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Possible shoe bomber at LaGuardia after man escapes screeners

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posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 04:44 PM

Seems that they had to shut down LuGuardia due to security concerns. A mans shoes tested positive for explosives, and he was to be serached further. The man howver picked up his shoes and has since dissappered.

The individual was ordered to undergo a second search after initially passing through a metal detector at Terminal D, according to an official at LaGuardia.

The man removed his shoes, which set off an alarm that is meant to detect explosives, according to Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Yolanda Clark. At that point, around 3 p.m., the man put his shoes back on and left the area. The terminal was evacuated at around 3:45 p.m., Clark said.

Is this coincidence, or is this a thwarted attack? Why would he leave?

posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 09:40 PM
glad to see im not the only one who spotted this. It is interesting that he would run away, especially in an airport like that. Granted, for all we know, it could have been a "benign" substance on his shoes:

but such machines also can give an alert on benign substances.


Very interesting. Assuming it was a terrorist, what's so special about new york? WTC memorial? Wanting to fly another plane into another building?

Oh. Another question. Does anyone know what flight he wanted to get on and where he was headed? That would be useful information...

Of course, he could also just be a freaked-out man. Who knows.

posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 09:58 PM
The only reason you would leave is drugs or weapons. They detected explosives, not coc aine. if it was benign, why leave?

[edit on 10-3-2006 by esdad71]

posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 10:17 PM
good question. however, I don't have all the facts in front of me. Wont know for sure till later will we? It is highly indicative of something if he is running away, but his reasons might not be as they appear. Ill wait a bit longer for updates on this.

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