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Jacobians Religion Literature

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posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 11:03 PM

It's family tradition that one of my family members saw Jesus come. He was sailing the sea fishing when he saw a man walking on top of the Indian Ocean. There was a golden aura around the man so my ancestor rowed the boat over to the man and asked who he was. The man said, "I am the one who has come back. The Messiah." So my ancestor said prove it, and the Messiah lifted the boat without touching it. So my ancestor recognized the Messiah and fell out from shock. He woke up 32 hours later in a strange world with the Messiah standing over him. He ask where he was and the Messiah said you are on Mars. He swooped up my ancestor and walked the sky to where they could see earth. "Do you see this planet, there are many strange people who lie and sin and make out false stories. But I am the true account." he said. He gave my ancestor a glance at the Earth in 3,635 years and my ancestor never told anybody want he saw. But he had seen the face of God.


Since my father Jacob let no one know of the 3,635 years only he saw, it led his followers to prophecize what will happen. I read the Homeric Accounts with him and asked was it true, he placed his hand on my right shoulder and told me that the Messiah told him that he had brought the true account. I asked my father why he all of the sudden prefered to do things on the right side. He replied that when he stood by the Messiah, he stood by his right side only because on the left was evil.

1. There will be a people scorned by the world born of one continent. They will suffer many hardships.
2. A great country in the West will rise in power and fall in power. No one will see it coming.
3. In the 3008th year, the people will become even more lawless then before. There will be substances taken to destroy the mind.
4. And all the cold places will become warm as before our time.
5. A nation will be built on the bodies of the dead in the East, a land of criminals.
6. A divided continent will try to unite but fail because they live wild and love their brothers as wives.
7. The fake Messiah will rise to discredit the Jacobians. This fraud will tell lies upon Jacob and twist the story, saying, “Lo! Jacob nevet went to Mars. He was a drunken.”
8. There will be 43 descendants of Jacob who will live for 1544 years. A spy will murder the 43rd who will then return on the 3,633rd year and live among the Jacobians correcting the false Messiah.
9. Many great nations will go to war, hugh international terrors will lower the earths reason of justice. People will become more insane, justifying enforcing their well by any means because they were wronged in the past.
10. When man tries to explore Mars, their vehicles will disappear, for only the Messiah, God, and Jacob can ever witness the red planet.

THE SAYINGS –George grand son of Jacob, Hector fried of Jacob, Justiniac cousin of Bard, John brother of Jacob, Henry cousin of George, Kristina cousin of Franklin

Narrated George:
There were times when my father (Bard) would only lead things off with his right hand. I asked him and he told me “George my son, my father told me that the right brought more justice than the left. The left is evil, a man is weighed by evil and good so both arms are the same length and both hands are the same width. If a man has one bigger than the other, he is confused about the path.”

Narrated George:
Whenever I had Franklin read Deuteronomy, and the Commandments I made him slip on the wahag. One die I caught him reading Deuteronomy, without the wahag on and I spanked his left hand, handed him the wahag and he tied it on.

Narrated George:
I used to go to feast with my father Bard, but we would not eat the pork. We were dinning with a cousin named Justiniac, and he asked Justiniac for turkey or chicken. Justiniac asked the meaning and he said, “Pork is forbidden, on bere# shemot vayikra, bamidbar devarim.”

Narrated Hector:
I asked my friend Jacob while he stopped drinking. He looked at me then said, “I have seen the Messiah, and felt the aura. (Witnessed) The aura of golden light as hot and as bright as the sun itself.” I tried to offer him a drink, he turned it down and said, “Drink only from God (water) and the earth.”

Narrated John:
Trying to reason with Jacob my brother, I asked him what about the people who weren’t exposed to Homeric teachings, he smiled and told me, “If they are just, there is no reason to exclude them on something unknown (to them).” We went into the town of Halaib and went into a Coptic Church for sermon. They looked at us strangely because of our color of dress and asked why not white or light colors. I told them that we are the Jacobians, a new sect and our colors are a mystery. Join us and learn.

Narrated John:
While we were in Tuticorin, Jacob lectured on the Messiah. Many people came to see him and one elderly man said, “What makes your sect any better than anyother?” He said, “Because I have seen the face of God, the Pope hasn’t even seen the feet of the holy.”

