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the trancending

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posted on Mar, 11 2006 @ 02:15 PM
eyes fall open, the nature of our selves revealed. the fears among us, the rising of the kundalini. touching every sense of self in your being, the creation of a universal being.

having no sense of righteouss perception, layers of misbelieves are touched and splatterd. Creating every time an new layer of conscious living. Maybe an unconscious layer unveiled. Could the unconsciousness become fully conscious, that the unconsciousness no longer exists. That you fully live on the moment and act out of your surroundings? Like being in a state where you produce deltawaves in your brain, and being fully awake. Probably sensing, floating on a miraculous sound in your brain, or in your head. The sensation in the body must be electrifying. An all overwhelming charisma. connected, went up in, the surrounding spot. Just claiming the all as when starbusted in it, draining information out of it, filling your mind with the heavenly waters. Swimming or drowning into the mass.

Vision reveals much sights, looks, forms on peoples faces. The looks of unknowing, the looks of fear in an neverending tunnel. The looks of joyeous people,

..the look, of the face covered with a laugh of an innocent child, this answering the latest question on your mind. The pureness of the soul revealed. The gratitude of God. The presents lain out there for you.

The learning of the wisdom, the acts like of an initiated, a student, becoming a master, becoming the teached. In a process, that curious, that revealing, that the heart may forgive and take what it needs to fill with water, with light, with the compassion of the Samaritan. That you may see light the blind one at the pool. That you may walk like the lame, that you may be as rich as the beggar. Wealthy by his kingdom. Surpressing the lower thought. Converting the problems. Making disbelief futile.

A true step forward for mankind.


posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 04:39 PM

Originally posted by alienaddicted
eyes fall open, the nature of our selves revealed. the fears among us, the rising of the kundalini. touching every sense of self in your being, the creation of a universal being.

hmmm, I've had days like that

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posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 07:50 PM
Quite a lot of esoteric stuff mentioned in that...... poem? Still, I hate riddles. Do you have anything specific to say?

posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 08:29 PM
or it is my fase of growing up, or I'm going further than one has been before, or my ego has gone out of control. Some of the things just aint right yet.

It's a long road, been kind of lonely. Somehow I manage to gain better contact with people, getting along better, going over the top but staying on the ground, still those.. heavenly waters are tempting to swim in, to see beyound, to observe the thing that keeps an eye on us, that which senses others behavior, their level of intuition, of guidance, of strenght. That which overlooks all, or better that which sees and gains our level of integrity.

To observe the Word in people, shown, in movement, placement, positioning of the human being, the spoken, the looks on their faces, the charismatic influence, how energy's move around in discussions, to get closer together, one not saying what had to be said, this disrupting the process, karma obtained, karma transformed, karma healed or worsened, to keep the circle round so to speak, to keep the fire moving. To see the light in thy brother thy sister.

The spirit touches everyone of us, for guidance, it shows you. It directs you when you want it to be so. But must be pure. Pure motives, listening, absorbing, adjusting, to be like a chameleon or to be like a conqueror. heheh

People can be very beautifull.

When you want to see it, and when they want to show, it's a magical transformational situation. Why haven't I seen this before? Why now, is everyone affected? He looks for us, he is in search of His people, his men, his brave children, to comfort us in our pain.
To let us know what He is about.

A very sensual subject to me. I love a relation of two honest, integer, honourable, just people in his appearance. Or the process in a just discussion. The spirit that moves our thinking an conscious, our being to a higher level. It is fascinating, enjoying, uplifting and stabalizing. As natural as things can be.


Sings in things, repeating sings, a sign that demands attention, project in on another level. Clues!... codes - that lead to keys. Pay attention, be aware! Conscious, subtle, centered! Friendly...

natural, a must, being natural, no rebellion, might be hard to start, but when the fruits are taken by acting!

the guidance by the higher consciousness.

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posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 09:07 PM
I can still follow what he's talking about. Maybe the Spirit hasn't touched you yet, Yarcofin?

posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 08:39 AM
I just love speaking what is on my mind or heart. It feels great letting it all out, and when others interact with it, to drive us up, to stabalize our faith, to adjust our consciousness I'd say, (sometimes I go far, maybe too far).

anyway, it is just the things at hand I'm talking about, but when the beauty of it is seen, the purest form of love I'd say, it is so gorgeous, I do not want to see anything else anymore.

