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The first ten years of the 21st century....Decade of Superconspiracy!

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posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 11:55 PM
I couple things have dawned on me.

I remember the 1990's well. I always saw it as the decade of anti-government "paranoia". JFK, UFOs, and other once taboo subjects were discussed in the mainstream. The X-Files was probably the hottest show on TV. Government documents were released showing that the government did poison and experiment on people with radiation. Gulf War Sickness was quickly suspected to be the government's fault. Waco, Ruby Ridge, Montana Freemen, and the Ok city bombings all stirred up huge storms of controversy and suspicon.

But now, in the 2000's, we are seeing Superconspiracy. EVERYTHING now is a conspiracy, from hurricanes, the war on terror, the weather, Mars landings, ect ect ect. It seems now nothing is safe from the ever scrutinizing gaze of the "tinfoil hat brigades". Hell, we are even getting more TV coverage and more autonomy!

And honestly, I think this is great. Mind you, some theories I find to be ridiculous. But it doesnt matter. it seems now more and more people are beginning to superscrutinize every seemingly mundane aspect of life and wondering if there is some darker power behind it. Such scrutiny can only be a good thing. One my one, the cows raise their head from grazing and look over the herd, and wonder about that large, grey, seemingly innocuous building in the distance that smells bad and no cows return from.

So I tip my tin foil hat and raise my beer to all who don the tin foil crown and salute you for your healthy paranoia and suspicons. No matter how ridiculous or silly others might find your musings, its folks like you who are willing to entertain seemingly "absurd" theories that ultimately lead to stranger truths being someday uncovered. And who knows. Someday, our crzy ideas just might be proven right.

So lets claim this decade as our own!

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