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Rutgers microbiologist criticizes security measures at U.S. labs

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posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 04:17 PM

Rutgers microbiologist criticizes security measures at U.S. labs

Security measures at U.S. labs are failing to keep pace with the fast-growing number of biodefense research projects, according to a Rutgers University microbiologist.

Speaking at a biodefense seminar series at Princeton University, Richard Ebright said Friday that expanding research into such deadly pathogens as anthrax, plague and tularemia isn't being regulated as strictly as other industries.

"The easiest way for al-Qaida to obtain bioweapons agents would be to place someone in a U.S. bioweapons institution," Ebright said.

"This is something that needs to be prevented," he added, saying potential terrorists need only one well-placed doctoral student to advance their efforts.


This is ridiculous!
Aside from the visible efforts of the TSA harassing little old ladies in walkers at the airport, what has this administration been doing?

What used car salesmen.... We need to clean house from the top to he bottom.

On a side note, I hope this microbiologist doesn't end up on the short list...

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