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Milosevic , poisioned - or malingering

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posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 09:15 AM
The intrigue surrounding the alledged poisoning of Mr Milosevic has taken a bit of a twist , it seems .

the drug allegedly found in his blood samples was a treatment for leprosy - and would have neutralised the blood pressure and heart cndition preparations that he was taking

but a medical expert interviewed on the BBC radio 2 service , claimed that the drug in question was brigh red , thus hard to disguse in food or other meds [ he made a joke abouth poisoned carrot cake ]

but IMHo , his reall revalationwas his claim that the drug had unmissable side effects

i wasnt listening properly - but i am sure he said - it altered urine coulour

so if he was being poisoned , by a malicious third party - why didnt he complain of the side effects ?

this begs the question - were his own supporters sliping him the in order to plead a " ill health - too sick to stand trial defence " - like pinocet did

hoping that he could get a release and then make a miracle recivery ?

or has some one tampered with the samples to make it appear that the drug was in Milosevic`s sustem - even though he hever took it , willing or un willing

questions , questions ??

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