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the trancending

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posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 06:07 AM
It seems I had a lot to endure. Many things are unraveling. The false connections I have made. The error in my ways. They are truly being highlighted and are forced into a period of undertaking. My happiness depends on it. So I better start to treat humanity with the respect they deserve. But how does one give respect to a fellow human being without knowing what has been on his mind? He should speak.

I have too many secrets. But the ones which have other people in mind are getting addressed and transformed. Still I have two sides, and they do need to treat me with respect and give me the privacy I need without disturbing me. They just walk over the floor here without knowing that whem I'm busy they need to let me be. Maybe I'm just to subtle without them even catching it.

It seems that everytime I need some time alone they want me around them. It also seems that then when I'm 'out', I'm just a punk with no place to go kicking and screaming around. To make up some movement in here.

On the other hand I'm just a very quiet easy person, but they just handle me in the wrong way, still, I get punished and corrected in that way. I do to make mistakes, this something I may never forget.

Just opening up gives us more dilemmas which I'll share with you later. This world hasn't been what I thought of it would be. After so many years of enclosement walls are breaking off and the big future layn ahead. So I'll have to take a step into it.

which way to go, or where to start? every second could be the start of a new way, if a new way is where you want to be in. Still the area I live in hasn't got much employement for me. really a pitty. since the world is quite another place without the money. things must change for me so I just hope for better. ...maybe my hoping for better leaves me unconscious of the marvelous situation I am in right now.. hmm without anything, one still has all the happiness in him, it just might be harder expressing it for some. no biggy, do something about it. learn the way.

we're all in it together, something I too have to set my mind on and comprehend wisely.

these just some of my thoughts again.

very best to all!


posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 09:14 PM
Hello again,

I see you in big changes, not to long from now! In fact, being at the right time right place factor, will have a important part in this. That carefree hello, will bring about change. In more ways than one!

Visualizing & expecting - what you desire quickens this also. After viewing some of your post on this thread, I can tell you do this often - which will help greatly when the time comes & you are given the opportunity to go further with the artistic gifts that were given to you!

I wish you the best!

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