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Why So Many Types Of UFO's ?

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posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 02:51 AM
What ever happened to those "football field" sized craft people used to see all of the time back in the 80's early 90's? Then it was those "black triangles", funny how the usual disk and button types have always been around?

posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 08:14 AM

Originally posted by Zero_057
EarthSister, thats quite a bit there I have to take in, but very interesting, And the thought that there are 218 races visiting us. Where did you come upon that, as I sure would like to read on that, its the first Ive heard of the amount of different races visiting us. So your from MA, EarthSister, used to live in Weymouth and been contemplating a move back up there, love NE.


I love NE too. Even if I move south I'll have to buy a second house so I can come back every year like the snowbirds do. Let me know if you get back this way.

The way I know about the number of races visiting is from the alien races. In 1990 there were 170 races visiting and 30 of them were already united here, working on organizing the rest with them. Over the next ten years, more races began visiting us since we have an organization, a few races had to leave since we have an organization, and the rest of the remaining visiting races joined. Now all our visiting races work together under one guidance and no new races can visit without going through the organization.

Every new world of intelligent life has their visiting life organized at this equivalent point in the new world's evolution. This is the way advanced races protect vital peace between races and help educate the new races reaching maturity.

Humans on Earth are not considered advanced yet. All of the races that visit Earth are our neighbors around us, and are much older, further advanced and evolved than we are.

All the advanced races in our union area are networked together to share information across space. Our union area is five galaxies and participating in it are over 5200 races/worlds of advanced life. All unions are also networked together.

There are a few other young races like us in our area, also now having their organizations of visiting life formed. But we humans are among those having the most difficulties accepting other life.

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posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 02:24 PM

Why are there so many different types and shapes of UFO's?

A perfectly legitimate question. Since alien spacecraft would essentially be time machines (ref. "Repo Man"), it makes sense that they should all look basically the same. Technology evolves just like biological systems.

Imagine if we somehow solved at least some of the problems associated with traveling long distances and times and could travel anywhere and anywhen we wanted. The first thing we'd want to do is to travel to the point at which the technology will be/has been perfected, and duplicate the perfected machine. It would save possibly centuries of research time to just go into the future (or to some other world) where/when the technology is perfected and duplicate the design. So in the case of aliens, there might be a few odd experimental shapes floating around, the ones that haven't made the trip to get the better technology yet, but mostly all the ships ought to look pretty much identical.

Now, maybe there's more than one way to skin the spacetime travel cat. It's hard to imagine, since we haven't even figured out one way yet. But in that case, maybe there would be different designs, each solving the problem in its own way. But even then, once the various space cultures interacted, eventually the best design would win out, and the less efficient designs would fade away.

It's always difficult to imagine what aliens might do. Being alien, and all, they might have some crazy reason for not wanting to use a design other than their own.

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