Still that which comes sometimes doesn't stroke with my thoughts or how I wanted it to be, but adjust, it goes just along as well, breaking barriers when something is what you wouldn't have wanted it to be!

Coming up for your self, it's in fact just the daily process we're talking about, but it is so fascinating when the teached is shown, when that which you have seen or sensed is really there, is really coming up, it is magical.

It is that normal one almost overlooks!

That's the joy of it, ah, must be God I'm talking about, must be?

The elders or ancients must have been aware. In the deepest valleys one sees the highest tops. Hard work pays!

Meditation, that is a thing lately that just pops up in myself. My hands taking on mudras, special forms, it is all natural in us, but when seen! When spotted, it is the greatest, also when these handforms are shaped I get tingling energy in my fingers, often, it is joyeous to feel, to have, to investigate, to sense just being the being, periods of no thought. Truly recognized when this period is over! I think.

We are gorgeous, close your eyes, send lovely thoughts over the world, think of your girl or brother, while you hold him, he must feel a warmth coming over him when you do this. We are these moving bots of energy, heheh, still, some not knowing what to do with it, I'm also stuck a bit. Financial pit, I'm just poor, but I hang on, I go forth. Not letting these daily problems take me over, but willing to change them.

It's a weird process for me. I'm a the start of something big, I long for it very much, it's in its starters now, from the day that I find a job now, I'll be taken off. Now I'm just meditating, connecting with something I do not see. But which covers me, gives me shelter, gives me love, judges me righteouss! Guides me to my perfect road.

I am glad I am here. I can do here much. I am creative. I am lovable
and I want to love others. It's the best on earth and the gifts are tremendously fabulous. Hope and joy.

Oh why don't we run a less electrical world.

I get disturbed just before a cell phone goes off.

It's like some energys are just ripping us apart. Making us angry. And when a worldish problem is shot in our head, it's like this has to be undone, making us eager to fight that which is not necessary, overdone, barbaric, foolish, that which they have settled here on earth to keep us...... happy uh..

they just are destroying nature in the process. our homeland. Our planet, our world. We are raping our mother. To suck her dry, and to make a whore out of her. Untill the day she cries and breaks down, then we suffer with her! Fools. Leaders die! We little maniacs abusing our free will by denying the ones of others.

It's like they created a world in The world, them forcing us to live in their made capital, them using powers, ah, I won't wander off to far.

I had a great conspiracy theory on them, which I probably will post sometimes further. It's really fascinating. I got it all together after a while, this is for later.

best wishes,


posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 10:32 AM
The more I reveal, I say to you, the more I flower up. It takes rapid action, sometimes frightens me, as I am lost. Just I saw like a vortex, in my room, as I was guided again, my body changing shape, coming out of stress.

I dream to much. yes, I must take action.

I want a job to make myself life comfortable. I need to stop dreaming. I am at the start, of my spiritual growth. It makes me say it. To really opening up here, on this wonderfull world. As I rather want to leave it the way it is as I look outside of my window. It is not bad. But we are in knowledge of the problems we make, and still, we do not anything about it but making it worse. A problem needs to be solved at the cause, not by bending the effect.

I want to take action, cause I know lots of problems. But who are our leaders to leave us in this mess, yes, it's really a mess, look forward, you see what comes. Polution and abuse of nature is truly killing ourselves people. We must run nature the way it should be and treat it with respect?.

more to come

posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 11:16 AM
God is righteouss, but not something to fool with. He can really destroy, and destroys if you want to follow him, your life, to build you up again, in his liking, as who you are. He lets you know how you stand against eachother. The people you know, how they operate in effect of you, he knows all!

