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New Cancer Treatment -Attention-

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posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 06:04 AM
I just want to present you with new cutting edge research into cancer.
as copy/pasted below.

566000 people died from cancer in the USA last year.Most of these people got chemotherapy.

566000 people died but they got zero air time on the mass media.

The below treatment unless we publicise it and start spreading it around is guranteed to be suppressed by big pharma as they would lose hundreds of $billions in cancer drug sales and associated care related costs.

What is going to happen now is that the research people will be subjected to a combination of blackmail,bribery and threats to move into other fields and abandon it.

I therefore ask you to save this information and spread it around and make sure you track its progress and the individuals involved and see how it all seems to gradually disappear over time as big pharma neutralises this research.....

I also gurantee you will not see it on mainstream mass media who always promote the lastest wonder drug like herceptin which does not work as advertised after the Lancet journal cut through the propaganda to show it only had a very minimal effect in relative risk of tumours coming back.

I quote the research as below now.

By PHILIP WALZER, The Virginian-Pilot © March 13, 2006

NORFOLK - A team of scientists from Old Dominion University and
Eastern Virginia Medical School has reported killing melanoma's in
mice using lightning-fast, high-powered jolts of electricity. The
researchers expect their paper to be placed online Wednesday in the
journal Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications . It's
the culmination of at least eight years of work seeking possible
health benefits from short, high-voltage doses of electricity.

There results, the researchers think, eventually could translate into
an effective cancer treatment that carries no side effects. "We've
never had a tumor that didn't respond," said the lead researcher,
Richard Nuccitelli, an associate professor of electrical and computer
engineering at Old Dominion. "Every tumor has shrunk. We know we can
eliminate them with the right conditions." The electric bursts often
disrupted the blood flow to the tumor cells and shrunk their nuclei
by 50 percent, Nuccitelli said. The scientists found that they could
kill the tumors with hundreds of electrical pulses in two treatments
given two to three weeks apart. Each burst of electricity carried
4,000 volts and lasted less than one-millionth of a second.
Nuccitelli said they think the process worked by severely damaging
the DNA in the cells. The method produced no scarring and did not
harm adjacent cells, the professors said. The mice survived, they
said, with no ill effects.

James Weaver, a senior research scientist for the Harvard-MIT
Division of Health Sciences and Technology, said Friday that the team
from ODU and EVMS is in the forefront of bioelectric research."
People have known for a long time that certain kinds of bigelectrical
field pulses can kill cells," he said. This, Weaver said, might mark
the first time tumor cells have been killed without harming nearby
cells." I think it's going to attract a lot of attention," he said.
Another researcher on the team, Karl Schoenbach, who holds ODU's
Batten Endowed Chair of Bioelectric Engineering, said they
focused "on the one type of cancer which is the easiest one to
access." He said the work might have many more applications." It
could give a new weapon to cancer research," Schoenbach said. "Maybe
some tumors that are not responding now might respond electrically."

Nuccitelli, who also works for a biotechnology company,
BioElectroMedCorp., said the corporation might try to adapt the
research to treat human skin lesions.The scientists said they need to
hone their techniques before they can experiment on people. Doing
that, they said, requires a federal grant, which they have not yet

Eight professors and graduate students participated in the study.
They are affiliated with the Frank Reidy Research Center for
Bioelectrics, a collaborative effort between ODU and EVMS led by
Schoenbach.The center takes up the fifth floor of the Norfolk Public
Health Center, near Brambleton and Colley avenues.

The melanoma work is not the first piece of prominent research to
come out of the bioelectrics center in the past year. Mounir
Laroussi, an associate professor at Old Dominion, developed a "plasma
pencil" that kills E. coli bacteria but leaves skin cells unharmed.
Laroussi has been featured on the Discovery Channel and in National
Geographic. Nuccitelli said he hopes the paper about melanoma will
draw lots of attention." As well as money, of course," said Stephen
Beebe , an associate professor of physiological sciences at EVMS who
helped to pioneer the bioelectric research.

Reach Philip Walzer at (757) 222-5105 or

Here's some more info from their website at

Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics
Old Dominion University
Eastern Virginia Medical School

Electric Fields Open New Gateways into Biological Cells

The application of electrical pulses in the microsecond range
[.000001 second or 1 µs for short] to biological cells has been a
focus of studies for more than two decades. Such pulses cause the
accumulation of electrical charges at the cell membrane shielding the
interior of the cell from the external electrical fields. Typical
charging times for the mammalian cell membrane are on the order of
one microsecond. In contrast to these microsecond pulses that do not
penetrate into cells, shorter pulses, in the nanosecond range
[.000000001 second or 1 ns], penetrate the entire cell, nucleus and
organelles, and affect cell functions....continues

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posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 10:51 AM
Very nice find thank you, i posted about an ultrasound cancer treatment some time ago, but got mostly negative feedback, so let's hope you'll have more luck.

Saved the stuff, btw, which i often do with a lot of material anyway, and my next rig is going to have RAID1

posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 03:02 PM
This is great news!

I will indeed be watching to see if this dissapears in the future, or is picked up by leading cancer treatment centers.

It seems these days, your chances with cancer are not soley based on the type of cancer you have, but the place you decide to get it treated.

You have the old and busted chemotherapy, that kills the people as much as the cancer. It seems this is the widely used method, but for some reason I haven't heard of many success stories with chemotherapy, just unimaginable pain, and suffering, and draining of bank accounts.

Theres Rife machines, and ultra sound machines which are almost universally ignored, even with awesome results reported.

There is herbal treatments, with are pretty much ignored as well, in favor of expensive synthetic drugs.

And now we have electro-therapy which sounds like a Star Trek level treatment, that only harms the cancer!
This is where we should be focusing, at least for this type of cancer.

For the other types of cancer, I would try Rife or ultrasound first, which is basically harmless to try.

Why go straight to Chemo-therapy and weaken the body?
Doctors? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Oh and by the way... Way Above Submitter!

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