Narrated George:
I traveled many places to promote us. And found myself in Baalbek. A Jew came up to me claiming to be Rabbi Rosh Madrashah. He said, “You as a Christian, what will the Jacobians do to rebuilt the Third Temple?” I answered, “First you should learn to control your temple.” And with that I left for Al-Hirmil with Henry alongside of me. We feared the Shias so we hid with the Maronites for two weeks then crossed the Kebir.

Narrated Kristina:
While reading the diety laws, I thought about the issue of sex. So I contacted Franklin, the great grand son of Franklin. He said, there is oral law passed down from Jacob that all thoughts of sex must be blocked out during prayer. And that after one lets loose his/her wet discharge, they must then get up and wash their private parts or any body parts such as the leg, face, etc slimed before the discharge dries up.

George Jr.


The Code:
The Jacobians believe in four stages in the journey in search of the word of the Messiah. These stages are humbleness, open mindedness, social equality, and accepting of the Homeric Accounts. To be a Jacobian you must accept that Jacob saw the Messiah and the House of Homer Account or Homeric Accounts are literal. Jacob himself went through four phrases in his encounter, he saw the Messiah, saw Mars, walked the stars, and saw the future of the earth.

The Jacobians pray twice a day. One prayer is recited in the morning, the other before sleeping. A third in the afternoon is optional. Each prayer includes the inciting of Genesis “The Beginning”. On Sundays, the congregation meets and prayer is recited together. If a Jacobian recites the Ten Commandments or Deuteronomy his head MUST be covered in a rag that must be blue or pinkish/purple blue called wahag as it represents Jacob sailing the seas.
-Opitional: Washing your face and hands before prayer. To do this, place your hand under water in a cup fashion, then bring it up to your face. Then take your left hand, wet it and rub it around the right hand. Repeat the same step instead with opposite hands then afterwards say “It was revealed on the seas the Messiah and I believe in Jacob.”

Jacobians can not eat pork, horse, dog, cats, lamb, pigeons, or human beings. These animals can be consumed only in a life or death situation.

Jacobians are forbidden to have pictures of the Messiah or God. A picture of Jacob is allowed since Jacob was not divine.

Leaders of the Jacobian congregations include Priest. The Priest must only wear black, red, or blue robes.

All Jacobians must learn the three Heavenly Colors which are not to be shared by meaning to none Jacobians. All that can be said is that the colors are black, red, and blue but do not give the mystic meaning.

Whenever a Jacobian spills the blood of another man by intent, he must sacrifice an animal. The animal must be one that flies

Jacobians cant have thoughts of sex during prayer or while in servive. The sexual discharge must be cleansed more it dries on the skin.


posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 11:25 PM

Moon: Knowledge
Earth: Man
Pyramid: Struggle for righteousness
Star: The Heavens representing peace, loyalty, wisdom, respect, and honor.

Jacobian Death Pledge
With my hand on my heart I salute the past, and the knowledge which we have help us to understand the nature of man. The sun will rise as we are illuminated in the moon's shine. When I die build a shrine. I am always alive mind, body, and soul. Leave a hole above my head so that I may be with the livng and the dead. Let my illuminated body glare in the dark. For the Lord I played my part. Tell them though Im gone never to ignore me. For I may be ressurected in everlasting glory. PEACE to the earth, moon, and stars.

posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 11:56 PM
The Death Of Jacob

The night before Jacob died he had said his prayers. The Lord spoke to him saying, “Your work is done.”. The next morning George found his grandfather unresponsive in his bed. Jacob was 92 years old. There was also script written into his forehead, it shined brightly in gold reading “George will lead you.” And so after everyone had seen it, the script mysteriously disappeared, verifying George as the righteous successor of the sect. Bard followed the will of the script saying that it was the penmenship of the Lord. Everyone accepted him as leader of the sect and he took on his grandfather’s post.
Jacob was buried 4 days later. He had undergone a ritual with his body being cleansed and oil, his hair and beard spinkled to almost royal proportion. A small makeshift pyramid had been built so that the moon would shine on him even in death.