I was in a time of investigating what he is, but not following him, like Him attracting my attention, but me rebelling , stiff necked, it's all in His book, the bible teaches much, it's an open eye! Offcourse I haven't read the whole book. But what I have read, What he drove me through to set me straight, is that which we are, but not in fact that which me should do... constantly. But it is a process, to see if you are worthy of Him, but one can say he changes you, but he just takes you to your original state of being, not you with all the problems on your mind, you take them away with his guidance, but he is righteouss and he always wants to pick you up again. He is really like a Father, and I don't want to loose him, he is always my companion when I'm alone. Well as I think of it now, it could as well be a guide, hm, found myself dumb again, must be that his 'supervisors', angels and saints work for him. Them giving us his word and leading us to him sometimes. For pleasure and joy. I guess I was acting to childish in those situations, really like a baby, but one can be like it and truly be adult, or just acting childish. What you choose is what you will receive!

But I think that we do not always know consciously what we choose. There are hidden deceptions in yourself. Sometimes some which are really tearing you out, and you thinking this was always the way it used to be. There are like layers around us. They need to be clean, or just no layers. Walls, seperating us from others and that which is. Goggles. Don't want any goggles anymore.

I do smoka marihuana. Don't know if it's a pro or a con. Sometimes pro, sometimes con I'd say. Also the way you use it. Sometimes it is just better then that I am all on myself. I search within then as I like to say it. Much to found, to be revealed. All it is in yourself.

I don't know what keeps people moving sometimes. I don't know who I follow yet, Who my companions are, who likes and dislikes me. It is truly amazing, but sometimes hard to accept how feelings change towards others. It can suddenly turn 180°. Life is just opening up for me, it's wonderfull, I come back from a long travel that I somehow started, a grand search, for truth and wisdom and the skys are clearing up now. I love myself more and want to show more respect to what I am after all I've been through. The body is the vehicle and operates in function of the spirit, of your mental and emotional behavior. One needs to keep everything clean and well. Nice and in order. In good shape. The future will bring me much trouble I think, The friends I had kind of lost me, but new people tend to look forward to me which is really great and I tend to have nice conversations with some. smile, it's like I've just been born human now. But my situation is not perfect, perfect in its way, but not perfect at the moment. Lot's of problems to be solved, relations to adore, people to love, people to find, I have to find the way......

or am I just confused and do my fellow people need to realize more about me? I get a feeling now of not being accepted as to that what I do, but I do more than they know of so somehow I'm in a shell, I'm covered to them.

I don't know if they've been searching within as I've done and what realisations they have made, it's confusing for me, I have like two realities. But leaving one to fully grow up in the other. But the other having the one as a base, relying on it. A view on a transcendance?

posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 02:38 PM
Wow a load of text :O

Don't find it coherent...even chaotic at times. It's not riddly or cryptic at all. I feel it is an attempt at being philosophical. But the text is to lenghty for that I think.

It shows several processes which someone undergoes when they "wake up". Really don't like that phrase, but still.

Waking up one day and finding that everything you been taught is incorrect. That you'll have to re-define many aspects of your life accordingly. Seeing things in a different light at the end of it.

And more of that stuff. Nice that something like this is written out.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 12:32 PM
you know what sux? when you're waking up, so to speak, and you start to notice other people around you who have already woken up.. and they just completely ignore u...

you know.. they are awake already, they see u are struggling with the same thing they went through already, and they just ignore u. now where is the "we are one" in that? u tell me.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 01:12 PM
Agree with that, We are one and it seems that we think helping is hurting. Or how about the run around with what you have asked.
were is the love and the respect from your friends that have gone through the same.... I am finding that I am in the middle of this tunnel and am picking through it with my nails. does one need money to get answers from people?
I guess it brings back the meaning.. Be hot or be cold...
If you know share if not watch?

there are alot of things that was said in the last posts and the frist post that are true to me and i am seeing alot of truth to these words and yet they are not said to me or about me ...
so how can i truely understand your path from mine?
Its up to me to see that the true form of light is from with in and the peace i am searching for will come to me in time or in the after life.

It seems that i am aways being pushed to the luke-warm.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 01:39 PM
are you refering to the hot and cold as it's mentioned in the bible... that God spits out those who are luke-warm? I thought it meant that if you're hot, you praise God with all your passion, so God likes that, ofcourse... and if you're cold you couldn't give a rats a55, so God also likes that, because it means he has work to do to get you hot again...

