tapped into the knowledge in her husband's mind, and perhaps some other engineers as well, to do those blueprints.

Remote Viewing was one of her talents. She was also very handy to have at a Seance. All she had to say is "If anyone is there please knock"...and there would be 3 knocks in the chimney!

Then Bluie developed Alzheimers Disease and had to go to a Nursing Home. She got to bring along some of her beautiful antiques to decorate her room, but it was much smaller than her apartment. Once, in a panic she forgot that she had been moved and thought she was still at her apartment and called her daughter Eleanor/Ellie and said "Ellie please come quick...I need help my room is shrinking!"

Then, she became very ill with Alzheimers and with some other physical condition, and was moved to another home. For almost a year she hadn't been lucid and didnt recognize anyone in her family. For, some reason when I finally came to see her, she snapped out of it, and perked right up and put her hands around my face, and said "Oh dear Eleanor, how are you?" She thought I was her daughter! Then she became very lucid and got out of bed chattering away to me, and to her grandson who was with me, and she also began to recognize him. She took us on a tour of the home, we had lunch, she talked about a few of her friends there, and we had a wonderful time. My boyfriend couldn't believe how his grandmother had come around like that. He called up his mother Eleanor right away so she could see her mother when she was in that condition. His mother came quickly, but her mother Bluie still could not recognize her as her daughter, and continued to call me Eleanor. She said wonderful, loving things to me. I whispered to Eleanor "I know this is very hard, but just remember everything she is saying to me, she is really saying to you." Ellie asked me to please stay until her mother fell asleep since she responded to me so well.

Later that night Bluie died. I guess sometimes people with Alzheimers are very lucid right before they die. I know it's a sad story, but I thought you would you would like to know about another very special psychic person in my life. I believe she may have been one of the greatest Remote Viewers to ever live, but as I mentioned, because of what she drew, only a few knew about her and it was kept very quiet. Boeing never knew how close they came to losing their best secrets.

Her death was only sad for the people who miss her, because Bluie could look into your heart and see all the good inside like no one else ever could, but she never spent a day of her life being anything but happy and I am sure she is happy still.

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