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Neocons - "We were wrong"

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posted on Mar, 11 2006 @ 02:48 AM
Very interesting articles here from The Independant, a respected UK newspaper -

My take on this - all those people dead and all those dollars ( and pounds!) spent on a failed political experiment.

Is the world a safer place following the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq? The answer must be a resounding "No". And now, there's all this chatter about invading/nuking Iran. Will this make the world a safer place? Again, the answer must be a resounding "No". Will this make international terrorism less likely - again, the answer must be "No".

My only hope really in all this is that the above-quoted ex-Neocons will still have some clout in Washington and that any further war-like ambitions will be somehow reined in.

The real problem I have is with all the lies we were told, all the propaganda and disinfo - you know, Blair talking about Saddam deploying his non-existent WMD's on London within 45 minutes, that sort of nonsense. Same sort of thing is going on now with Iran - Iran has stealth, Iran has a new sub, Iran has WMD's already...............basically BS! Even if they did, does anyone think they would be in any shape or form a match for the might of the US forces, including it's thousands of nuclear weapons and it's mighty Navy and Airforce? How would they deploy their new toys under the watchful eyes of the sophisticated US spy satellites without being detected?

We have already had the revelations that the UK has been involved in nuclear proliferation, with, I suspect tacit US approval, so really who are the bad guys here?

Hopefully there will be a diplomatic solution to this crisis, fingers crossed, but even though the likes of Perle and Fukuyama have done a bit of a U turn vis-a-vis Iraq and Afghanistan, I fear the machine has once more been set in motion and I am extremely fearful of the outcome

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