I have had periods of extreme warmth and extreme cold (being my own attitude towards God) the cold came usually after something happened that made me turn away from God.. then I noticed God was like really yelling at me to get back... out of love no doubt..

luke-warm being the situation that you accept your faith as it is, but just go on with your life like nothing happened, so nothing will change. I can imagine He has no use for people like that.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 02:22 PM
yea, it seems to be that when you dont care he doesnt care. I feel as if I am being one with him as we speak however the pull is very firm with myself.
I talk to "god" and i wish for understandings. I think I need understanding all the time for the people that are around pull me into the cold or lukewarm.

I accept my faith once it comes to "head" with me, It seems that once i beleave in something or someone it starts to get pulled out from under me.
I had a family member pass away and ever "sence" then i started a path of some kind of light (I have seen more light these days then the last)and now here i am talking to poeple about things that have and still are going through with my self.

I really dont know whats going on with me, im always on the edge of crying or anger....Im not sad for my loss, im not cheast is warm most of the time, Chills fill my body from the middle of my spine and flow around my body like a slow not sad i feel very overwhemled with the energys that are coming to me.

Pure love and a overwhemling vibration from with in!
I am what I am.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 02:48 PM
Okay, up untill you said:

Originally posted by CORF
I am what I am.

I thought we were talking about the same god.. but that statement just took that conviction down.

My God does care when I grow cold on Him, no doubt about that. So what are those energies flowing thru you, that make you utter those words.. getting curious now..

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 04:10 PM
what did you get out of me saying this "i am what I am"?
A fighting with in is showing through.
I really mean no harm , I just know I know me about as much as I know you, which I dont even know you.
Im looking to find that truth and to help with it. So many ideas that have come to past that one just cant sit there and know who is and will be. I feel more alive and more lost then ever before in my life.
I cant focus on the furture and i wont focus one the past. I am looking at the now to be one with.
Who is the one? who is the source? who is the vibratating light i see when i meditate? who am i to sit and judge aonther? Why would I want to be lost? why would one only beleave in himself?
I know Im not evil or going down that dark road.
I Am what I am.
I am light that which is brought on by my/others actions in this world.
I am that which I call evil and in which I call good.
I am one of those who is keen to there surroundings
I am one who knows nothing from which I came.
I am one who is looking to find the true light from and with the source.
I am lost with out the light.
I am one who acts out the energys/vibrations that are given to me.
I am me which is lost with in myself.
I am apart of everything and everything is apart of me.

I am one who ask for forgiveness in this life, past and up coming to my GOD. I will not stop until I find my higher, brighter vibration of happiness and love! and as i said i look with in to find for that is me and i am what i am. a bright vibration is all i know as of now.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 04:49 PM
ow, no harm intended here also.. just cautious when I read someone say I am that I am, since it is how the God I know speaks of Himself.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 05:15 PM
i beleave it should be how we all should speak about our selfs.
you are you, which is part of everything * i am me, which is apart of everything = One with all. I wish nothing but the happyness to and you famliy.
Thank you for the talk i need to go for now.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 07:36 PM
Alien Did you ever think of putting all those thoughts into a book? I think some would enjoy reading anothers true feelings!
It is poetic and beautifully said!

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 08:02 PM
thank you angelwings, well I could make quite a diary I guess. In fact that wouldn't be such a bad idea. To buy me a book, and write all my thoughts onto paper.. and then like when you meet someone, hey you really want to know me better, here's my bio.. yeah, and by me a wonderfull pen, with ink, and a golden tip, or just cut me in the finger and take a fether to write this down.. gnarf

ah well, things are clearing up fast. all to be enlightened, all to come to the light. every deception, mistake, but also good points rewarded. As long as I can keep a job there's no much problem around here for me. I have some payments to do that keep on laying there untouched. Time will solve. I wish the best for me.

catch you on later

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 07:10 PM
See Alien you put a great big smile on my face on that last post you posted! I bet people of all kinds would have a great big smile on their faces too while reading your book as well!
I definitely say you have a Gift!

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