The 43rd descendant of Jacob will return from his grave. His name will be Isiah. For 2080 years the Jacobians will be scattered and leaderless. But on the 2091th leaderless year Isiah shall rise. It will be the first moon rise of the year when he will ride from the mountains called the Alborz. He will be recognized by his manor, he will walk with authority and his voice will be light and heavenly in peace and dark and terrible on the battlefield. He will come baring a green flag with the moon in the middle. During the time he was away there will have been chaos and war. Also a false Messiah will try to destroy the Jacobians. Isiah will correct all and unite the sect. He will battle the false Messiah and later on die of age leaving a son and successor named Adam. So he was the first man, so he be the last. Adam will continue the war and fight the false Messiah off until Jesus returns to make right. After the false Messiah is destroyed Adam will gather the remaining Jacobians and enter heaven as a reward for their faith.

posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 12:09 AM
Seriously, your dad saw Jesus...

posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 12:28 AM
lol I get that alot. No he is not my father. Jacob lived years ago. In fact, for so long that we stopped building pyramids for the dead. We believed since a pyramid was pointy at the top that it would be watched over by the heavens. If you stood at the very top you could be close to God. It represents Jacob touching the stars when he was visited by the Messiah. But thats an older custom. It was never really written in law that it was mandatory, it was just an old school honor. If Jacob was my father then that would make me Holy Ambassador. That would be explained later what Holy Ambassador means.

The False Messiah will appear Kingly. He will resemble Jacob in face to mislead the Jacobians. He will teach them a false religion then reveal himself later as the enemy. He will divide and conquer the Jacobians by making the sect fight from within, then later attacking himself. Isiah is the hope. Until his return, Jacobians will only be able to use a cresant moon or a star with 5 points. But when he returns the Jacobians will take on the symbol of the 6 point star, for Isiah will bring upon the last principle of HOPE, adding 1 more point to the star. When Bard spoke of the transition he explained, “No we are not Jews. The 6 represents our resurrection, we are the light, and their 6 is the darkness.”

Each Jacobian congregation will be called a Temple. Each Temple shall have its own name, suck as the Sun Temple, Lord’s Temple, etc. The Priest will be the leader of each congregation. Under the Priest is a cleric who assist him called the Appointed Star. If there are a large group of Jacobians in one area then there will be a Regent who is above all Priest. In one country the leader of the Jacobians will be a council of learned men called Supreme Elites. The Regent is the middleman between the congregation and the Supreme Elites. Each Supreme Elite will be honored in any congregation around the world. However, a Regent is only a local figure. No one can assume the rank of Holy Ambassador until Isiah returns. That title comes through being the divine appointed leader of the entire sect, one must be a direct descendant of Jacob to be Holy Ambassador. Everyone with rank can move forward if a spot is vacant. An Appointed Star can become a Priest, a Priest can become a Regent, and a Regent can become a Supreme Elite.
Rank and File Member, Appointed Star, Priest, Regent, Supreme Elite, [vacant] Holy Ambassador

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posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 05:44 PM
I would like to add that my Uncle Tamadge was a Priest of a congregation before his murder in a gang shooting outside of a Chicago night club. So I have quite a bit of knowledge. I had to school my 14 year old cousin on his Death Pledge the other day. The guys with rank know more than the average member. You have to be learned to move up. Most can tell you the Sayings by heart and most have to write down the Death Pledge several times to prove knowledge. We call our literature the “Seal” or “Book Of Knowledge”. The Priest has mastered 360 degrees of knowledge. The Appointed Star is his pupil who is trying to obtain 360 degrees. However, the Regent knows 400 degrees of knowledge. He knows things beyond this world. But a Supreme Elite has the wisdom of 720 degrees knowledge. They have completely mastered every step. Holy Ambassador has infinite wisdom. Only the Holy Ambassador knows all. The complete Mystery of the 3,635 Years have always been known by the Holy Ambassadors. We don’t have one right now because we are waiting for Isiah. There are some secret manuscripts called the Arks that Regents and Supreme Elites have that underlings don’t. I won’t post the Arks here on this board. My Uncle was about to become a Regent so that’s how he received those seals. Like I cant tell you about the 42 Infallibles except for George, George Jr, Timothy, Franklin, Isiah and Adam. Because the 42 Infallibles are secrets in the Ark seals. We are still waiting on the 43rd Holy Ambassador to return for the end.

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